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Subscribe to this thread KiaranCraft [Dreamkeepers Server version 2.0] created by SerafinoDragonTamer on July 22, 2013

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DeviousPsychopath11/19/13 7:42pm
Just to let folks know, but the dungeon I built for Halloween is still avalible to be looted. Just go to Spawn to be teleported to it. Run it at your leisure.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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Hakuzo11/20/13 8:47am
I haven't been able to get back onto FTB in a while x.x... I don't even know if my stuff is intacted or if FTB updated with new stuff.

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iiaddr1911/23/13 10:58am
Your stuff is still there

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Hakuzo11/25/13 1:44am
I work all this week. Through thanks giving and black friday. It looks like I won't be able to get on until after thanksgiving.

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T3rminal12/4/13 8:42pm
My friend is currently having trouble recieving the confirmation email, so im getting this ready before hand.

Name: Duarenkorv
Preferred Nickname in MC Chat: Stumps
Minecraft Username: Stumpanie
Server Interest: ALL THA THINGS
Estimated Playtime per day (in hours): no idea, Whenever i have free time. Probably 3 or so hours.
Would you be willing to donate to help pay for the server?: Yes
If yes, what amount would you be willing?: Low on funds, but may at a later time.

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iiaddr1912/4/13 9:01pm

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Hakuzo12/14/13 3:31pm
ok is the server still up or did the address change? I tried to connect and it appears to be down.

I should be able to play some now that I am off for 3 days straight.

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alexander15012/19/13 7:41am
hey guys i cant get on it says "you do not have FML installed, you cannot connect to this server" i know i need FML, but can someone tell me what i need to do.

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iiaddr1912/19/13 2:43pm
The server is still up at, sometimes it goes down randomly (I'm still trying to figure out why).

To play you need to go to and click "Download (EXE)" if you have Windows or "Download (JAR)" if you have Mac or Linux. Then run the new launcher you just downloaded, make sure you choose the FTB Unleashed Modpack, and click Launch. Then you should be good.

Sorry I don't check this site that often, if you have any other questions you'll get a faster response if you skype me at live:iiaddr or email at

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alexander15012/19/13 4:57pm
i got it to work, but now it says "failed to login: bad login" anything i can do to fix that.

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iiaddr1912/19/13 11:19pm
Try again, I made sure you were on the whitelist. Sometimes to fix the bad login problems you just have to keep trying to login a lot

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Hakuzo12/20/13 5:31pm
ok yeah the server is finally up, but I'll be working everyday almost this week ><

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iiaddr1912/21/13 3:51pm
Ahh that sucks.

Oh alex forgot to mention make when you run the launcher go to edit modpack and enable all disabled mods. There should be five or so, maybe Nether Ores, Hats, Hatstand, Biomes O Plenty and something else I can't remember. Whatever they are enable them all and then you should be able to play

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iiaddr191/3/14 10:20pm
Due to inactivity on the server and a lack of mod resources, the server will be shut down on January 21, 2014. A world download will be made available after the shutdown. If you have any questions please email or Skype me at live:iiaddr as I will not be checking this forum for much longer.

Sorry guys :/ It was fun while it lasted.


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Hakuzo1/16/14 12:07pm
I haven't been able to play due to work ><.

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