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Subscribe to this thread KiaranCraft [Dreamkeepers Server version 2.0] created by SerafinoDragonTamer on July 22, 2013

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GodofVelcro9/11/13 10:26pm
Progress report: I managed to install the FTB Launcher. However, when I click on ANYTHING on the launcher, it instantly crashes. Still, doing better than before.

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Hakuzo9/12/13 9:26am
I have the same problem. Once you start it up, you need to let the game sit for 5 to 10 minutes. (how long it takes for it to start up on my computer before it fully loads) The mod pack takes a lot of system resources to run sometimes. It should work if you let it run for a bit on it's own.

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GodofVelcro9/14/13 8:29am
Thanks for the tip, I will try that next time then.

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DeviousPsychopath9/17/13 8:48am
Attention Citizens of the server! The famous explorer, Sir Johnsten, has decided to grace us with his presence. Perhaps you've heard of him?
Well, it doesn't matter. He says he's discovered something amazing out in the world! He's now hiring eager fellows like yourselves for the second round of exploration artifact collecting.

Those who join him shall be handsomely rewarded! Apply today!

He already has one team out there excavating it currently, and won't need the second team's presence for some time, so the location of the dig site will not be given yet. If you happen to discover it on your own, please ignore it until you've been called upon.

Expect to receive a call back during the last week of October.

-Devin Path, Event Planner.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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joeden9/17/13 9:42am
Alright sounds interesting now only if i could get in it's not letting me do a force update and what not and i`m not sure what the ftb unleashed is adding to my normal games because i haven't seen anything new.

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DeviousPsychopath9/17/13 9:57am
Sounds like the pack is not working at all for you.

Back up your saves and then delete everything associated with FTB and redownload to try again! 8D

If it stills fails, might be your computer. What computer do you run?
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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joeden9/17/13 10:10am
windows seven

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DeviousPsychopath9/17/13 10:17am
Should work then.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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DeviousPsychopath9/18/13 7:02pm
Hallo again folks. Devinpath, your self-appointed Server Event planner, checking in!

Joeden, any luck with further FTB shenanigans?

Everyone else... Where are ya? We, (I), miss you! We've got big changes coming and I don't want anyone to miss out.

And last I checked(last night) no one, other than Imp, has applied to Sir Johnsten's expedition!

Except Joeden. Joeden, didn't you express interest in the coming event? Shall I pencil you in too, since you seem to be having probelms logging in?
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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joeden9/18/13 7:31pm
I`m having problems getting minecraft and everything jumping up and down recently so i`m working on getting in on the server.

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GodofVelcro9/19/13 7:26pm
Alright. This is it. I am going to reinstall FTB tonight, and I will try and play tomorrow. If it doesn't work, I will rage quit exceedingly hard.

If the worst happens, I guess I have to say goodbye to the server...

Wish me luck comrades.

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SerafinoDragonTamer9/20/13 3:53pm
Posting in place of IIADDR

Sorry I haven't been on. I've literally had no time for anything but school, work, and homework... I barely sleep as it is. TT^TT

On Sunday, from 9pm - 11pm, iiaddr will be hosting the mystcraft survival games. Players will be tp ed to an unexplored mystcraft age and will fight until one remains.
-Difficulty: Hard.
-When you die, you will return to overworld spawn.
-PvP is on after two minutes to run away from everyone else
-Do not go past X = +- 1000, Z +- 1000
-At 10:50, all remaining players must return to 0, 0 for the final showdown. If you are not nearby by 10:55 you will be killed.
-Your inventory will be cleared before the game starts

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GodofVelcro9/21/13 5:59pm

However, did the server/FTB update in any way since I was gone? I am scared to switch files around in case something terrible happens.

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DeviousPsychopath9/21/13 10:08pm
You may need to adjust which mods are enabled, but you should be safe to force an update regardless.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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alexander1509/23/13 11:23pm
Name: Lucas
Preferred Nickname in MC Chat: Don't have one yet...
Minecraft Username: Dargonget150 you know who i am.
Server Interest: [Mining, Exploration, Building, ect.] everything!!!
Estimated Playtime per day (in hours): when i feel like (5 hours)
Would you be willing to donate to help pay for the server?: maybe if needed.
If yes, what amount would you be willing?: a amount that will not hurt me or my family.

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