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Subscribe to this thread KiaranCraft [Dreamkeepers Server version 2.0] created by SerafinoDragonTamer on July 22, 2013

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/10/13 5:17am
Check your email, Liquid. I just sent something for you.

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GodofVelcro8/10/13 5:26am
Der we go, it works now, thank you.

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Decoy8/18/13 6:36pm
Preferred Nickname in MC Chat:Decoy
Minecraft Username:ZombieDecoy
Server Interest: [Mining, Exploration, Building, Redstone Contraptions, World Domination]
Estimated Playtime per day (in hours):3 or 4 Possibly.
Would you be willing to donate to help pay for the server?:If I have extra cash a few bucks here or there wouldn't hurt.
If yes, what amount would you be willing?:Varies

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Midnight8/21/13 6:25am
Preferred Nickname in MC Chat: Imp
Minecraft Username:Imperator006
Server Interest: MegaBuilding, All things Magic, The Ultimate Powerplant, Rebuilding Magitek, and definitely not World Domination.
Estimated Playtime per day (in hours): Varies, recently was employed and my hours change weekly, I mostly work mornings however I could get some late night assignments just as easily. I do get my schedule two weeks in advance so I can predict when I will be available or not.
Would you be willing to donate to help pay for the server?: Depends on how much I get paid. My paycheck comes in every two weeks. The more hours,the more pay but less game time.
If yes, what amount would you be willing?:As said before, depends on how many hours I get paid for per paycheck.

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/21/13 4:36pm
Alrighty. Both added. Sorry for the delay.

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Hakuzo8/24/13 1:08pm
ok so FTB Unleased updated and now I can't get on the server until it's updated.

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/25/13 3:13pm
Just updated the server. ^^;; Try it now.

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TA76388/27/13 11:50pm
Wow, i've been out of the loop awhile now, i'm glad to see a new minecraft server up, cant wait to(hopefully)join you guys again!

Name: TA7638
Preferred Nickname in MC Chat: Wreck(er)
Minecraft Username: wreckeronezero
Server Interest: Building, Exploring, making underwater bases.
Estimated playtime per day(in hours): Anywhere from 1-5 per day.
Would you be willing to donate to help pay for the server?: Yes
If yes, what amount would you be willing?: None unfortunately, as I dont get paid at current ;^;

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GodofVelcro8/28/13 6:19pm
I got a new computer recently, and pretty much everything I download hates me. I will try and get FTB working, but at the moment it looks like it will take a while. :(

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joeden8/30/13 6:22am
Name: Joeden
Preferred Nickname in MC Chat: Garz
Minecraft Username: Garzanal
Server Interest: building and running around.
Estimated Playtime per day (in hours): anywheres from a few hours a day or so maybe a few hours a week
Would you be willing to donate to help pay for the server?: Can't at the moment, no job but when i do have i`ll toss some your way
If yes, what amount would you be willing?: about a couple bucks when i have it.

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SerafinoDragonTamer9/6/13 4:44pm
Sorry, college had me locked down and REALLY busy. Wreck and Garz, you're both good to go.

FTB Unleashed

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Hakuzo9/7/13 1:37pm
ok I found an ID conflict error. When I use 2 Force logs, I get an Oak Barricade instead of the Force sticks. Because of this, We have no access to the better force wands in Dart Craft.

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SerafinoDragonTamer9/7/13 3:54pm
Hmm... Did you try a force update? If so and it still happens, it's an FTB Modpack error. I'll see if iiaddr can fix it.

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joeden9/7/13 8:05pm
I downloaded the texture pack ftb unleashed and put it in my .minecraft folder is there anything else i should do because i`m still getting server is out of date. When i try to enter.

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Hakuzo9/8/13 8:14am
@joe Force-update the unleashed pack, then go into Edit mods tab. Enable all the mods that are disabled on the box on the right.

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