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Subscribe to this thread KiaranCraft [Dreamkeepers Server version 2.0] created by SerafinoDragonTamer on July 22, 2013

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/7/13 6:27am
Alrighty, servergoers. Seeing as the new FTB Packs have come out, we have two options:

1: We can stay on FTB Ultimate.

2: We can move to FTB Unleashed.

There are pros and cons to moving up and pros and cons to staying. I'll leave the choice in the hands of all those who play on the server.

My main concern, however, is the loss of the world we're using now if we switch. Iiaddr, though, says we may be able to keep the map. He's not sure. Nevertheless, the choice is yours.

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T3rminal8/7/13 11:18am
If we are able to keep the map, do we keep all the current structures as well or do we lose those?

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/7/13 5:36pm
Well Minecrafters, it would seem that we will be unable to keep the map or structures. So it comes down to a choice:

1: Stay on Ultimate, keep structures and map.

2: Move to Unleashed, start new.

Just lay your vote as a post and I'll tally them all up to make an announcement.

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GodofVelcro8/7/13 7:57pm
I would have to vote for Unleashed, not only does it have more/better mods, it also has a more recent version of MC.

As for the new world, I pretty much screwed up my house from the start so I wouldn't mind starting over.

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DeviousPsychopath8/7/13 8:13pm
I vote on Unleashed! I just started so I don't have much to lose.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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Hakuzo8/8/13 8:55am
Ok Unleashed seems to work well enough but I can't seem to figure out how to open the Map options even after changing around buttons ><.... If anyone knows how to do this in the pack let me know.

Since I just barely started out I'm ok for a reset right now... as long as the 1.6 release doesn't break it ><.

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T3rminal8/8/13 4:25pm
I vote against. I say we stay with the current mod set, since Unleashed (while having some more mods) is just a bit too ridiculous for me. Lets keep what we have and keep up our work.

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/9/13 11:57am
Alright, DreamCrafters. IIADDR and myself have taken into account the votes and the pros and cons of swapping to Unleashed. We have decided to swap over. HOWEVER. I will have IIADDR download a zip of the map which he will be willing to email anyone who is interested in keeping it.

Furthermore, if you have requests of any items that you wish to be moved over into Unleashed, please post here. I will leave you a courtesy chest with any items on your list, PROVIDED they are not endgame items.

For example, I will allow a basic "bee keeping" set. But I won't allow you to have rare bees. You know. For obvious reasons.

Also, Unleashed, being the new "Ultimate" should not be replaced in the near future (give or take two years). We won't be swapping modpacks for a LONG time.



PS: I've shut the server down for now for some maintenance. It will come back on using Unleashed.

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DeviousPsychopath8/9/13 12:49pm
I know I just joined and all, but since Ki allowed me to use Creative when I joined, and assuming he allows me to use creative again when it comes back, I'll help anyone who lost any time intensive projects. At least to get them started again.

See you all on the new server.

Also, Ki, I'd like to help with the new spawn town. Also, do you have that NBT mod installed? I'll be able to make custom villagers with it.
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DeviousPsychopath8/9/13 1:06pm
Oh hey. I was poking around in Unleashed's mods. Several mods are disable by default it seems. I'm going to play around in creative single player and see what each disabled mod does. I'll come back with an explanation of each and maybe recommend which ones should be turned on when it's time to turn the server back on.
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DeviousPsychopath8/9/13 1:29pm
Just finished poking around with only Biomes O' Plenty enable and found no change to the world gen. Items related to BoP can be found in the creative inventory and look very pretty and seem to have various uses.

However, each and every item whether it is a tool, or a block, is labeled "Unnamed". This, along with the fact that I cannot find any naturally spawning items relating to BoP, leads me to believe that it is unfinished.

There seems to be a finished version, or at least an updated version that's not in the pack yet. but, I'm not sure if it would be worth manually adding it.

I recommend leaving this one disabled. No reason to include a mod that's unfinished.

Unleashed may eventually update to officially include it, if it does, I don't think it will break the save. New chunks will just start generating new biomes.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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T3rminal8/9/13 5:35pm
I keep getting a message telling m that I need the NEtherOres mods, eplus, and Vending mods in order to play. I have downloaded deleted and re-downloaded this pack 5 times and I keep getting this message.

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Hakuzo8/9/13 8:30pm
Biomes O plenty is adds a LOT of biomes, and some new blocks. Last stable version added a lot of biomes.

As for what I'd like to keep, the 3 advanced solars, My macerator, Extractor, Recycler, Mass fab, and cables. Don't think we need the plate presser because Greg tech is not in the pack. I'd also like my collection of saplings (had a hand full of each tree, and I still had couple of the silverwood trees.)

Also the basic starting Thaumcraft research table, arcane crafting table and wand. Also the last thing I had was a mining well with a sterling engine. I think that's all the machines I had, I think I had 4 over-clockers in the recycler.

As for materials and such I can get those anytime.

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SerafinoDragonTamer8/9/13 10:41pm
Alright Haku, I'm gonna send you a zip via Skype. In your FTB Launcher, you need to select "Edit Modpack" and open the folder (button for that is at the bottom of the lefthand column.) Take the zip file and paste it in there. Then find the biome's o' plenty JAR file (not the zip) and delete it. You should then be able to jump in server. I'll leave a chest at spawn with your name on it.

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GodofVelcro8/10/13 5:14am
I have the same problem as T3rminal, it appears some mods are missing/wrong version.

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