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Subscribe to this thread Bast and Lilith created by alexa098202 on July 17, 2013

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alexa0982027/17/13 7:37am
Hey is there a history between Lilith and Bast? Because when I was reading Volume 1, his asking Lilith to the festival on what I think is the first day of school? seemed pretty fast and forward ._.

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joeden7/17/13 9:11am
No there's no history between them Lilith only said yes because he was being cleaned up after the brawl with mace and she felt sorry for him.

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Gloves7/17/13 9:52am
We don't know that--it hasn't been revealed yet. There's a very distinct possibility that they've known each other a long time, they do go to the same school. Or maybe he just thought she was cute and she thought the same. The yes did seem genuine, at any rate.

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MrAerospace7/18/13 6:35am
Nah, I sincerely doubt that they knew each other beforehand. What you're getting in V1 is Mace and Whip's view of the first day of school. Poor scripting aside, this is why we didn't really see any of the conversation before the point where Mace catches Bast asking Lilith out.

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alexa0982027/18/13 6:55am
Anti social boys don't just suddenly ask girls out >.>"
Also is Lilith a nurse? Or did she just so happen to be the only one suitable to clean up other people's scuffs? ._. I don't know, that scene in general was very... "small-world" and coincidental, in my opinion.

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alexa0982027/18/13 7:04am
Oh just kidding just reread the scene. I guess Lilith's always gonna be the nice one to offer to clean up. Lol. I still think it's very "small-world" in this scene though :P

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Gloves7/18/13 9:30am
Do you have a reason for it? I don't see why the wouldn't, really--like I said before, same school for who knows how long. And like Alexa said, antisocial kids don't usually tend to be like that. Prior history would explain why he's going to such lengths to take care of her--tracking her down in Starfall, going to the Knives, etc.

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Wulfspyder7/19/13 1:34pm
Since Prelude is going to show Bast's youth eventually, we'll know definitely for sure when it gets there. But I agree that they must have some kind of past history, but Namah's reaction to him seems to suggest that Lilith and Bast didn't know each other, or at least weren't exactly friends since she didn't recognize him and he didn't seem to know her. It may be that Lilith and Bast have known -of- each other, but Bast just developed a liking for her from afar, so to speak.

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ZycantAlpha7/19/13 3:02pm
Well, keep in mind that Namah has only recently been attending that school. Even if Lilith and Namah are close, it's possible that Namah never heard of Bast, even if Lilith knew him. Sometimes a detail like that isn't brought up or is just forgotten. I don't know how close they were before, but I'd be willing to bet that Lilith and Bast probably had some kind of relationship earlier that Namah just wasn't aware of.

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CalicoYorki12/10/13 3:40pm
I don't know why Aerospace has such a problem with everything in DreamKeepers, personally I think it's plain contrariety, but I'm very easygoing so whatever.

I don't think there's some highly complicated reason for this. I don't think he's met her before, being that he has a past with street clans and she's the daughter of the Viscount. I also don't think we have to chalk everything we can't explain up to bad scripting. >:(

My personal view is that 1.) Lilith is very attractive, and 2.) Lilith is probably one of the select few people who gives or has ever given a damn about Bast at all. Plus, he's very direct and doesn't mince about - he gravitated to Lilith, so instead of just eating those feelings, he acted on them and asked her out.

I'm prepared to be wrong, though.

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DanWithTheHat12/15/13 9:07pm
I think Calico's view is correct. A decent amount of time past between the fight and when Mace caught Bast asking her to the festival. There was plenty of time for them to get to know each other and for Bast to gain the courage to ask her out.

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MobileCrusader4/14/14 7:27am
Mace was probably in detention for a good period of time, and maneuvering in the vents could have been quite slow. Its entirely possible that Bast and Lilith had a heart to heart while Mace was preoccupied.

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finlo9/30/16 8:20am
mace in detention because BAST WHO STARTED THE FIGHT WITH MACE!


bad move bra...

unfair justice.

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