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Dreamkeepers Forums - I went To Anthrocon! Who Else Did?

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Subscribe to this thread I went To Anthrocon! Who Else Did? created by WiseOwlReader on July 10, 2013

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WiseOwlReader7/10/13 5:25pm
I left home from July 3rd to the 8th, attending the Anthrocon event. I had a lot of fun interacting with those in the fandom, talking with them, taking photographs of fursuiters, looking at dealers alley and purchasing merchandise. I got some new additions to the Graphic novel scene.

I even got the chance to meet Dave and Liz Lillie! The amazing duo creators of Dreamkeepers! I paid for a commission and autographs for my two other volumes. It was fantastic meeting them in the flesh, they were so wonderful and very engaging.

I had such a fun time in the city of Pittsburgh. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget and will return to next year.

Did anyone here go to Anthrocon? If anyone has any other convention experiences, please share, I'd like to hear some stories.

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alexa0982027/15/13 7:53am
Oh snaps I guess they DO do cons. (just posted a thread about that)

That's super cool! I live on the west coast though, so I gotta say that I havn't. I hope they come to Cali for cons here too :3

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