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Subscribe to this thread Hello, again~ created by Wulfspyder on July 10, 2013

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Wulfspyder7/10/13 10:05am
Wulfspyder here, again, on Dreamkeepers (new) forum. So yeah, I'm here, you're here, let's all be here together in some kinda melting pot kinda thingy, but without the melting, 'cause that'd be sticky.

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T3rminal7/10/13 11:53am
Holar mi amiger, Welcome back to the insanity!

Let's keep the melting to a minimum, i like not being an amorphous blob.

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Wulfspyder7/10/13 11:56am
Indeed, blobbing is something to avoid unless you're already one of those slime-people things.

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Animefan187/10/13 2:31pm
welcome to the new forums 8 D

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DanWithTheHat7/10/13 8:46pm
Welcome back!

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