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Subscribe to this thread DK meme created by Animefan18 on July 3, 2013

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Animefan187/3/13 1:38pm
I have have done the impossible

so what do you guys think ?

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ZycantAlpha7/3/13 8:39pm
Any particular reason the boxes which (I think) were supposed to have images are blank? It doesn't really make much sense at the moment. Also, there's sort of a fatal flaw in the idea of starting a meme. With something like this, it's a general consensus of everyone using it quickly (sure one person starts it, but many other people pick it up) and I don't think Dreamkeepers has enough of a fanbase quite yet to do that.

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Animefan187/4/13 12:55am
@ZycantAlpha: the reason why the boxes are blank because it is supposed to be blank so that the fans can draw on them and they can also download the meme template so they don't have to make one from scratch.

examples: Ib meme : and Ib meme template:

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