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Subscribe to this thread The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Chat Info 2.0 created by DanWithTheHat on June 23, 2013

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ST34LTH1/10/15 2:13am
Good times with the Payday Squad. Too bad the Plotvault is Deathwish+ difficulty >.>

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Kirito1/10/15 11:34am
I'm guessing the fact that Evzen's involvement in the GNS is plot vaulted on Deathwish+ and protected with fail safe fire aspect is because he has a somewhat decent speaking part or some importance. =D so excited!!!

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MobileCrusader1/18/15 7:27am
Only time will tell.

Such is life with Dave as our unholy master.

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Kirito1/18/15 7:32am
I wonder if I could summon dave with an iteration of pentagrams.

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Asora1/18/15 9:08am
*tries to summon Dave - instead summons Santa Christ*

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:18am
Santa Chriiiist, Santa chriiiist. We all love santaaa chriiist

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Kirito1/18/15 11:19am
all hail Dave, the Santa Christ

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Asora1/18/15 11:22am
And he loves pancakes.............PANCAKES!!!

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BryanDimmsdale1/19/15 2:56am
Come on guys, what are talking about, that plot vault is easy to break. I mean, all you have to do is divide it by zero, and the system will malfunction and the doors with open at will. :D

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PotatoFox1/19/15 8:25am
Dividing by zero is quite dangerous, it once knocked a US Warship out of action. I am not making that up
"On September 21, 1997, a division by zero error on board the USS Yorktown (CG-48) Remote Data Base Manager brought down all the machines on the network, causing the ship's propulsion system to fail."

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Kirito1/19/15 8:35am
yeah actually it's very dangerous to make mathematical mistakes, especially when operating such machinery

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Asora1/19/15 11:24am simple mathematical mistake (such as dividing by zero) can bring down a multi-billion dollar US Warship?


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DanWithTheHat1/19/15 6:45pm
You'll be surprised what problems one simple math mistake can cause. PC's do not like undefined problems like x/0. Also, conversion factor errors are another great way to really mess things up really quick. Maybe the plot vault was designed in metric units but made in english units leaving gaps large enough for a potato to slip in....

Also, speaking of plot vault... I do have the chat log from last week. I'll post it soon!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/19/15 8:10pm
Plot Vault break up in attempt fail
ALLHAILGLORIOUSDAVE: There was a question on tha forum earlier Mista Muthafuckin Dave
ALLHAILGLORIOUSDAVE: how do one go from bein a Yoda, ta havin adjustable mass?
Kirito: How tha fuck DOES whip fly?!
DreamKeepers: As fo' bein a Yoda n' then havin adjustable mass, I have no idea. X D I guess if you bangin enough wit tha Force, you can do just bout anything.
DreamKeepers: Whip n' flyin is ghon be explained eventually but I gotta Plot Vault it fo' now, nahmeean?
zagura: is it SCIENCE?
ST34LTH: So tha force is plotvaulted?
ST34LTH: Lol
MobileCrusader: about tha bird?
DreamKeepers: You'd be surprised by how tha fuck much I don't give a gangbangin' fuck. X D
Taridium: So it is suttin' straight-up deal relevant.
DreamKeepers: Birdz is Plot Vaulted.
DreamKeepers: All birds.

Troika Definition
Kirito: Dizzle what tha fuck do Troika mean, biatch? Somethang on some set of three..
DreamKeepers: I basically gots tha scam of a set of three, cuz I had three basic foundaz fo' tha group. Plus it has some connotations wit tha Bolshevik revolution up in Russia. Not dat tha Troika is tha fuck into Bolshevizzle yo, but they is a secret organization n' stuff.

Scraw, Seagull Connection
Taridium: Dizzle did a seagull loot yo' chicken one day, biatch? Yo ass portray seagulls as shitty wack creatures hahaha
DreamKeepers: Seagulls is pretty phat yo, but they do stalk tha parkin fuckin shitloadz fo' french fries.
DreamKeepers: Liz was able ta git a seagull ta sit on her knee once, fo' a funky-ass bread reward.
DreamKeepers: Then it gots tha fuck into a gangbangin' fight wit 12 other seagulls.

Dizzle n' Douglas Adams
WiseOwlReader: Did yo dirty ass eva read any of Douglas Adamz work, biatch? Because I be plannin on readin tha Restaurant all up in tha End of tha Universe next.
DreamKeepers: Ooh, I used ta git a cold-ass lil copy of Hitchhikerz Guide ta tha Galaxy books, like tha big-ass collected edition.
DreamKeepers: Hilarious writing.
DreamKeepers: It aint nuthin but been awhile, though.

Shock Troops
Kirito: Will you go mo' up in depth bout tha interworkingz of tha Shock troopers?
Kirito: in v4 or further on?
DreamKeepers: We bout ta gotz a lil' bit mo' bout shock troopers up in V4, n' there is ghon be mo' pimpment as tha rap continues. 8 )

Story Progression
WiseOwlReader: Right now, you introducin all tha playaz of tha story, n' when will dat "Prelude" stop, biatch? By what tha fuck volume will tha rap chug along n' pimp tha fuck into mo' confrontations wit Dark Dreamkeepers n' Nightmares?
DreamKeepers: If you lookin all up in tha DK storyline as a three act structure, Act 1 is where tha main peices git introduced. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Volumes 1-4 comprise Act 1.
DreamKeepers: Not dat Act 2 won't have any surprises yo, but tha focuz of tha rap shifts mo' ta buildin action rather than introduction.
WiseOwlReader: So, there be a tha kids, Citizzle Shock Troopers, tha Dark Dreamkeepers n' tha Nightmares...
WiseOwlReader: Fuck dat shit, dis is one hell of a game dat Nabonidus is contendin in.
WiseOwlReader: Soundz ta me like you gotz a Chekovz Armoury planned.
DreamKeepers I be havin a shitload of fun, so hopefully tha rap be as enjoyable ta read as it is ta make. ^ ^;

Evzen up in GNS Confirmed?!?!?!
Kirito: Evzen GNS Characta confirmed?
DreamKeepers: Evzen gonna git some presence up in tha graphic novels yo, but tha extent n' nature is Plot Vault.

Other Popo forces/Shock Troop rap
Kirito: Dave, Shock troopers seem straight-up hardcore. Is there like a lesser five-o system?
DreamKeepers: Therez definitely a lesser five-o system, shock troopers is like tha equivalent of a SWAT crew.
DreamKeepers: All dem aiiight five-o aren't even permitted ta carry weaponry.
zagura: the five-o is up in volume 3 arent they?
DreamKeepers: Actually regular five-o done been up in tha backdrop a lil bit already- up in Volume 3, they tha ones dat spy n' catch Lilith n' Namah afta they decizzle ta return ta tha Viscount.
WiseOwlReader: Since itz been hundredz of muthafuckin years since tha last war Anduruna went through, they have no standin military or military arm/Doctrine, right?
DreamKeepers: Correct, WiseOwl- Anduruna aint straight-up had a gangbangin' formal military system of any kind fo' hundredz of years. Ever since tha Last Battle of Powers, wit no outside threats n' internal conflict politicized rather than violent, tha military eventually wound down.
DreamKeepers: Da closest thang Anduruna has now ta a military is tha shock troopers.
zagura: In typical powers related incidents, what tha fuck is tha casualty ratez of tha shock troopers?It seems like a straight-up deadly profession.
DreamKeepers: Shock troopers generally have low casualty rates, cuz they doctrine is ta apply overwhelmin force ta any threat fo' realz. As a result, when there be a power-actizzle threat, they battle it mo' rather than less.
DreamKeepers: Deaths do occur from time ta time- but especially wit all they armor, it aint straight-up common.
Kirito: but like 20 of em gots cut down up in a matta of seconds
DreamKeepers: ...That was a wack dizzle fo' em.

Crazy-Ass Anduruna Restrictions
Kirito: why did they restrict height of stairs....
DreamKeepers: Because tall stairs is fucked up n' one of mah thugs fell tha fuck n' proved it, so now there be a a law.

Ballistical Factions/ Gov't Structure
WiseOwlReader: Out of curiosity, what tha fuck ballistical factions is there up in Anduruna, biatch? Is there like a thugged-out deputy or governor fo' each district dat works wit tha Viscount?
DreamKeepers: Each district has a governor, as well as a ambassador ta tha Sabbaton Tower.
DreamKeepers: Over time, tha governorshizzle posizzle has dwindled up in juice as tha Central Citizzle Authoritizzle has granted itself mo' control.

Andurunaz Size
ST34LTH: How tha fuck big-ass is Anduruna supposed ta be?
WiseOwlReader: IT has a population of 5 mazillion or so
DreamKeepers: I be thinkin itz suttin' like 443 milez in- circumfrence or diameter, biatch? I dunno, I had it freestyled down up in mah file yo, but dat burned. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I'd gotta look up tha digital notes. X D
DreamKeepers: But its pretty big.
DreamKeepers: Yeah, bigger than yo' typical hood fo' certain. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Smalla than most states, though.
DanWithTheHat: I remember our crazy asses had a gangbangin' finger-lickin' rap on here bout how tha fuck fast Mace had ta travel ta git from tha edge of tha startfall ta tha docks n' then ta tha tower up in a cold-ass lil couple days
DreamKeepers: Yeah, I be thinkin we estimated dat tha water-canal system had ta travel at 50-70mph ta make Macez trip possible.
DreamKeepers: Which is fast yo, but given dat itz tha main transhiznit fo' tha hood, probably doable.

Scinterz Mini Teleporta Device Thing
Taridium: There was a thang dat scinta was holdin all dem V4 sketch spoilaz ago
Taridium: is dat thang a mini-teleporter?
DreamKeepers: I remember what tha fuck da thug was holding.... I be thinkin I be bout ta lean towardz Plot Vault. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Sorry. X D

DK Drawn up in other Styles?
zagura: hey Dizzy have you eva redrawn yo' charactas up in other stylez than dat up in dreamkeepers, biatch? like as humans or up in mo' real proportions?
DreamKeepers: Actually I aint drawn dem up in other styles, come ta be thinkin of dat shit.
zagura: Like how tha fuck Lackadaisycats has human n' pussaaaaay versions?
DreamKeepers: That Lackadaisy art is so good... 8 p Tracy is badass.

What tha fuck iz tha deal vault?
ALLHAILSOMEWHATGLORIOUSDAVE: will dis be tha V4 deal vault or a gangbangin' finger-lickin' different one?
ALLHAILSOMEWHATGLORIOUSDAVE: or is tha deal vaults vaulted?
DreamKeepers: It aint nuthin but all one big-ass Vault until a rap lets it up somewhere.
DreamKeepers: Organizin it by book takes too much organization. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. X D

DanWithTheHat: We need ta git our paydizzle 2 crew together ta crack dat vault
ST34LTH: I be bout ta brang tha Thermal Lance
DanWithTheHat: Only one problem. Dizzle has mo' guardz then tha max pagers
DanWithTheHat: and dem Titan cameras
ST34LTH: I can git tha cams ;3
DreamKeepers: Therez straight-up a incendiary securitizzle system up in place on tha Plot Vault, so if mah playas eva tries ta access it, even when we outta town-
DreamKeepers: Oh hey, crib fire solved. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! X D
DanWithTheHat: Shhhh... Da NSA is watchin Dave!
DreamKeepers: As long as they also reading, good. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I be fly as a gangbangin' falcon, soarin all up in tha sky dawwwwg! X D
DreamKeepers: Da NSA can Pre-Order, like a muthafucka.
DanWithTheHat: I can peep tha NSA snoopin on DK now, nahmeean?... "What do dis muthafucka have against thugged-out animal ladies?"
DreamKeepers: A Cute Animal Lady capped mah muthafathas.
DreamKeepers: I take up dis mantle ta exact justice.

Because I love you all.

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DanWithTheHat1/19/15 8:24pm
I can't even... I think you officially broke this moderator...

Its just too good XD

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