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Subscribe to this thread The Unofficial Compendium of Random Dreamkeepers Chat Info 2.0 created by DanWithTheHat on June 23, 2013

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Asora1/2/15 12:00pm
That used "scrotum" as the appropriate term, soooo............yeah. But I'll stop though.

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Kirito1/2/15 12:07pm
Appropriate as in PG

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Asora1/2/15 12:19pm
Oh, okay then. :3

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TFeathersB1/2/15 3:26pm
Thanks to those who post the chats here. I wish I could be awake to join it.

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DanWithTheHat1/2/15 7:24pm
So here is the chat from this week! It was pretty long chat so I am just going to post the link to the file:

TL;DR of useful/Interesting stuff:

Vol 4 Progress
WiseOwlReader: So Dave, hows the progress on Vol. 4?
DreamKeepers: Pretty good. 8 D
DreamKeepers: Shading page... 47 tonight.

Dave's a fan of Avatar
WiseOwlReader: Dave, do you watch Legend of korra?
DreamKeepers: I haven't seen Korra, but massively enjoyed the first Airbender series.

DK Books on Amazon? (Prime Shipping DK FTW!!!)
DreamKeepers: Speaking of Amazon, I'm trying to hook up Dreamkeeper books on there.
DreamKeepers: If the margins work out, I'd like to start fulfilling books through there- stopping to package orders and do customer service is a persistent drain on time. The more books we get, the more I need to spend more time making, rather than packaging. ^ ^;

Current Stock of Books/Merch
DreamKeepers: We have the graphic novels in stock, because they're print on demand copies. But no Prelude books yet.
DreamKeepers: Probably we'll try to print more as a stretch goal when we launch the V4 Kickstarter.
Taridium: That awesome poster you made a while back
Taridium: with all the characters
Taridium: will that ever be in print again? Or was it just a special thing?
DreamKeepers: I hope to get it back in print again- probably another Kickstarter stretch goal.
DreamKeepers: I have hopes it'll go well. E )

Time to make epic poster
Asora: Oh, David, how long did it take for you to complete that DK Cast in Shadows poster?
DreamKeepers: Not sure- easily like two solid weeks of work, but it was dispersed over about a month.

Dave the historian
WiseOwlReader Say Dave, what do you like to read regarding History? Any era you're fond of?
DreamKeepers: I am fond of Napoleon and his shenanigans- Not that I look up to him, necessarily. But he was certainly interesting.
WiseOwlReader: I'd like to know your tastes there, since you referenced Hannibal earlier and Napoleonic warfare
DreamKeepers: He was brilliant, flawed, but also at some level he's really relatable.
DreamKeepers: He was the picked-on nerd growing up.
DreamKeepers: The little Corsican with the accent that everyone picked on.
DreamKeepers: From a nobody family.
DanWithTheHat: and then he kicked ass
ezioauditore97: Napoleon was a warmonger ,but he treated the French well with some good policies actually
MobileCrusader: he became too caught up in egotism
WiseOwlReader: ran rings around everyone in Europe.
DreamKeepers: True to a point- but you have to realize every nation in Europe was habitually declaring war on France
WiseOwlReader: including the brits and prussians
ZycantAlpha: He was arguable one of the best French military leaders.
ezioauditore97: He sought to make an example of Russia for them trading with England and failed spectacularly
DreamKeepers: He was brilliant in defending it- but his success caused the surrounding nations to become even more determined to bring him- and France- down.
DreamKeepers: But then he got a little egomaniacal, and invaded Spain... Things went downhill from there.
DreamKeepers: Well, the tsar of Russia originally agreed to the embargo with Napoleon. They had something resembling a close friendship at the time the treaty of Tilsit was signed.
DreamKeepers: But the the tsar reneged on it.
WiseOwlReader: Wow, you know quite a bit about Napoleonic-era Europe.
DreamKeepers: I'm far, far from an expert on history- I really ought to read more widely. And it seems once I read something fascinating, it'll only be a year or two before all that's left is a vague outline of the information in my memory.

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Asora1/2/15 7:37pm

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PotatoFox1/3/15 10:31am
Not enough Sasha

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Asora1/3/15 12:03pm
Yeah, SashaYeen...........IS IT A BOY OR GIRL?!?!?

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PotatoFox1/3/15 12:44pm

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Asora1/3/15 1:07pm

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ST34LTH1/4/15 1:25am
Just 'yes'

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Asora1/4/15 2:34pm

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Kirito1/4/15 3:45pm

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ZycantAlpha1/9/15 5:42pm
And I forgot it was Thursday yesterday. Guess it's my turn to look like the doofus.

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DanWithTheHat1/9/15 8:41pm
So here is the link to the log from this weeks chat! The TL;DR summary is below.

Chat TL;DR (There were a ton of good questions last night so this may be kind of long actually)

Plot Vault break in attempt fail
ALLHAILGLORIOUSDAVE: There was a question on the forum earlier Mr Dave
ALLHAILGLORIOUSDAVE: how does one go from being a Yoda, to having adjustable mass?
Kirito: How DOES whip fly?!
DreamKeepers: As for being a Yoda and then having adjustable mass, I have no idea. X D I guess if you're powerful enough with the Force, you can do just about anything.
DreamKeepers: Whip and flying will be explained eventually but I have to Plot Vault it for now.
zagura: is it SCIENCE?
ST34LTH: So the force is plotvaulted?
ST34LTH: Lol
MobileCrusader: about the bird?
DreamKeepers: You'd be surprised by how much I don't know. X D
Taridium: So it is something actually plot relevant.
DreamKeepers: Birds are Plot Vaulted.
DreamKeepers: All birds.

Troika Definition
Kirito: Dave what does Troika mean? Something about a set of three..
DreamKeepers: I basically got the idea of a set of three, because I had three basic founders for the group. Plus it has some connotations with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Not that the Troika are into Bolshevism, but they are a secret organization and stuff.

Scraw, Seagull Connection
Taridium: Dave did a seagull steal your food one day? You portray seagulls as terrible horrible creatures hahaha
DreamKeepers: Seagulls are pretty awesome, but they do stalk the parking lots for french fries.
DreamKeepers: Liz was able to get a seagull to sit on her knee once, for a bread reward.
DreamKeepers: Then it got into a fight with 12 other seagulls.

Dave and Douglas Adams
WiseOwlReader: Did you ever read any of Douglas Adam's work? Because I'm planning on reading the Restaurant at the End of the Universe next.
DreamKeepers: Ooh, I used to have a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, like the big collected edition.
DreamKeepers: Hilarious writing.
DreamKeepers: It's been awhile, though.

Shock Troops
Kirito: Will you go more in depth about the interworkings of the Shock troopers?
Kirito: in v4 or further on?
DreamKeepers: We'll have a bit more about shock troopers in V4, and there will be more development as the story continues. 8 )

Story Progression
WiseOwlReader: Right now, you're introducing all the players of the story, and when will that "Prelude" stop? By what volume will the story chug along and develop into more confrontations with Dark Dreamkeepers and Nightmares?
DreamKeepers: If you're looking at the DK storyline as a three act structure, Act 1 is where the main peices get introduced. Volumes 1-4 comprise Act 1.
DreamKeepers: Not that Act 2 won't have any surprises, but the focus of the story shifts more to building action rather than introduction.
WiseOwlReader: So, there's the kids, City Shock Troopers, the Dark Dreamkeepers and the Nightmares...
WiseOwlReader: Wow, this is one hell of a game that Nabonidus is contending in.
WiseOwlReader: Sounds to me like you have a Chekov's Armoury planned.
DreamKeepers I'm having a lot of fun, so hopefully the story is as enjoyable to read as it is to make. ^ ^;

Evzen in GNS Confirmed?!?!?!
Kirito: Evzen GNS Character confirmed?
DreamKeepers: Evzen will have some presence in the graphic novels, but the extent and nature is Plot Vault.

Other Police forces/Shock Troop discussion
Kirito: Dave, Shock troopers seem really hardcore. Is there like a lesser police system?
DreamKeepers: There's definitely a lesser police system, shock troopers are like the equivalent of a SWAT team.
DreamKeepers: A lot of normal police aren't even permitted to carry weaponry.
zagura: the police are in volume 3 arent they?
DreamKeepers: Actually regular police have been in the backdrop a little bit already- in Volume 3, they're the ones that spy and catch Lilith and Namah after they decide to return to the Viscount.
WiseOwlReader: Since it's been hundreds of years since the last war Anduruna went through, they have no standing military or military arm/Doctrine, right?
DreamKeepers: Correct, WiseOwl- Anduruna hasn't actually had a formal military system of any kind for hundreds of years. Ever since the Last War of Powers, with no outside threats and internal conflict politicized rather than violent, the military eventually wound down.
DreamKeepers: The closest thing Anduruna has now to a military is the shock troopers.
zagura: In typical powers related incidents, what are the casualty rates of the shock troopers?It seems like a very deadly profession.
DreamKeepers: Shock troopers generally have low casualty rates, because their doctrine is to apply overwhelming force to any threat. As a result, when there is a power-active threat, they attack it more rather than less.
DreamKeepers: Deaths do occur from time to time- but especially with all their armor, it's not very common.
Kirito: but like 20 of em got cut down in a matter of seconds
DreamKeepers: ...That was a bad day for them.

Crazy Anduruna Restrictions
Kirito: why did they restrict height of stairs....
DreamKeepers: Because tall stairs are dangerous and someone fell and proved it, so now there's a law.

Political Factions/ Gov't Structure
WiseOwlReader: Out of curiosity, what political factions are there in Anduruna? Is there like a deputy or governor for each district that works with the Viscount?
DreamKeepers: Each district has a governor, as well as an ambassador to the Sabbaton Tower.
DreamKeepers: Over time, the governorship position has dwindled in power as the Central City Authority has granted itself more control.

Anduruna's Size
ST34LTH: How large is Anduruna supposed to be?
WiseOwlReader: IT has a population of 5 million or so
DreamKeepers: I think it's something like 443 miles in- circumfrence or diameter? I dunno, I had it written down in my file, but that burned. I'd have to look up the digital notes. X D
DreamKeepers: But its pretty big.
DreamKeepers: Yeah, bigger than your typical city for certain. Smaller than most states, though.
DanWithTheHat: I remember we had a discussion on here about how fast Mace had to travel to get from the edge of the startfall to the docks and then to the tower in a couple days
DreamKeepers: Yeah, I think we estimated that the water-canal system had to travel at 50-70mph to make Mace's trip possible.
DreamKeepers: Which is fast, but given that it's the main transport for the city, probably doable.

Scinter's Mini Teleporter Device Thing
Taridium: There was a device that scinter was holding a few V4 sketch spoilers ago
Taridium: is that thing a mini-teleporter?
DreamKeepers: I remember what he was holding.... I think I'll lean towards Plot Vault. Sorry. X D

DK Drawn in other Styles?
zagura: hey David have you ever redrawn your characters in other styles than that in dreamkeepers? like as humans or in more real proportions?
DreamKeepers: Actually I haven't drawn them in other styles, come to think of it.
zagura: Like how Lackadaisycats has human and cat versions?
DreamKeepers: That Lackadaisy art is so good... 8 p Tracy is badass.

What is the plot vault?
ALLHAILSOMEWHATGLORIOUSDAVE: will this be the V4 plot vault or a different one?
ALLHAILSOMEWHATGLORIOUSDAVE: or are the plot vaults vaulted?
DreamKeepers: It's all one big Vault until a story lets it out somewhere.
DreamKeepers: Organizing it by book takes too much organization. X D

DanWithTheHat: We need to get our payday 2 team together to crack that vault
ST34LTH: I'll bring the Thermal Lance
DanWithTheHat: Only one problem. Dave has more guards then the max pagers
DanWithTheHat: and those Titan cameras
ST34LTH: I can get the cams ;3
DreamKeepers: There's actually an incendiary security system in place on the Plot Vault, so if anyone ever tries to access it, even when we're out of town-
DreamKeepers: Oh hey, apartment fire solved. X D
DanWithTheHat: Shhhh... The NSA is watching Dave!
DreamKeepers: As long as they're also reading, good. X D
DreamKeepers: The NSA can Pre-Order, too.
DanWithTheHat: I can see the NSA snooping on DK now.... "What does this guy have against cute animal ladies?"
DreamKeepers: A Cute Animal Lady killed my parents.
DreamKeepers: I take up this mantle to exact justice.

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