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DanWithTheHat6/23/13 2:08pm
I think it is finally time to revive this thread from the old forum:

Pretty much, this will be the place where you could find any of the answers Dave gives for questions asked during the weekly chats that occur every Thursday night at 9 pm Eastern Time in the IRC chat room.

I've been saving the chat logs from most of the weekly chats over the past couple of months (April 18th to June 20) and finally got around to sorting through them for useful information. As a finish doing that for each one, I'll post it here. Once I catch up, I'll try to post the summary from most recent chat by the weekend after it occurs. Feel free to post the logs from chats I can't make it to for some reason or another.

I'll start posting what I have later tonight. :)

UPDATE: We are using a new chat room for the time being. Follow the link here:

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DanWithTheHat6/23/13 4:08pm
Chat Log 4-18-13
<DanWithTheHat> In vol 3 Woods talks about getting his Citizen Profile being deleted, is that like an official linkedin/facebook for Anduruna or something?

<&DreamKeepers> It's like if you combined social security numbers and public records into a central database.
<&DreamKeepers> Helps the government keep track of everything with more convenience.
<&DreamKeepers> So, kind of like if Facebook was run by the government, and it tracked stuff like work history, medical records, criminal records- but it's not all publicly posted or anything.
<&DreamKeepers> I think the Bot had a question earlier about what comics I read as a child.
<&DreamKeepers> As a kid, I read a LOT of Calvin & Hobbes
<&DreamKeepers> I found a book of it one day, I don't know from where. I knew it through books rather than in the newspaper.
<&DreamKeepers> I never got into superhero comics much. I picked up one or two, but they never made any sense when I started reading them.
<&DreamKeepers> And I didn't like that there wasn't a good spot to start that I could easily find and know about. But yeah, random universe gave me Calvin & Hobbes which was great. E )
<DanWithTheHat> did Mace go insane in the last couple of preludes asking grunn for company?

<&DreamKeepers> ...Something he would'nt consider in a million years... But he had literally nobody else to connect with. X D
<ezioauditore97> So is Nainso a librarian's assistant or just a person who is very much appreciative of literature?

<&DreamKeepers> Nainso actually has a different job in the Tower.
<&DreamKeepers> But he is very appreciative of literature. E )
<ezioauditore97> How do you feel about anime now because I recall you were into Dragon Ball Z?Personally I think the best classic anime was Ghost in the Shell seeing as the plotline is very intelligent and the new Naruto Shippuden and Bleach stuff is really neat.

<&DreamKeepers> It falls into the category where I really *want* to like it. It's a cartoon, it's not exclusively geared towards kids, so presumably it should be right up my alley.
<&DreamKeepers> I do enjoy some series a lot- especially Cowboy Bebop is up there.
<&DreamKeepers> And Dragon Ball Z I loved in highschool.
<&DreamKeepers> But half the time when I try to watch something else (which admittedly is rare) I have trouble getting into it for one reason or another.
<&DreamKeepers> Sometimes they just feel so slow paced, and the animation doesn't have enough invested into it. I can get tired fast of stuff that's basically glorified storyboards.
<&DreamKeepers> Although another one I enjoyed in highschool was some of the Tenchi stuff they had on Toonami. Those were pretty fun.
<&DreamKeepers> So yeah, I like some anime, but I think I'm too much of a snob to like all of it. ^^;

<ezioauditore97> I like how the plotlines are really better with their stuff.

<&DreamKeepers> They do tend to graduate above the Americanized spongebob0level stuff.

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DanWithTheHat6/23/13 4:23pm
Chat log 5-2-13
<ezioauditore97> So is Bast more of a Dog anthro or a Raccoon anthro or is he more unique?Mace is probably a raccoon dude!

<Madd_the_Sane> I thought Mace was a cat

<CalvinCopyright> Looks sorta wolfy to me.
<CalvinCopyright> No, Mace has a sorta-raccoon tail.

<DanWithTheHat> i think Mace is....Mace. I dont really see him as a specific animal. Same with Bast.

<&DreamKeepers> Bast is... Hmm. He started out as sort of a Raccoon- influenced character. Or a badgerish influenced character.
<&DreamKeepers> And then he wound up looking very puppyish.
<&DreamKeepers> So I think Bast officially settled into the animal-category of 'Dreamkeeper,' rather than any specific real-world creature.

<DanWithTheHat> He does the puppy eyes pretty well XD

<&DreamKeepers> But if you put a scarf on a Racoon, it'd be pretty much the same thing. X D
<CalvinCopyright> When Prelude gets back to every week, don't you think making TopWebComics vote incentives out of the GNS sketches is a good idea?

<&DreamKeepers> Prelude *might* not go back to weekly. The deciding factor right now is whether I can maintain my work quota on Volume 4.
<&DreamKeepers> If I can keep up on V4 and still have time for weekly Prelude, then it'll be sweet. 8 )
<&DreamKeepers> But if I can't lag on V4, so Prelude is bi-weekly until my V4 workload is handled.
<&DreamKeepers> But TWC incentives need to occur.
<&DreamKeepers> I don't know if they'll be GNS related- but I do think desktop art is a possibility, maybe some stuff that hasn't been seen yet that we'll include in the Prelude book collection. 8 )
<Roan> With the prelude, are you ever thinking asbout doing Basts previous life? I'm somewhat curious about that.

<&DreamKeepers> We do have plans to explore Bast's life, actually. I don't want to get too much into details, but we'll do some of it and see how entertaining it turns out. E \

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DanWithTheHat6/23/13 5:00pm
Chat log 5-23-13 (I think there was a chat the week before this that I missed....)
<&DreamKeepers> And for the end of random news, V4 progress is going great- I'm penciling page... What is it, hold on
<&DreamKeepers> Page 19 tonight.
<&DreamKeepers> Trying to get it done before breaking for the sketch update tonight. E |

<Terminal> Any idea as to how many pages we can expect from V4?

<&DreamKeepers> Right around 104.
<&DreamKeepers> This one isn't going co-ca-crazy like V3 did.
<&DreamKeepers> A little more reasonable, which hopefully means I can nail it within this year. E \
<CalvinCopyright> One: Is Krin a boy or a girl? Because Krin's face kinda looks feminine, even in the novels, but there are no obvious b**bs

<&DreamKeepers> Krin is a boy, just not a super-masculine guy.
<CalvinCopyright> And two: What's the deal with family resemblances? There's Anise's kid in the last Prelude, and Mace says in Vol 2, "If it weren't for the lack of family resemblance, I'd say we must be brothers." Yet DK phenotypes are based off personality.

<&DreamKeepers> They are based off personality.

<Terminal> Would that mean personalitiy is determined by genetics and so is predetermined?
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Must be subliminal?
<CalvinCopyright> So parents just pass on personality to their kids?

<&DreamKeepers> However, I would posit that sometimes we inherit personality traits from our parents.
<&DreamKeepers> Some people are very like their parents- and some aren't at all.

<Terminal> that is true.

<&DreamKeepers> The family resemblance line with Mace and Whip is perhaps not the best written line for that story world- I think it kinda works, since some DK's do look like their parents to a degree. But still it's a bit of a muddy line to write in there.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Will we ever see some supersized monster Ryuus?
<CalvinCopyright> NO NO NO
<CalvinCopyright> Not 'Will', it's "WHEN"
<ezioauditore97> Ryuu smash-Hulk would be jealous:" Just kidding!
<CalvinCopyright> So when will we? XD

<&DreamKeepers> ...I don't want to necessarily open any spoiler material, but I think we all know that those things are going to turn up in the series. I mean, how could we NOT have them? X D
<&DreamKeepers> It would be like a crime to invent that and then never use it in the story. Just hang in there- I gotta get the books coming out faster. E \
DK Prelude Kickstarter Reward Ideas

<DanWithTheHat> Bookmarks could be a good reward for some lower tiers.
<DanWithTheHat> Fancy Dk bookmarks
<SerafinoDragonTamer> The column ads would TOTALLY make the bookmarks awesome!!

<&DreamKeepers> And bookmarks is a brilliant idea, actually. Thank you!
<&DreamKeepers> Those would be convenient to use, the art is already done and everything.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> I know I might sound like a broken record, but how about DK buttons as an award?
<SerafinoDragonTamer> XD
<SerafinoDragonTamer> I know I'm a flair advocate. But I like pinbuttons

<&DreamKeepers> Buttons would be good too.... Hmm. All great ideas, you guys are helpful. 8 )

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DanWithTheHat6/23/13 6:11pm
Chat log 5-30-13
<grdeleo> David, how many people that you know you put into dreamkeeper form and put them in your comic?

<&DreamKeepers> How many people that I know... Including Volume 1, probably a couple dozen?  Not certain.
<ezioauditore97> How is the Prelude collection deal going?

<&DreamKeepers> So far, it's in the pipeline but I haven't rolled on it yet- I've been nailing some V4 pages the last two weeks.
<&DreamKeepers> But now I'm shifting onto Preludes, commissions, and the Kickstarter stuff, so it ought to be going up in the next few weeks.  8 )

<SerafinoDragonTamer> For buttons as KS rewards, Dave, could I perhaps get a few of your favorite sticker files images to try and size up for you?

<&DreamKeepers> Buttons would be a great reward- I'm planning on checking prices and producers online.
<&DreamKeepers> If it shakes out well, I'll turn some stickers into buttons.  8 )

<SerafinoDragonTamer> I'm also a mat-maker. Like keyboard and card game mats.

<&DreamKeepers> DK themed mats... Interesting- I'll think about it, but I might limit it mostly to things I can produce myself, so I don't get too confused.  It's going to be a LOT to keep track of with all the customers, and every layer of rewards adds another factor to packaging considerations.  E \
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Hey, have you snuck a peek at the Youmacon stuff, Dave?

<&DreamKeepers> Actually I've been distracted as hell by penciling- but Youmacon is literally on my list of things to do tonight while I'm here updating stuff.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> !?You go
<SerafinoDragonTamer> What!?

<&DreamKeepers> Yep!  Hoping to grab a table this year.  8 )
<Ares1> How did you come up with DK ?

<&DreamKeepers> As for how we came up with DK, it started around college when I was brainstorming fantasy worldbuilding stuff.  It segued with a conversation with my roommate, about what it would be like if we had something to protect us from Nightmares during dreams.   That was around 2004, and I just kept working on the idea ever since.  E )

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ezioauditore976/29/13 12:17pm
There was a really interesting thought floating around on the chat last time that if Mace were real he would make a nice pet.If anthros were real I do think they would be counted as sentient and intelligent but I will say that I would rather have him as a friend than pet because I imagine that when he is acting like a disappointed one that thinks there would you are a bad owner just because you didn't give them treats he would use some profanity and those eyes would just guilt trip me seven ways to Sunday.I think that he would be fun to be around so long as he does not mention my Mother in the wrong way because that is taboo to me but then again same would go towards me mentioning Paige.The only thing that would not work well would be the fact that maybe he does not make the best first impressions all the time............

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DanWithTheHat6/29/13 7:37pm
@ezio: That was an interesting topic but I think that it may be better to post that in the Mace Character thread for further discussion on that.

Now to the chat log for 6-6-13
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Would you rather be a Dreamkeeper or a Nightmare?

<&DreamKeepers> I'd rather be a Dreamkeeper, because Nightmares are all ooky and scary. They don't really create things. Dreamkeepers get to have lives that mean something.
<Gloves> Are there any prejudices against body type in the Dreamworld? Like, racial stigmas or anything along those lines?

<&DreamKeepers> There might be some stigmas against body types / colors / that sort of thing, but they're not prevalent enough in Anduruna to register on most people's radar. It would be more like very small cliques, that sort of thing.
<&DreamKeepers> It's really hard to group into categories when everyone is so different in their design.

<Gloves> I remember once in prelude, there was some magazine that sort of judged Lilith poorly, commenting on her "flat feet", and I though that might be one.

<&DreamKeepers> It's like, Okay, all foxes- we're a clan! Wait, you have antlers... You're not a fox. Wait, are you? And of course I'm a fox, just because it's a reptile tail- ...And on and on. X D

<SerafinoDragonTamer> So it's just jocks vs nerds then

<&DreamKeepers> Pretty much.
<&DreamKeepers> Things might be different in other cultures, but in Anduruna it's not big issue.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> If Dreamkeepers don't dream... What would their iteration of Inception be based off of?
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Dreamkeeper Inception...
<SerafinoDragonTamer> A power within a power...

<&DreamKeepers> A movie called 'Reception.'
<&DreamKeepers> Starring receptionists taking messages- WITHIN MESSAGES.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> In a world of secret notes within notes...
<SerafinoDragonTamer> A select group of receptionists gets the job done...

<&DreamKeepers> What is the *Ultimate* message?
<grdeleo> Dave. what movie is Rumor from?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm - not one in particular, but the character is substantially inspired by Harpo from the Marx brothers.
<MrAerospace> Out of curiosity, have you attempted to get the whole 120degree jaw rotation going on Cal? Or does it look really awkward like it does on the real thing?

<&DreamKeepers> I don't know if I can draw it 120 degrees, but I've done some practice sketches. E \
<&DreamKeepers> He can really open it up when he wants to.
<Gloves> Hm, that makes me wonder--people with night terrors, or other similar sleeping-based disorders, would that be the result of a dead DK, or would the DK have some kind of similar ailment?

<&DreamKeepers> It *could* be the result of a dead DK.
<&DreamKeepers> If the DK was killed unnaturally, by the Nightmares.

<Gloves> If it wasn't, what would the rough equivalent for the DK be? Since that'd have such an impact on the human, it seems like the DK would need to have something going on.

<&DreamKeepers> Naturally ocurring death: Person and DK die together, due to similar circumstances. But the Nightmares try to knock the DK's off in the Dreamworld, and if they do that they can mess with the dreams of the living human.
<&DreamKeepers> The DK might have something akin to panic attacks or something if the person had night terrors... Not necessarily an identical condition, but analagous.
<&DreamKeepers> I like having the worlds *generally* line up, while leaving a lot of wiggle room on specifics.
<Ares1> What would happen to the human if there DK was killed by another DK ?

<&DreamKeepers> If a DK murdered another DK, their human would murder the other human. Things would line up pretty close in a life-changing event like murder.
<Gloves> This was discussed some earlier, but how is Igrath related to the girls? We know he's their uncle, but nothing more specific than that.

<&DreamKeepers> As for Igrath being related to the girls- his sister was the Viscount's original wife.
<Gloves> Here's a fun question--do you ever get attached to the DK designs you draw just to drop in the background?

<&DreamKeepers> Sometimes I do take a shine to characters made up on the spot to be crowd filler. They just seem to take on a life of their own at times, and it makes me wonder about what their life is liek.
<&DreamKeepers> If we ever have the need for needless side stories, there'll be plenty of fodder. X D
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Are any of the characters on special diets like Vegan or Vegetarianism?

<&DreamKeepers> There are probably special diets and stuff in Anduruna.
<Gloves> Do you have a favourite character to draw? Or a favourite trait on DKs in general?

<&DreamKeepers> As for a favorite character to draw... It's really hard to choose.
<&DreamKeepers> I kinda get into whatever character I'm drawing at the time, can't really choose a favorite.
<&DreamKeepers> Except not Scinter. That idiot has the most complex neck. X D And one facial expression that serves every need. I still enjoy his character a lot, but from a drawing standpoint when there's no action, he doesn't have much range.

<Gloves> Or any kind of look or addition you prefer over others? Like, a lot of your characters seem to be mammalian--is that a preference, or just a coincidence?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... I do have a good bunch of mammals, but the reptiles are fun too. I used to love drawing dinosaurs.
<grdeleo> When mace was trolling bast when he wanted the scroll, did you purposely make it a joker mask?

<&DreamKeepers> The joker mask was just a festival-looking choice at first- but when I drew it, I realized it was the perfect mask for the scene. X D
<&DreamKeepers> And thus Mace became a professional trolololler.


<&DreamKeepers> His finest hour.
<&DreamKeepers> If it weren't for his promise to Lilith, I'm pretty sure Bast would have been sending Mace on a long jump off that platform right there. X D
<Gloves> You've probably answered this before, but do you do the lineart straight from your pencil sketches?

<&DreamKeepers> Yep - it goes from pencils to photoshop, I'm not too good with ink.

<Gloves> And then you colour it with a "Lighten only" layer?

<&DreamKeepers> Actually, a lighten layer would make more sense- what I've been doing is just setting the brush setting to 'lighten' and painting over the lines with it.
<MrAerospace>'s a question that will get the others both reminiscing and reading V2 over again. In the crowd Scene, Nainso isn't only using his power on the crowd is he?

<&DreamKeepers> ...As for what his power is being applied to, I shall keep mum for now.
<&DreamKeepers> MYSTEREOUSH
<Gloves> Oh, another power one--for a while, Mace's power was planned to be super strength, right? But then you changed it since Vi's was strength? Do you know what his new power is yet?

<&DreamKeepers> As for powers, I must tell things but not tell things.
<&DreamKeepers> Mace's power = plot vault.
<&DreamKeepers> Vi's power isn't necessarily strength. Sometimes a side-effect of power use (somewhat often, actually) is increased strength and resilience while you're power-active... In *addition* to the power.

<grdeleo> My guess is, his power is SPECEWAL and that is why nightmares and dark DK's want him

<&DreamKeepers> Indeed. E )
<&DreamKeepers> I may not comment on such guesses. But guesses are fun- I'm happy you guys can have such a good time tossing possibilities around between books.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Are there albino Knossus?

<&DreamKeepers> Yes. Because albino Knossus are cool. X D
<&DreamKeepers> APPROWVED
<Gloves> Speaking of physical genetic defects, are there any? Like albinoism, or stuff like that?

<&DreamKeepers> There are disabilities with DK's like there are with us, I would think. I haven't drawn any yet though.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Serapeans... Will we meet them?

<&DreamKeepers> Serapeans = Plot Vault.
<Gloves> Oh, there's a question--is there a limit to how long DKs can use their powers? A lot of them on RPs and such have limitations like that, is that canon?

<&DreamKeepers> Power use is based, often, on how experienced the Dreamkeeper is- and it also varies widely from power to power.
<&DreamKeepers> But especially for first-time users, they'll accidentally use the power the wrong way and run it off their own physical energy stores. Pretty much an instant ticket to fainting, if your power puts out any reasonable amount of energy.
<&DreamKeepers> It depends on how skilled a Dreamkeeper is at tapping into their power and channeling it without 'friction' draining their own personal energy.
<&DreamKeepers> And again, it varies from power to power. Some powers are pretty low key, and easy to use.
<&DreamKeepers> Some are pretty intense, and require much more control to channel. And if you mess up, it sucks up your own juice and can make you faint if you push yourself too hard.
<&DreamKeepers> Basically, the energy has to come from somewhere. The higher the energy output, the harder it is to control, and the more risk there is of draining your own reserves by mistake.
<MrAerospace> Ok, another question about powers: Do dreamkeepers actually know what their power is if they've never used it?

<&DreamKeepers> Usually a Dreamkeeper doesn't know their power until they use it. It's a conversation topic pretty frequently.
[09:50:15] <&DreamKeepers> The only way to find out is to use it, which is why it's considered dangerous. E \

<SerafinoDragonTamer> And yeah, younger dreamkeepers have an easier time finding it.

<&DreamKeepers> Just like- usually- younger people have an easier time picking up new skills.
<&DreamKeepers> And they tend to blunder into discoveries easier, and make new connections with less difficulty.

<MrAerospace> Yeah, that's what I some powers develop because of certain circumstances (say Lilith and Namah's life threatening examples), or would they have developed the same power never the less?

<&DreamKeepers> Save that question for next week, and we can get to it- thanks, and have a nice night you guys. 8 D
(Question Answered in chat on 6-27-13)

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DanWithTheHat6/29/13 7:58pm
Chat log 6-13-13
Thanks to ezioauditore97 for retrieving a section of the chat that I lost. :)
<CalvinCopyright> First off, do you know what the resolution of the GNS pages are off the top of your head??

<&DreamKeepers> 300 dpi
<&DreamKeepers> *blows smoke off pistol barrels*

<CalvinCopyright> oh, I see. Actually, I meant, like, pixels by pixels.

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm- not sure the actual pixel measurements. But it's 6.625 inches wide by 10.25 tall at 300 dpi.
<&DreamKeepers> Ah- 2063 x 3150
<&DreamKeepers> Lower res is totally fine- advisable, even- for online graphics.
<&DreamKeepers> But if you're ever working with something that's going to be printed, you need higher res.
<CalvinCopyright> You've been drawing a while, so you're really good ^^ But is there any one particular thing that you thought was really hard to learn to draw? Like, I have a really hard time drawing hands and feet.

<&DreamKeepers> Hands and feet are always among the hardest.

<CalvinCopyright> Yeah, how DO you draw your hands??
<CalvinCopyright> When you get around to making a tutorial, I think that's the first thing you need to cover.

<&DreamKeepers> Drawing facial expressions and heads from extreme angles was tough for me, too. Like drawing a normal human head from under the chin- is kinda hard. But make it a cartoon head, and it's REALLY a challenge sometimes- because cartoon heads are so stylized that the anatomy doesn't really operate in any rational way down there, yet our style isn't 100% goofy-time cartoony, so we still have to make it *look* realistic.
<&DreamKeepers> And hands and feet- aside from lots of practice, a tutorial along those lines would be...
<&DreamKeepers> ...Handy.
<&DreamKeepers> There are probably a good number of hand tutorials online already, but cartoony hands can require a different sensibility as well.
<&DreamKeepers> Offhand, I would say do a lot of thumbnail sketches of hands as practice. Try to find the arc, or curve, that all the fingers are falling on.
<&DreamKeepers> Usually, you don't get one finger going solo and the others all doing something independent.
<&DreamKeepers> They're all doing one thing for the hand together- so, spread or condensed, they're usually on the same plane, or the same arc somehow.
<&DreamKeepers> Once you get a feel for the 'swoop' of the hand, the pose can sometimes suddenly click.
<&DreamKeepers> That's all I can think of...
<&DreamKeepers> Offhand.

<BanditDragoon> first time i realy had a go at drawing a hand i used my own as a reference owo
<CalvinCopyright> @Bandit that's what I've been doing.

<&DreamKeepers> Also, don't be afraid to copy hands from other artists. It's good practice.
<&DreamKeepers> Sometimes it helps you understand how they captured that pose if you just recreate it.
<MrAerospace> Cool, Dave, did you notice in V2 where Namah says it's Tuesday....tracing back to V1 means that the kids started school on a Sunday>

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm- lemme think....
<&DreamKeepers> They were in the Starfall on Tuesday, the night they slept at Igrath's was Monday night, so Paige was killed Sunday night.
<MrAerospace> And the went to school that day.
<&DreamKeepers> I think that's right- so yes, that would put their first day of school on a Sunday. X D
<&DreamKeepers> I have no idea why they went to school on a Sunday- that's kind of a goof. We could say maybe the first schoolday of the year starts on Sunday for orientation or somthing, but aside from that idea, it's a bit of an oversight. E \

<DanWithTheHat> I guess they have no weekend breaks in the dreamworld then. 100% schoolwork,100% of the time. no wonder why Namah hates school
<CalvinCopyright> Maybe they have longer summer vacation.
<CalvinCopyright> The book started on what may be Halloween, after all... that is, if the Harvest Festival is the Halloween analogue?

<&DreamKeepers> Nah, I think they normally have weekends off from school- that seems iconic. I'd just chalk the V1 goof up to having it be the first day of the school year, and an exception.
<CalvinCopyright> How long did it take you to thrash out the GNS plot and the stuff on your Dreamworld page?

<&DreamKeepers> I don't know of a way to estimate it, really.
<&DreamKeepers> Concept development started in 2004, and it's been going on ever since.

<CalvinCopyright> When was Vol 1 published again?

<&DreamKeepers> 2006

<CalvinCopyright> Ah
<CalvinCopyright> Were you out of college by that time? (not sure)

<&DreamKeepers> Yep- graduated 2005
<&DreamKeepers> But the writing takes a lot of time and thought. Most of it is pretty much finished at this point- we just went through a major overhaul this winter, actually.
<MrAerospace> How is Vivid faring as a viable business. Is Dreamkeepers making a significant contribution to your life? (In Monitary terms)

<&DreamKeepers> Actually, *finally*, yes.
<&DreamKeepers> I started Vivid 2006. From then until 2013, I didn't take any money from book sales- kept putting it back into production and marketing.
<&DreamKeepers> My strategy was to grow enough of a readership to *hopefully* sell enough V3's that I could fund my living expenses during V4 production.
<&DreamKeepers> It actually seems to have worked, so far- that's why V4 is going so much faster than V3.
<&DreamKeepers> But, whew... Not the best way to make money, I can attest to that. Took 6 years of near maniacal work to get us to the level of replacing a McDonalds-level job. E \
<&DreamKeepers> Food is good too. E )

<MrAerospace> Still, if you both get to follow your passion unhindered now.
<MrAerospace> That's a very big win in my books

<&DreamKeepers> I can't guarantee I'll never need to pick up some 'real' work from time to time, but it's reassuring that DK is at least a significant contributor to helping us keep it rolling. It's very exciting. 8 D
<&DreamKeepers> I love waking up and working on DK all day... I actually wake up earlier nowadays than I did when I had to be to work as a security guard. E \

<ezioauditore97> What is Liz doing nowadays for her job BTW?

<&DreamKeepers> Liz is helping me with DK at present. 8D
<MrAerospace> Question: In V1 we see both Ravat and Indi on the same street. Given his 'Priority One' assessment in the Troika, wouldn't Indi have noticed?

<&DreamKeepers> Indi would definitely have noticed Ravat if she had seen him. And been duly angered and terrified. But he saw her, and is pretty good at going unnoticed when he wants...

<MrAerospace> Fair enough...although he doesn't know who Indi actually is though, right?

<&DreamKeepers> Ravat knows who Indi is.

<MrAerospace> Oh, wow. Ok, that changes a lot of things then.

<&DreamKeepers> It isn't explicit in the books themselves yet- I wish I would have made that a bit more obvious in V1.
<&DreamKeepers> As it is it's really easy to interpret in different ways, when the most suspensful way to interpret it isn't defined.

<MrAerospace> Hmm, nah...good for speculation (and shows the evolution in your work)

<&DreamKeepers> A good thing to note when trying to up my game in future work. E)
<ezioauditore97> Prelude collection coming along nicely?

<&DreamKeepers> I have the cover art started, but I'm not really going to go to town on it until I get the Ch 10 pencils done.
<&DreamKeepers> That's why I'm on such a push right now, I want to start the Kickstarter by July.
<CalvinCopyright> Just saying, I would vote for DK on TWC every day - if I could remember. So, it might be cool to set up an opt-in mailing list to remind people to vote every morning ^^

<&DreamKeepers> That's a neat idea- I don't think I could fire out an e-mail every morning, though. I would forget. E I

<CalvinCopyright> No, make an email bot.

<&DreamKeepers> I don't wanna make an e-mail bot, that sounds like it would have a risk of becoming more intelligent than me and possessing machinery to cause an accidental death with all the appearance of a suicide.
And Finally, Dave has a new bird!

<&DreamKeepers> It's complex.
<&DreamKeepers> But right now I'm fighting a bird for the keyboard.
<BanditDragoon> o.o FIGHT THAT BIRD
<CalvinCopyright> bird?
<MrAerospace> Ok...what?
<DanWithTheHat> my cat and your bird must have the same mind
<CalvinCopyright> Are you sure you don't mean gator?
<BanditDragoon> maybe it's Whip >W>
<&DreamKeepers> Nope. Tally can't reach the keyboard. Thank goodness.
<&DreamKeepers> It's Cosmo, the new addition. Little tiny parrot-lookin' guy.
<CalvinCopyright> hoow new?
<DanWithTheHat> What type of parrot is he?
<&DreamKeepers> A few weeks - he's a conure.
<DanWithTheHat> Those are nice birds
<MrAerospace> Ah, cute little fellow, just don't let him land on the floor.
<&DreamKeepers> Bird defeated. Now, regarding the NSA...

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DanWithTheHat6/30/13 8:46pm
DK chat 6-20-13
Thanks again to Ezioauditore97 for giving me the chat log for this week.
<+DreamKeepersBot> CalvinCopyright asks: Is Krin a boy or a girl? It's been bugging me. I mean, the name Krin seems kinda feminine, and the face seems so, too, but there are no visible b**bs.

<&DreamKeepers> Krin is a dude. Not a macho-type dude, but a dude nonetheless.
<&DreamKeepers> He seems kinda quiet, I bet he'd be pleasant to hang out with.
<+DreamKeepersBot> CalvinCopyright asks: Possible plot loophole here: Mace got from the Starfall border to the orphanage, and to Theophanies, in less than a day. The circumference of the Sky Road is 440 miles, so that's no small distance. Exactly how fast do those watercars travel? Over 100 mph? How do they go that fast? Are they drawn by motor, like a ski lift, or something? How are you planning to explain that?

<&DreamKeepers> The watercars travel pretty fast. I don't think they actually travel 100 mph, though... Lemme do some math really quick...
<&DreamKeepers> Alright. I know generally how the watercars work, which I'll explain in a minute.
<&DreamKeepers> So yup, 70 mile radius. I think the watercars cruising at 60mph on the inter-district areas is believable.
<&DreamKeepers> So to cross the entire city via wtercar would take maybe a couple hours, give or take.
<&DreamKeepers> If you had the fastest routes. Of course, the streams route into smaller, slower ramps when it's time to get off in a district.
<&DreamKeepers> But by using watercars, Mace was able to get around in V3 relatively quickly.
<&DreamKeepers> The watercars actually work based on an acqueduct-related system. Cranks, gears, and counterweights pull the water level higher in different areas.
<&DreamKeepers> Then the weight creates pressure that drives the streams wherever they need to go.
<&DreamKeepers> There are also some canal locks that can lift the water level (and boats) between levels.
<&DreamKeepers> I think I drew one in the backdrop of the V3 page where the guards are going underground from the street.

<DanWithTheHat> How far away were they outside the city at the start of V3?

<&DreamKeepers> And they started out in the Starfall in V2, but walked most of that entire day.
<&DreamKeepers> By the time they stopped for the night, and had the morning scene of V3, I would say they were fairly close to the city- within a couple hours' hike or so.
<&DreamKeepers> But yep! There have to be some fast waterways for those watercars- but with 60mph inter-district streams, it's feasible to bounce around the city within a day.
<+DreamKeepersBot> CalvinCopyright asks: This is based off someone else's question. I happen to like creating dreamkeepers (check out the thread "Making Dreamkeepers!" in the new forum's Character Cafe for several of mine), and the guy was curious about copyright stuff. He said that I couldn't use them to make money or anything without you being able to sue me, so I was wasting my time. I want a response to that; can you explain what your st (The Bot cut off the rest of the question)

<&DreamKeepers> As for suing people.... I don't think there's much risk from just creating your own reader characters. I'd be more likely to say, 'thanks for making a character in our world. ' E \
<&DreamKeepers> If someone was using one of *our* characters, like Mace, and selling a bunch of stuff without permission, even then my first reaction wouldn't be to sue them.
<&DreamKeepers> I'd get in touch with them, and try to see if we could work out something that works for both of us.
<&DreamKeepers> I think it would have to be a really extreme situation for me to sue- a person would have to be a total, deliberate dick and be genuinely taking advantage of things in an unfair way.
<&DreamKeepers> Basically, if someone wants to create DK merch for fun, go for it. And even if they are making money from it- as long as it's not like a large- scale business with manufacturing going on, well, it's not that big a deal.

<ezioauditore97> I think you have a policy that lets people use your characters so longs as it does not conflict with your sales.Such as you have no Bast figure so I was able to commission one because I am a talentless guy.
<ezioauditore97> However if I wanted a Mace figure I would see about going through you and you obviously have none available at the moment.

<&DreamKeepers> ^That would be definitely a good approach. Plus that way, I could even help promote the artist's creation if they included us in the loop.
<&DreamKeepers> Anyways, when it comes to people making their *own* characters- well, they created the character. It belongs to them. They can do anything they want with it. I'm not going to sue someone for creating their own character. I'd lose that one for sure. X D
<&DreamKeepers> So, yay. 8 D If anyone ever has a concern about copyright they're curious about, just e-mail me and I can chat you up about it.
<&DreamKeepers> Alright- the question above I skipped was "How the heck do you manage to come up with so many dreamkeeper appearances? I mean, just look at your crowd scenes! There are so many dreamkeepers!"
<&DreamKeepers> ANswer: I don't know. I just sit there and draw, and try to get a variety of stuff down.
<&DreamKeepers> Some cat characters, then do something to contrast like reptiley guys or birds, and then throw in extra features because it's the dreamworld and anything can be there- antlers, dragon tail, wings....
<&DreamKeepers> Then personalities tend to invade, and the character develops a nice little look. Plus of course, some of those background characters are actually cameos of real people. E )
TWC Incentives Update

<&DreamKeepers> As for TWC incentives, it's something I've been meaning to do.
<&DreamKeepers> I plan to create some extra art for the Prelude book, and actually have desktops of that art be used for incentives later this year.
<&DreamKeepers> Not sure exactly when I'll launch that, but I'll be sure to blog and such about it.
<+DreamKeepersBot> SerafinoDragonTamer asks: I dunno if it's considered a spoiler, but will Bast be in the Lilith/Namah side of Prelude?

<&DreamKeepers> Hmm... Plot Vault. I don't want to define too much in that area yet. E )
<+DreamKeepersBot> SerafinoDragonTamer asks: I hope you don't mind the question spam, but how old does a Dreamkeeper have to be to drink fermentae?

<&DreamKeepers> Ooh, I don't remember answering that one... I'd say the same as our world for alcohol, 21.
<ezioauditore97> If there are no more DK questions then I have an animation question,since they were both infuential animated films back in the 80's did you like Disney's Oliver with it's hand drawn superbness or the Japanese Akira movie which was a mature work of art?

<&DreamKeepers> I liked Oliver fairly well- it wasn't up there with my favorites, but it was good. I think the Great Mouse Detective was more of an influence when I was young- and I had my socks knocked off by Akira as a teen.
<&DreamKeepers> That film is simply badassness incarnate. Love it.
<&DreamKeepers> Gorgeous animation- they just don't make 'em like that anymore. <3
<&DreamKeepers> As far as a which one I like more... Objectively, they're both great. The style of Akira wouldn't tell the story of Oliver well. They're both optimized and gorgeous.
<&DreamKeepers> But if I had to pick one to watch, I'd personally enjoy Akira more- it's just such a rush. E )
<&DreamKeepers> Liz says she likes the one with the dogs.
<&DreamKeepers> I keep hoping they'll have a 2-D revival one of these days.
<&DreamKeepers> I saw the 3-D movie 'TINTIN' today for the first time.
<&DreamKeepers> Couldn't help but think how much more appealing it'd be with a nice, welcoming 2-D style.
<&DreamKeepers> The rendering was gorgeous, of course, but... The characters looked so real, and so distorted all at once. Kinda creepy and disconcerting to watch.

<ezioauditore97> I have to say though that for Sci-Fy anime that is the most influential it would most probably be Ghost in the Shell.What are your thoughts on that and how did you like TINTIN?

<&DreamKeepers> I liked Ghost in the Shell, but only watched it once in college. It seemed very cerebral- which can be good, but more stuff exploded bigger in Akira.
<&DreamKeepers> SHALLOW yes I am.

<DanWithTheHat> The polar express had a similar look to tintin. The characters look creepy in both of them

<&DreamKeepers> Yeah... But once I got past the look of TINTIN, it was a pretty nice movie.

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DanWithTheHat6/30/13 9:06pm
DK chat 6-27-13 (Yay! I finally got to posting the latest chat for the week!)
<+DreamKeepersBot> Gloves asks: Are there any prejudices against body type in the Dreamworld?

<&DreamKeepers> Interesting one.
<&DreamKeepers> I would say yes. Not really any noteworthy or culturally-pervasive ones in Anduruna though, so it's not likely to be a story factor at any point.
<&DreamKeepers> But there's room for a lot of cities, tribes, and what have you, so I'm sure some of them have a unique hangup or two.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> You'd think they'd be divided like Furs and Scalies

<&DreamKeepers> That would work, until some furs had a scaly baby. X D
<Kiyo> how does the DNA work when a couple have a baby, since there so many types, do they just slice the two or what?

<&DreamKeepers> I don't know exactly how their reproduction / physical traits relate at a molecular level.
<&DreamKeepers> Since it's based somewhat on a person's characteristics, which supercedes parent DNA, I would say it might be a mildly supernatural element of the world. At any rate, it's one that doesn't conform to strictly real laws as we know them. They are supermagicbabies.

<Kiyo> so does that mean there intercourse is nothing like human intercourse?

<&DreamKeepers> I would imagine their intercourse is analagous to human intercourse- but there are always exceptions. The one thing that *does* have to line up is that it takes a male and a female to have a baby. Otherwise their world wouldn't parallel ours for long.

<DanWithTheHat> Is Supermagicbabies going to be the prelude to prelude?

<&DreamKeepers> Supermagicbabies should definitely be the Prelude to Prelude. X D Nice.
<&DreamKeepers> Supermagicbabies
<&DreamKeepers> ^ Totally serious.
<+DreamKeepersBot> Gloves asks: How is Igrath related to the girls? We know he's their uncle, but from where?

<&DreamKeepers> Igrath's wife was the Viscount's sister. So he's a relative not by blood, but by marriage.
<DanWithTheHat> MrAerospace had a question a few weeks ago that was left unanswered because of time: Do some powers develop because of certain circumstances (say Lilith and Namah's life threatening examples), or would they have developed the same power never the less?

<&DreamKeepers> Aerospace question: The specific power a Dreamkeeper has is pretty much the same power- but circumstances may affect how they use it, or what aspect of it they discover first.
<&DreamKeepers> A good example is Lilith's life-force manipulation power. She was in a life-or-death situation, so her power was activated in a way that mitigated that.
<&DreamKeepers> Had it been a different situation, she might have found herself healing someone instead of draining an enemy and restoring herself.
<&DreamKeepers> Same power, but the situations may reveal a different part of it.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> Can Lilith be a "battery" of sorts?
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Or would that consistent power use drain her too fast?

<&DreamKeepers> I don't want to elaborate on her power with too much detail, 'cuz it'll be fun to explore that progression in the books.
<&DreamKeepers> But I will say that she only has as much life energy as one person can hold, so- if she's only using herself as a source- there are definite limits to her output ability. The power manipulates, but doesn't endlessly generate. Otherwise they'd be unkillable once she learned it. X D
<Kiyo> Do you have any idea when V4 would be complete, or do you have no idea at this point?

<&DreamKeepers> As for V4 being complete: I'm predicting pencils done in the fall and book done in the winter, hopefully for an early spring release.
<&DreamKeepers> Might be off on those predictions, but that's the plan. 8)
<DanWithTheHat> Here is another question from a chat from earlier in the month: If a Dreamkeeper loses his arms but his power involves the use of them, can he still use his power?

<&DreamKeepers> I would say he can still use his power- it might show a faint re-creation of that arm when his power is active, to facilitate it's use- or the power might have to find another way to function. But the power is still there, so odds are it will find *some* way to apply itself.

<ezioauditore97> Those powers are adaptive are they?

<&DreamKeepers> But yeah, I would say the power stays the same- but the way it is used can shift and be explored by the user. Of course it's hard to make generalizations since they're all so different, but generally they're adaptable.
<Kiyo> We know if a Dreamkeeper dies, the human counterpart is vulnerable. but what happens if the Human dies, does anything happen to the Dreamkeeper?

<&DreamKeepers> The human can't die a supernatural death, so you never really have a Dreamkeeper outliving their human.
<&DreamKeepers> That's why the Nightmares have to target the Dreamworld, they can't get in to mess with ours.

<Kiyo> so the Dreamkeeper is still linked to the sole of the dead human?

<&DreamKeepers> Yes- but I'm not sure there's a way for a human to be supernaturally killed while the Dreamkeeper remains intact. E \

<Kiyo> so to kill them both at the same time, you have to supernaturally kill the human?

<&DreamKeepers> A Dk and human will always die at the same moment naturally.
<&DreamKeepers> The only exception is if a Nightmare (supernatural) kills a Dreamkeeper, and then their human is left alive.
<&DreamKeepers> They can't get into our world to do the same to us.

<Kiyo> But humans are not always killed naturally

<&DreamKeepers> When I say naturally, I mean any death that doesn't involve a supernatural nightmare from beyond the pale.
<&DreamKeepers> Car crashes, humans murdering one another, illness, etc, all are 'natural' deaths because they all involve things that exist in our reality which are intended to be a part of it.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> Is it because Nightmares aren't technically alive?

<&DreamKeepers> Yep- they're alive, but not technically a part of existence. Or, not supposed to be.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Or in existence that can be justified as "live"

<Kiyo> so if the human was killed, some how the DreamKeeper gets killed too since they dont live longer than they do

<&DreamKeepers> Exactly. 8 )

<Kiyo> so does a simaler even happen in both worlds or does the DK just drop dead?

<&DreamKeepers> Similar event- not identical necessarily, but something close.
<ezioauditore97> So how do DKs handle death in their tradition out of curiosity?

<&DreamKeepers> Anduruna DK's have funerals similar to ours. However, they generally get cremated nowadays. Burial space ran out a couple centuries into Anduruna's history, and burials at sea were no good because things would wash ashore again after awhile. So there are a lot of old mausoleums and graves in Anduruna, and some expensive graveyards, but mostly cremation has become standard.
<SerafinoDragonTamer> Have you ever considered just "attending" a convention rather than dealing, Dave?

<&DreamKeepers> As for attending rather than dealing- that would be fun! But at present, I don't want to take time off from working on Dreamkeepers, unless it's... Involving me working on Dreamkeepers. X D If that makes any sense.

<SerafinoDragonTamer> But for cereal (how I say seriously) you should enjoy conventions after the DDens close up shop

<&DreamKeepers> AFter the DDen closes, I'm usually either getting food, or trying to crank out commissions that I built up in there. But aiming for occasional fun definitely isn't a bad idea. 8 )
About Mace being a good pet:

<Kiyo> But maybe having a Mace would be fun
<&DreamKeepers> High maintenance, though.
<&DreamKeepers> He has opposable thumbs.
<ezioauditore97> Mace would whine too much for my preferences......
<ezioauditore97> For a pet anyways.
<Kiyo> just pet him a lot
<&DreamKeepers> Indeed. At least with Whip, you can't understand it.
<DanWithTheHat> too many pranks as well
<DanWithTheHat> you will find yourself glued to your chair at some point

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MrAerospace7/1/13 5:22am
Oh, Cheers for re-iterating that question I had about powers the other day there Dan, I didn't even prompt it, so you're a champ, mate!

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DanWithTheHat7/2/13 2:44pm
No problem at all! I was curious about the answer to that one as well. :)

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ezioauditore977/5/13 7:22am
Likewise!Thanks for asking that!

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DanWithTheHat7/5/13 8:31am
I won't be able to join the chat next Thursday on the 11th so if anyone else could post the log from the chat on here if it occurs, that would be awesome.

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ezioauditore977/5/13 7:10pm
I'll do that.How do you wish to receive the log?

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