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Dreamkeepers Forums - Ryuu-neko size?

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Subscribe to this thread Ryuu-neko size? created by Zach540 on June 17, 2013

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Zach5406/17/13 2:50pm
(I don't know if this is the right place to post this so bear with me.)

So does anyone have any clue what the government's size limit is for ryuu-nekos? Because they can get prety big. I was curious so I went to the page that talked about them and I quote 'In nature, ryuu-nekos have been known to reach thirty feet in length, and possibly longer.' But this does not tell us how big they are allowed to get. So I got out the tape measure and looked at thirty feet and came to the conclusion that they may be limited to being only two feet in length. So I come to you to ask what you think about this subject.

(Sorry if this was long winded.)

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CalvinCopyright6/17/13 7:38pm
I think it's around three feet, judging by the fighting ryuus in V3. But that's only a governmental limit; larger ryuu-nekos apparently start to get much more temperamental and dangerous, prompting regulations.

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MrAerospace6/18/13 12:39am
Calvin, those Ryuu's are used for illegal fighting. Do you really think those gangs would follow government regulations? If anything those two Ryuu's would likely be larger than average, although if you took Vincent and Diligence for the more fitting examples, they aren't that much bigger.

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ezioauditore976/18/13 7:09am
I am guessing that in the cities they have illegal growth supplements compared to in nature they have probably just evolved continuously over time but that is just a guess on my part.I do not think this would be going into spoiler territory so who wants to reserve the part of asking Dave in the chat?

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Zach5406/18/13 12:57pm
Just in case you didn't understand, I already know that ryuu-nekos can grow to an "infinite" size. I just wanted to know what you all thought the government regulation was for them.

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joeden6/18/13 1:28pm
I would say somewhwere's from 2-3 feet at best maybe 4 but not any bigger then that.

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Zach5406/18/13 1:56pm
Sounds about right to me. but I would say 3 feet would be the max. Anybody else got any ideas?

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Hakuzo6/20/13 10:12am
Look at the size of Lillith's Ryuu-neko, I think hers would be around the legal limit.

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Zach5406/20/13 2:34pm
Yes, that would be a good reference. But if you do use that as a reference then the legal limit would be somewhere between 3-6 feet, depending on which frame you use as the reference. Any body else got an idea?

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Wulfspyder7/2/13 5:30am
I think it depends on your breeding license, like you can have a simple license to breed small ryuu's like Lillith's or a license to breed ones big enough to ride around.

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MrAerospace7/3/13 3:38am
Nah, they'd never have that in the government. The only way I'd see a Ryuu getting to full size is simply Scinter going "well, we got the space so screw the government rules, these things could really kick ass against the nightmares."

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Gloves7/9/13 11:40am
Yeah, I'm pretty sure there aren't any large enough to ride--I think Cuddles is about the biggest size. I got the vibe that the ones fighting in V3 were done illegally, like they were being grown larger than they ought to be.

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Wulfspyder7/10/13 10:10am
Shame, breeding tame, ride able sized ryuu's probly woulda been a high dollar business for the upper class citizens to show off on.

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Zach5407/10/13 2:08pm
Yes, but remember, the bigger a Ryuu-neko gets the more agressive it becomes.

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Asora8/14/14 11:29pm
It's pretty strange that Ryuu-Neko's can go from cute loveble pets, to giant furosious creatures that look like there are built like tanks.

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