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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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Dawonguy11/9/15 8:14pm
Realistically, I don't think I'd be involved with any particular fighting force whether be shock troopers or Troika, but if the pay's good and I approve of their practices, I could see about custom weapons, equipment, or armor. That or keep everything to myself and use my power and/or hidden weapons if I need it.

I'm thinking of just having light armor and maybe a hidden dagger if a situation calls for it. (The gov of anduruna has regulation for knife sharpness, seriously, knife sharpness and hammer hardness. My DK would understand limits on springer weapons but limits on knives and hammers would seem unnecessary and arbitrary. Also, I'm pretty sure there would be a market for springer guns considering that the shocks have "exclusive access" to such weapons, just saying. But still, I'm not sure if a weapons dealer would be the most realistic considering he'd be based on me, but for the RP purposes, it sounds fun.)

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Javelin11/10/15 4:36pm
My DK is a heavy armored medium frame who hulls around his heavy armored trench coat with a sleeveless battle light armor with metal square tabs 4x4 on his chest and Carries 4 propane air pressurized canisters for his spear Gatling and a few different spear tips for different situations and the Gatling takes lots of preparation before it can be fired again (just to reload a spear and or to replace a empty propane air pressurized canister worth 5 shots of air pressurized shots to send the spears far away) and the spear Gatling has a drilling function that rotates the spear (like a Multi barrel Gatling) which helps steady the spear when it is launched but Javelin mostly uses the spear tip sticking out of the Gatling for melee combat to ram and push his foes back as he gains ground on his enemies and he also has Ballistics Spring Knives hidden in the fur of his tail strapped there as back up

Power: Adrenaline

Helmet attachments: DK data base visor
Hemet material: red type of ore

Weakness: most optical powers,
other physical power users
wave pulses that may interfere with his heart pulse
Slow evasion rate
exposed propane air pressurized canisters 2 holstered on each sided of his leggings (may throw Javelin off balance), 1/2 exposed PAPC (may have to be replaced if it explodes and might damage his spear Gatling and throw him off balance)
Microwave or fire powers (may cook Javelin inside his own heavy armor)
Water dehydration

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AlphaMoron12/5/15 4:54pm
I'm pondering my own Dreamkeeper. I feel like I should sleep on it and make it represent me. Sounds cliche- but I would HATE if I made a boring op character that no one wanted to play with. Any suggestions to keep it interesting and to not deter other Dk's?

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Dawonguy12/5/15 7:46pm
To start, perhaps, think of where you would realistically be in the dreamworld whether be a street performer, a caffeinated college student, or a troika member on the front lines fighting nightmares and build around that. Think of it like you are making a side character for dreamkeepers. I actually haven't done much role playing myself, but making a character that's fun to RP would probably be a lot like writing an interesting character for your own comic/book/etc (which is something I have looked into). As for making a character interesting, maybe try throwing in a trait/quality that would conflict with the stereotype they would fit in (ex: a big muscular bodyguard that has a thing for cheesy romance novels). As for avoiding making a character too OP, remember that flaws are important personality-wise and power-wise. Speaking of powers, as long as it isn't an insta-kill ability, teleportation, or invincibility or anything, you should be good. (I think teleportation is kind of considered OP.)

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AlphaMoron12/6/15 9:36pm
Thank you for the fantastic response. I sadly would find myself in a position of mischief, testing the water with nightmares because of my lack of belief. My character would struggle to remain happy and lighthearted around others while staying sane inside. People who push their ideas on me would likely die if left alone with me, experiencing my full-force insanity that has slowly eaten me away. On most occasions, I would be kind and considerate, but easy to upset, MUCH of a drama-queen, and hardheaded. As far as my hidden power... well, it's tough. I am stuck between animating objects around me (but not controlling), or something completely debilitating with outcomes that would only bring joy to a nightmare. Not op- rather just painful to watch, and I am dead-set on making my power something I can't keep from happening. My character loves friends, so let's take as many away as possible, right? I'll get some more concrete details out soon. Just my ideas so far. Please feel free to give much constructive criticism.

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Kirito12/7/15 6:04am

Your character should be a loose representation of you in real life. Of course, as it is a game, you can create your Dreamkeeper in your own image. Personally, I just sprinkled in real-life attributes like eye color and height.

You should really try to avoid DK Cliches that are often used. Such things like being an outsider, being snarky or sarcastic, or being somewhat crazed mentally.

As for power- this is completely up to you. A major rule you must comply with is nurfing your power enough so that it is not over-powered. You can do this by adding time restrictions or placing an incredible level of fatigue on your character as a consequence for using it.

If you follow those few suggestions you should be able to create a unique and dynamic character!

Hope this helped :^)

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AlphaMoron12/7/15 4:17pm
Love the help! I'll come back soon with an update!

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Dawonguy12/9/15 7:19pm
I guess I could use myself as an example. If I were in the dreamworld, I'd probably be involved in some form of engineering, but I don't think that Anduruna exactly has a big robotics, aerospace, or even automotive industry. I do however have some interest in weaponry, more so from a knowledge standpoint than in actually fighting with said weapons, so I figured that my DK could be a custom weapon designer or a blade smith. Not sure if I would align myself with the military or troika, but if you have the money, I'm sure my DK could get you a suitable weapon for the job.

As for the design for my DK, I've been thinking of what designs I would just find cool or interesting. I like bats (because they're essentially tiny, fluffy dragons) as well as dragons (because dragons are awesome, but I've also been thinking about having my DK be more of a monkey (like Sun Wukong). I'm kind of an introvert and like the idea of living up on a mountain, so I'm thinking a dragon might be the most fitting (also then I can give others wing hugs).

For powers, I was thinking about an electrical power which could mess around with technology as well as stun enemies, but I think that power would only work well for the monkey. For the dragon, I was thinking of something more like an ice power, specifically, a power that can drain thermal energy through either direct contact or from a short distance. That drained energy could then be converted into kinetic energy which could either give my DK a boost in speed or strength.

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Aman371212/10/15 6:55am
All of my characters are either nothing like me, or the complete opposite of who I am. This is for a good reason, but I won't stress about it.

Some of my characters are terrible though, while most of them I end up loving deeply XD.

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Javelin12/10/15 8:22pm
@Kirito can you help me cut down the stats on my character so he isn't op?

And is taking on a squad of shocks head on possible in the dream world?

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Kirito12/13/15 3:06pm
@Javelin sorry for the late reply. I'd love to help!

As for the Safety Trooper scenario- while it would be objectively "possible" the success rate would be slim to none depending on the power. Springers can drop DK's in seconds.

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Javelin12/14/15 4:34pm
@kirito no worries!

Well my character is going to be a bit bulky and he can only speed run towards the shocks while he has his one shot Gatling raised to protect the top half of his body which the air pressurized tank may bust open (used to launch his spears) and may throw the user off balance which gives the shocks time to concentrate fire on him and may have time to disperse as the user may heavy swing at one of them may not kill him but may put him down if the shock couldn't hold his ground against a melee based opponent

Things that may lead to this action:

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Dawonguy1/2/16 1:55pm
btw, I heard that Dave does occasionally throw in cameos of other people's DKs in the comics as background extras and has some space in v5. I'll admit, I'm kind of interested, but I need to design a DK first.

Hmm... still wondering what animal to model my DK after, a bat, a dragon, or a monkey... Screw it, going with the monkey. Long live Sun Wukong!

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Javelin1/2/16 10:33pm
Cool what type of characteristics would your DK have gorilla warfare would sound awesome!

I choose hyena
I wonder if a small anti gov group who uses their powers, creativity and second hand weaponry and equipment to fight nightmares and dark dream keepers and even the government would fit in the story? I wish

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Dawonguy1/3/16 6:10am
@Javelin: I think my DK would be better with and/or prefer a "monkey" wrench to a spring rifle if you catch my drift. (the puns have begun)

As for the power, I'm thinking about having it be light based instead of electricity, so instead of EMPs and paralyzing enemies, my DK could blind enemies and use lasers offensively or as a tool.

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