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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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Asora1/3/15 7:48pm
I have also changed some things in my RPDKCP as well, such as the year Asora Vengel was born in, what his current age is now, and a few of other stuff.

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Dawonguy10/24/15 7:07pm
Bringing this back because I'm thinking about making a DK. I've put some thought into what my DK would be already, but I think I still have a ways to go. For now I guess I'll just bounce some ideas around in here.

District: After reading though the descriptions on the Dreamworld map, I think my DK counterpart would be in Calypsa as the citizens tend to be innovative and can be secretive. (Although Norvondire would be cool with all it's castles and defensive structures)

Power: I'm still kicking around some ideas, but for the most part, a versatile/utility power would be more fitting than an offensive one. I'm thinking of either short-range teleportation or aura vision to either get out of or avoid bad situations respectively.

DK design: This part, I'm not quite sure where to go with yet. I like bats because they're basically tiny fluffy dragons, but I think my DK would very much like to be able to use their hands. I could go with a monkey because I don't see many monkeys in DK (or in the furry fandom for that matter but that could just be me also, I could use Sun Wukong for some design imspiration). And then there's the color scheme that I'm not sure where to go with yet.

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Lycanphoenix10/24/15 9:38pm
Short Form Translocation is always a cool ability to have. Who needs telepads?

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Dawonguy10/25/15 9:55am
Also, being able to teleport past walls to get to places most can't or teleport at the right time to dodge attacks. (basically like the summoner spell flash in League of Legends)

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Lycanphoenix10/25/15 10:21am
A few years back, before I considered it overpowered in roleplaying, my fursona actually had SFT as one of his abilities. was a different time.

When I converted him to a Dreamkeeper, most of his abilities were removed, and now all new has is stuff directly relating to fire.

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Dawonguy10/25/15 11:41am
Yeah, short range teleportation might be too over powered (considering that almost everyone in league takes flash and that having flash on cooldown or not at all can make you very vulnerable to ganks). I guess I could either put a limit as too how often the power can be used or go with a different power.

Aura vision would be good for say avoiding an ambush and maybe being able to anticipate an opponent's moves (like being able to tell if they are angry or trying to be deceptive), but I think I might have something better in mind. As for what my DK would be doing, I think it would be cool to have them be a blade smith (who is more knowledgeable of weapons than skilled of said weapons), and a power like electricity would probably go well with this profession considering that metal conducts electricity. Also, an electrical power could be used to fry electronic devices (or be a walking EMP) and paralyze enemies, but that might be too much.

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Lycanphoenix10/25/15 5:18pm
I want to see a Technomancer, sort of like in Shadowrun. Given the nature of technology in the Dreamworld, however, I don't see such an ability having much use.

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Javelin10/25/15 5:42pm
Can dark dream keepers cast dark hexes on ordinary DK's?
Like corrupting there sanity

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Lycanphoenix10/25/15 5:43pm
I am not quite sure that I understand your question.

They would need to be IN the Dreamworld to even be aware of a Dreamkeeper's existence. Since there is no means of communication between the Dreamworld and the Human world, I do not see that happening.

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Javelin10/25/15 10:37pm
You can make EMP's out of disposable cameras in the real world but in the dream world I guess you'll how to collect them from either a data scroll or radios or other stuff that has a motherboard with positive and negative charge to it and will need copper and a switch and hot glue
I tried to make one but it seemed that the disposable carmera was a little different and complicated
It would be awesome if I could use that type of tech and mess around with anything that got tyranny written all over it like ATMs

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Lycanphoenix10/26/15 9:54am

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Dawonguy10/29/15 7:13pm
@Javelin: or just fry a chip or 2 just by applying voltage where voltage isn't suppose to be applied to on the chip. (I've done that once in school)

Also, if this electricity power was strong enough, I guess it could be possible to add walking defibrillator to the like of possibilities. Allies could be saved and enemies can catch 300-1000 volts to the face, but that might be a little much.

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Javelin10/29/15 8:40pm
How's about short range fries other electronics motherboards etc and medium range to interfere with the electronics and long range for minor jamming

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Dawonguy10/30/15 2:01pm
@Javerlin: Sounds pretty good. So like being able to disable practically any device in the palm of their hand, flicker or perhaps blow out light bulbs in a room, and for long range, being able to jam radio signals.

Of course that could be just the utility of the power. The offensive capabilities would probably be limited to melee range considering that lightning can't really be aimed, but once in range, that power can paralyze if not easily kill an enemy really quick. I know that kind of sounds over-powered, but remember that Scythe's power let him kill 4 shock troopers in one go at mid-long range and that's not even accounting for building damage.

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Javelin10/30/15 6:43pm
@Dawonguy Man each side had tuff shit coming lol
Well maybe if the EMP were in the hands of a very high level tech head like scinter or gov scientist etc
And is there such thing as a power drill system in the dream world mine is a 1 shot spear launching Gatling is equipped with a spear and cable shot and other spear tips , power drill system(to make the Gatling very accurate or use for melee & ramming obstacles or people), and air pressurized canister (needed to fire and is optional for underwater combat)

And I guess junkyard made ballistic spring knives (spetzas) couldn't hurt anyone's story

And a helmet with DK data base visor if your a bounty hunter

Homemade smoke Grenades or sprinklers are fine

IED's if your a terrorist or veteran or soldier

Wrist fired projectiles or just a melee wrist object

Holsters to carry ammunition or just to look bad ass to the teeth

Use your bushy tail to hide a holster with a hidden blade

Weapons can be simple to use or very complex and can only be used by specific body frames or leg type DK like a over sized sniper rifle that can only be used by tetrapods for reasons like the recoil may be too much for two legged DK or is because they can reload weaponry a lot faster or if its heavy utility equipment they are always hulling around

And you can have militarized names like Alkamo, Brusilov, Cache, Demokles, Javelin ( like a guided missile launcher javelin or like throwing a javelin that sort of nicknames)

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