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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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Asora12/22/14 5:01pm


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Aman371212/22/14 5:10pm
Amen, my friend... amen.

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Asora12/22/14 6:06pm
*ears bleeding* need to go pay my medical bills.

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Aman371212/22/14 6:14pm
Sorry, got overexcited :)

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Asora12/22/14 6:52pm
Ear Drum Surgery Bill: $156.78 +tax


Give me your wallet.

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Aman371212/22/14 6:55pm
*gives wallet and a chocolate chip cookie"

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Asora12/22/14 7:00pm
*eats cookie*

Oh, why thank you kind sir-WHAT THE FU-

*falls to the ground due to drug side-affects (hallucinations, weird feelings, etc.) in cookie*

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Aman371212/22/14 7:16pm
*takes back wallet, puts on shades, and pulls out a memory eraser*

You didn't see anything.... m8


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Kirito12/23/14 4:52am
what the hell I go away for five minutes and the thread goes to hell XD

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Asora12/23/14 7:09am
Actually, you've been gone for way more then that man, judging by the time and date that you posted in.

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Kirito12/23/14 7:10am
5 minutes was a methaphore for the short period of time I was gone for

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Asora12/23/14 7:14am

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Kirito12/23/14 7:21am
facepalm indeed

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Aman371212/23/14 7:36am

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Asora12/29/14 11:48am
Okay, I just updated my old RPDKCP with a better detailed back story. It's located on pg. 18 of this thread, so if anyone would like to check it out, your welcomed too! :D

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