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Asora11/9/14 4:32pm
Greetings my fellow brothers (and sisters, don't forget the girls too).

It has been many weeks since I started my first RPDKCP. It has, of course, gone into many revisions and edits throughout many times for the past several weeks. However, with the help from you men like Corvus, CoolCoyote, joeden, and others, I can finally announce the OFFICIAL FINAL DRAFT of my RPDKCP!!! YEAH!

*small applause and cheers*


*maximum applause and cheers*

Good. That's more like it.

Okay, fine. I know that it been a while since I started off with my first RPDKCP. But, since I am beginner to setting up role-playing characters and stories, I guess that's normal, I hope. But still, I am glad that this is hopefully the final draft of my first RPDKCP, and I want to greatly thank all of you guess who have helped me out.

Alright men, now there is no time to waste, lets get started. HORRAH!!


Birth Name: Asora Vengel

Date of Birth: Aprilis 4, 1200

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Teenage wolf body with raccoon-like fur.

Height: 5 ft. 9 in.

Weight: 140 Ibs.

Eye Color: Sclera part is white, followed by the iris having a blue/white multi color and having a black pupil.

Clothing: He usually wears an white T-shirt, black camo pants with multiple pockets, tan boots, and his fathers old leather-hooded jacket, and also carries a unique custom made sword hidden away at times.

Halo: It appears to have a unique retro/abstract design with a combination color of blue, white, and grey.

Power: Asora's power is the ability to increase his physical body's durability towards great lengths.

The results of this power are truly helpful for Asora being in serious and life-threatening situations. Whenever he makes a sudden move while having activated his power, it allows his physical body to add more strength, agility, and resistance toward his moves, which result in more quicker and powerful reflexes towards his advanced-like skills. Another result is having to resist strong blows to his body, leaving him with only minor bruises. But, at a catch, if he uses his power for too long at full capacity, it will quickly drain his strength, leaving him vulnerable at times. That is why he needs to eat huge amounts of food after using his power so that he can regain his strength and gain extra calories to burn off.

Asora's secondary power is the capability to turn his physical body's energy to "chi blast", which appear to be flaming balls of blue gas that come out of his hands and resulting in huge amounts of both collateral and physical damage toward his surroundings and opponents. This too, brings his strength down to noticeable levels. That is why he rarely uses it.

Skills: Thanks to years of training from his father, Asora is a skilled martial artist and acrobat, further aided in his travels by his mastery of his mind allowing him to shrug off the pain of his injuries for a time. The most impressive of skill he learned though is the ability to briefly speed up his reaction time, allowing himself to unleash a veritable storm of strikes at the cost of sapping his strength and endurance at an alarming rate. He can use this advantage into his power, but only when necessary. He has also learned and practiced the art of sword fighting for about 4 years, but even though he has gotten good at it, he is far from a master of the art. Due to his skills, his father made him a specially made custom edge sword at one of his birthday's. However, though regular sword users and other weapon experts use there weapons when there is a chance, Asora prefers to instead use his blade at a preferred minimal, so that there would be as less conflict and mess as possible.

Affiliation: Contacts throughout Anduruna who are beings that Asora would meet up with, trust, and help out.

Personality: Asora has the heart of a humble man who would not sin. He is kind hearted, smart, and uses his wits to get out of tuff situations. He seems to be a pacifist according to others during tough situations, but in truth, Asora knows that if things get too far, he would have to make drastic measures; though he has not killed anyone in the past. If he gets into fights, he will try every thing he can to avoid it and come clean, and he will be willing to help others who are in personal need at times while on his journey. He also is straight, asexual, and abstinence, which means that he will befriends all kinds of people, but will not fall into affection towards one person and will rather stay single and be a virgin.

District: He was raised in the outskirts in a small town far away from Anduruna, but is now living with close friends and staying at their homes, those at which, are throughout the city.

Motive: Searching for his fathers best friend, Richard Holland, for attempting to try to send him his father's journal and to also try talking to him.

Allies: Beings who Asora would befriend along his journey.

Enemies: Dark Dreamkeepers, Nightmares, Bandits, Gangs, Ignorant people, Anduruna Law Enforcement, manipulated beings, The 1st Crusade of Baviton, and a "being" named Neo Zarath.

Back Story:

As long as he can remember, Asora Vengel was born and raised at a town in the outskirts far from the vast city of Anduruna. He was used to live with his father, Weston Vengel, a 48 year old man who had the appearance of a tall fit fox with blue fur and sharp white stripes.

During his childhood, Asora was raised well, had many friends, was very humble, and had always tried to help others in need within reach. However, even though he looked liked he was living his life with barley any worries, he had always wondered about his mother. At times, Asora would have vague memories in his early life of a woman taking care of him when he was a little boy, and this made him believe that the woman could be his mother. But even though he wanted to question his father about the absence of his mother, he had second thoughts being that maybe that their could've been a huge conflict between them and that didn't wanted to trouble his father by reminding him.

During his early life, Asora and his father used to live in a well suited home. During most of their spare time, they would practice martial arts and meditate almost every day. They had also worked as crafters in the small town that they lived in and created many weapons, tools, and other crafts.

However, one day, when Asora was just 18 at time, he has heard the news that his father is in the medical center. When Asora learns about this, he rushes into the medical building and tries to look his father. After some time, he then meets one of the doctors in charge of taking care of Weston. Asora asks on his father's condition and what could be the cause of his current state. In response, the doctor replies, saying that Weston is in critical condition, and is currently unconscious, however, he is not sure on what could be the cause. To the best of his knowledge, the doctor suspects that Weston could've suffered from shock or cardiac arrest. He recommends that Asora should wait until he gets further notice on his father.

After some time, Asora gets a call from the medical center, being noted that Weston is now awake, and is willing to have visiters meet him.

After the news, Asora tries to spend as much spare time as possible with his father from each and every day. However, Asora suddenly had this sudden feeling that, time could be in the essence. Due to this thought, Asora arrives one day at the medical center (a couple of days after Weston's incident). When he meet his father, he finally asks about his mother and her absence. Due to this, Weston tells his son about his mother and why was she not here after all this time.

Weston explains that her mother's original name was Vanessa Destiny (who appeared to be a beautiful Bobtail cat with the majority of her fur being red, and having curved stripes around her neck). He describes her as a sort of "stubborn, yet highly intelligent and logical person who turned out to be nice at times". She always tried to help Weston with personal problems and also trained with him to at times.

They both had known each other for about 5 years, and later decided to get married, leading Vanessa to change her last name to Vengel. After 3 years of engagement, Vanessa asks Weston if they want to have a child. After some time, Weston decides to go with the idea. After 9 and a half months, they have a boy and named him Asora Vengel. Vanessa and Weston were happily joyed by this, and suspected that they all would be a happy family for the rest or their lives.

However............things changed.

One day, when Asora was just 3 years old, Vanessa informs Weston that she has to go to work at the library again in the morning. Her final words to Weston before she left where "If you take care of Asora very well, I might show you something interesting tonight. Love you."

Weston mentions that he took a look at the clock, which was at 10:35 A.M. (the time Vanessa left), and that he suspected that Vanessa was going to come back at around 9:30 P.M.

When it went past the suspected time, at first, Weston thought that she could've been working the late shift. However, when midnight struck, he knew that something was up. Weston putted on his old leather hooded jacket, got his flashlight, and left the house, leaving young Asora in the care of one of his friends.

After quite some time walking on the path where Vanessa usually went on toward her workplace, Weston makes a surprising, and startling discovery. Weston rushed over to check the scene. At the spot, it seemed like a battle took place. Trees were burnt and torn apart, branches and craters on the ground, and small bits of fires were scattered across the scene. Weston tries to investigate on what could've had happened at this very spot. But then, he makes a frightening discovery.

There, about 5 feet away from him, laid something that seemed to recognizable: It was Vanessa's lavandire necklace (a present he gave to her on her birthday). It was severely damaged, with burnt and dirt marks all over it, and...............blood.

Immediately, Weston tries to find other pieces of evidence that, hopefully, could at least give him some type of sign or clue as to what happened to her, and where she headed off to. However, there was nothing within sight, or reach. Weston knew that he needed to go try and get some help. He brings up the situation to the authorities of the town, which leaded to a massive search that made by investigators, and other volunteers. Unfortinually however, after 3 months of searching, there was no signs of Vanessa anywhere, except for the necklace. The search was called off, and the case ended with a uncertain conclusion of Vanessa's fate. This left Weston mentally scarred for the rest of his life. To this day, he still is not sure whether or not where his wife is, and on whether or not she is still alive.

Asora, having learned the truth, trembles in both frustration, and sorrow.

However, right after Asora tries to calm himself, Weston asks Asora to do the unexpected.

He requests Asora to try and set a journey to a vast city called "Anduruna". The purpose is to try and locate a man by the name of "Richard Holland", to try to meet him and talk to him, and to also try to lend him something that Weston holds dear to.

The reason being was because that he and Richard were very close friends back in the day when Weston was young (in his late teens/early adult years) and before he met Vanessa and had Asora. During their final farewells to each other (when Weston was going to head off into the outskirts of Anduruna and try search for a new life), Richard asks Weston to do something for him. He requested that Weston should get a journal, and to write down the most important events that Weston would encounter and experience throughout his life after he leaves Anduruna, and to return to him years from this very day. Weston accepts this request, and promises that he will do it, and to bring it back to Richard when the time comes. But now however, due to the current condition that he is his in right now, Weston suspects that he will not be able to complete his friend's request, but, with his son however, he probably will.

Weston tells Asora is he is willing to complete the journey and request or not. Asora, with little hesitation, accepts his father's will. Weston then instructs Asora that all the tools and kits that he will need for the journey and back is in the locked basement at their home. He then tells his son that the key to the basement is at his room, at the top drawer in one of his desks. After he unlocks the door and enters, he will see an a vast range of weapons and kits in the main part of the basement. After choosing which kits best fit the interest of Asora, he must then search the basement in order to try and find a secret room in the basement. Inside that room, are his prized possessions, including the journal that is rested on the desk. After having a conversation with his father for further details, Asora agrees to leave his father in bed at the care of the medical staff, follow his father's directions, and to try and head toward the city by next week.

Asora leaves the medical center and heads towards his house. Inside, he searches his fathers room and locates the key to the lock of the basement. He unlocks the door, and opens it. Inside, is a collection of a vast range of items. From weapons and kits, to clothes and food, Asora is surprised, an impressed by this. He searches more of the basement, and locates the other room his father had talked about. He opens it, and discovers the journal, resting on a dusty desk. But along side it, were candles, a pen, and.............a picture of his family.

Asora looks at the family photo of him, his father, and, his mother. He glances at it for a while. He decides to not only take the journal, but also take the photo as well. He then takes out the photo of the frame and places it safely away in one of his pockets. He then closes the door. A couple of days have past and Asora almost finishing on packing up. He then decides to say his final farewells to his father right after he sets off.

Suddenly, a call comes on. Asora answers it. The other end states that it is the town's medical center. Then, they tell him the news......... Weston, has passed.

After the funeral and the days dealing with the death of his father that he had closely knew in his entire life, Asora recovers from his depression, and decides to finish packing up, and setting up his plan. He then says his goodbyes and farewells to his friends and his neighbors of the town, and heads off towards the city of Anduruna.

However, what awaits him along this journey will be tough, struggling, and unsuspecting for him, by meeting new friends and foes, facing new challenges and dangers, and by completing his fathers last will.

But, only the Spirits know what will be in store for him once he steps into the city of great wonder...............and sinfulness.

Quote: "I had my reasons...we all did...for completing several, yet, difficult tasks.......every once in a while. Then I found out one clue after another during this long and ambitious journey.......then fitted them together...........and everything had changed."

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CoolCoyote11/14/14 3:34pm
(im going to post a few characters here. Just a few summeries, for storys that come along.)

Name: Elena Fritz

Age: Young Adult, mid twenties.

Appearence: (work in process)

A combination of coyote and hyena with a little weasel mixed in for good measure Elena takes a bit of an odd appearence. She has a double set of ears upon a canine head with a short snout.

Her body would have the desxterity of a mustilid if not for her very sedentry life style. She is rather plump with a short fur hide ranging in a myriad of earthly colors. Her brown furred pelt has splashes and spots of dark browns, reds, and oranges. A light yellow patch of fur covers her chest, neck, and ends right above her rather round pot belly.

Powers: Telepathic Painting.

Elena has the power to make images appear on an empty canvas and other mediums. She only need to close her eyes and what she imagines appears before her.

Out side of her power Elena can only draw stick figures.

History: There really isn't too much to write about Elena's history. She has two sisters and her monther is still living. Her father died of a heart attack when she was eighteen.

Elena makes her living as tech support for a Data Scroll retailer to support herself and her family.

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Asora11/14/14 5:30pm

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CoolCoyote11/14/14 5:53pm
Statistic ideas? 0.0

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Asora11/14/14 5:57pm
You know......

*derp face*


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CoolCoyote11/14/14 8:42pm
XD when i hear about statistics i think giving stats to my alts. Ive played a few games like that, like winters oasis or final kingdom. Its actually rather fun :3

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Corvus11/14/14 10:45pm
Ah yes, the classic argument over what should be recorded for a character. I have always fallen on the side of the fewer discrete pieces of info for a character the better, as the more you write the more unimportant details you bring in. Listing off things like allies and enemies tend to just turn into lists of people who help you and plot antagonists respectively unless you are keeping meticulous notes for a character who is just plain vindictive for anything. As a general rule the more you write down for a character the less anyone is going to read of it (IE 2 or 3 paragraphs will be completely read through, while a 2 page description will get 3-4 sentences read.) Unless you are trying to pull off something along the lines of Old Man Henderson you typically want people to read your character details.

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Asora11/15/14 6:45am

Yes. Thank you for your wise words Corvu-


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Corvus11/15/14 3:28pm
What? I was only gone for 4 days and that was more than a week ago?

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Asora11/15/14 3:30pm
Well, to me, it's been like a month since the last time I saw you. I guess you may have missed a lot. Maybe.

Besidest that, I have finally made my RPDKCP! Or "Role-playing Dreamkeeper Character Profile". How do you like it so far?

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Corvus11/15/14 10:37pm
Your profile is not unreasonable, though its not really what I trend towards turning out. (there is no such thing as a Bad Character profile, just hard to use ones. Played well in the right story they can turn out.) Honestly your profile is about 2.3 times longer than I would typically suggest for a character, as typically alot of the fine details don't really matter in the grand scale of a game, or are only useful for you to know. Of course this is entirely a matter of preference so don't go changing it just because I prefer something.

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Asora11/16/14 7:38am
Okay then!

*cries in the corner*

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CoolCoyote12/1/14 12:30pm
Myself I would summerize the background to the essentials. After all the background is mostly there for your own benifit as an aid to help you remember details and keep from messing with your own history.

Ive done that before when i first started role playing. I thought it would add to the story if I gave my alt a nemisis or at least people after him. In the end I turned a simple thief into an ex pirate / merc / rebel :p

Yeah...i dont recomend that.

All you really need is where the come from, a short summery of signifigant events that made them who they are, and where they are going in life.

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Asora12/2/14 3:23pm
Hmm.......I see...........OKAY THEN!

*cries like a girl in the corner some more*

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CoolCoyote12/2/14 3:37pm
Lol i find it funny that you actually gave more details than what was needed XD most people have the opposite problem

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