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Subscribe to this thread The Indigo Twins created by Tenebrae on June 8, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:43am
That might be a good movie title, introducing Tinsel XD

But anyways, back to the twins. How are they involved in the Troika in the first place?

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Kirito1/4/15 8:44am
XD omigosh I can imagine:

The new blockbuster, staring tinsel:

Just because I'm a whore doesn't mean I'm a whore

featuring music from her hit album: "look at me"

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Asora1/4/15 10:52am
That would be perfect my friend. XD

Anyways, yeah, about what Bryan asked. Surely, I don't even know how they got there in the first place.

Speaking of them and the Troika, why did they accept to take jobs as bar tenders and strippers/pole dancers in a strip/night club anyway? I mean, if I were I woman, I would ask right away for another way to cover up my secret duties as an illegal militia soldier/engineer/mechanic. Just saying.

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TruthQuest1/4/15 9:17pm
They could have started out as strippers in a night club. The whole thing could have spun out from there, involving, I just bet, helping poor Igrath Winters with something because how long have they had a crush on him?

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BryanDimmsdale2/17/15 2:00am
Well, my guess is that it started out with their mother perhaps (because of what Indi stated to Woods in Espanol) and I think they did join the strip club, and later, in the Troikas because they want to prove their mother wrong and there's some revenge context in it.

Though, I was wondering if they have hand-to-hand combat skills?

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TruthQuest2/18/15 3:26pm
They work in a strip club and in the Troika, an underground militant force. They just better have h-2-h skill sets in their rep. somewhere.

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Prometheus3/12/16 1:38pm
You know, something that's been bothering me about these two.

During the CG raid in V2, Scinter was calling for backup. Igrath asked if it was Troika, Scinter said it was better. Does this mean that the Indigo's aren't part of the Troika, but rather just freelancers who owe a favor to Igrath or Scinter?

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BryanDimmsdale3/12/16 11:09pm

They cannot be freelancers because you have to swore your allegiance to the Troika and keep them confidential. Also, the twins will have to carry a huge amount of information and confidentiality, which is a big no no for the Troika, especially if they will entrust two strangers who haven't been with allegiance or proper commitment to the Troika, and that's a big risk and burden on both sides.

Besides, haven't you seen in that page in V2 that Scinter called specifically for these two in their phone? They are trained for espionage, after all.

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Prometheus3/13/16 8:06pm

Yet, when Igrath asked if Scinter was contacting Troika, Scinter said he was calling someone better than that. If the twins are part of Troika, why didn't Scinter just say, "Yeah, but better than what we could call in."

Either Scinter was being cryptic just to screw with Igrath jokingly or there's something not adding up here with these twins.

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