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Subscribe to this thread "Who the hell are you weird people?" - IRC quotes created by Paperfold on May 28, 2013

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Paperfold5/28/13 5:30pm
Idling on IRC just now, one DreamKeeper1044 comes in and has this to say:

[28-5 20:52] <DreamKeeper1044> Who the hell are you weird people?I stumbled across this site and this appears to be some damn comic with a bunch of little ugly cartoon animals getting killed in grotesque ways!What sort of mentally retarded people are you loons,eh?

Gave me a laugh. Also why not have an IRC quotes thread. Every self respecting forum/IRC combo has one.

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ezioauditore975/29/13 2:31pm
Hahahaha!Well plus one person who read Volume 1 presumably.Too bad he/she got the wrong impression.Since when were (most) of the DK characters "ugly" anyways?

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ezioauditore977/7/13 5:50pm
I mean if people said that about Grunn I would understand but still.........Some weirdos that get over to this site,eh?

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crazyhead422/22/15 9:39pm
Hey, I decided this was the best place to put this.

I pastebinned the relevant portion of the chat here:

Not included is a little section I typed up:
[17:14] crazyhead42 lets see... 954, none. 3647, none. 918, 4648, 7003. Left in the same order they came in. Well that end part is certainly suspicious.
[17:15] crazyhead42 Yeah, this means nothing to me.

Edit: the host mask is at uiowa university. Thank Koreth for that info.

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BryanDimmsdale2/23/15 6:20am
@crazyhead: What if I told you that the link that they send you symbolizes that you are an insect, because cicadas are insects, right?

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crazyhead422/23/15 8:44am
... I'd tell you to look at where that link leads. It's surprisingly more than that.

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BryanDimmsdale2/23/15 4:59pm
Hmmm, I think they are just sponsoring some Discovery Channel worthy (And yes, I have read the whole article if you are asking).

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Aman37122/24/15 8:10am
I have nothing to say about this

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JudasScorpioDeMazier3/5/15 6:46pm
From This weeks chat:

[20:41:15] <Judas> Oh no
[20:41:19] <Judas> Dan is here
[20:41:27] <Taridium> He lost his mod powers, finish him while he is weak.
[20:41:32] <DWTH_> Noooooo!
[20:41:34] <Judas> Hide the blow!
[20:41:34] <Kiaran> Hey, Dan
[20:41:37] <Judas> i mean
[20:41:44] <Judas> hide the blow!
[20:42:04] <Kiaran> Aerodynamics 2 we're in Oblique shock
[20:42:05] <DWTH_> If there I blow
[20:42:22] <DWTH_> If there is blow, I want to bag it and put it in my offshore account
[20:42:33] <DWTH_> Nice Oblique Shock is interesting
[20:42:40] <Judas> give me your hotmail
[20:42:55] <Kiaran> Me?
[20:42:57] <Judas> ill message you at
[20:43:07] <Kiaran> Whut?
[20:43:10] <Taridium> LOL
[20:43:23] <DWTH_> hahaha
[20:43:34] <Taridium> fucking .cz too
[20:43:39] <Taridium> lmao
[20:43:41] <Kiaran> xD
[20:43:45] <Judas> I had to get past some proxys
[20:43:53] <Judas> when I was doing some biz in Mongolia


[21:12:38] <Spore> will Bast ever trust Mace more?
[21:13:01] <&DreamKeepers> As to Bast and Mace- we'll see.  Plot Vault for now.  ^ ^
[21:13:15] <Judas> Bast and Mace fall in love with each other.
[21:13:19] <Judas> Plot twist.

[21:13:21] <Judas> Sorry Dave

[21:13:25] <Judas> I spoiled it
[21:13:42] <&DreamKeepers> Bast and Mace romance- WHO TOLD YOU that was a secret
[21:13:52] <AnimeFan18> nooooooooo
[21:13:52] <Taridium> D:<
[21:13:52] <Judas> :3

I had to savor these.

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BryanDimmsdale3/11/15 5:36pm
Good job Judas, you spoiled the fun. Now I know what the ending is. XD

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Aman37123/20/15 2:12pm

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