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Subscribe to this thread Hello All created by ZycantAlpha on May 23, 2013

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ZycantAlpha5/23/13 6:43pm
Hello readers of Dreamkeepers. Now that I'm caught up in the story, I figured it was time I created an account here to join in. Much like Darlerian, I'm a pretty big nerd all around including some card games, TV, and movies. I look forward to the finalization of my Keeper and joining in on some of the Role Playing.

...Which actually brings me to a question. Can I check the validity (canon or non) of powers here, or should I bring it up in the "Creating Dreamkeepers" thread?

Thanking you in advance for an answer and looking forward to joining you in the world.

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T3rminal5/23/13 8:33pm
You should go to the Character Cafe. Also, Welcome!

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Ares5/24/13 1:46pm
Howdy :)

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Shadow996115/26/13 12:14pm
Welcome! Good to sew new peeps as always! I think the powers would be best suited for the power play thread, but you'd have to check, I'm sure you won't have too many problems. Anywho! Hi!

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ezioauditore975/28/13 11:37am
Hello there!Enjoy your stay in the forums,not as fun as Vegas but we try!(Come on there are worse punchlines out there!)

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