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Subscribe to this thread Xbox One created by Thegunner18 on May 22, 2013

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RennacFaintheart8/23/13 8:23pm
Well, got the last nail in the coffin for Xbox One. Almost all of the online features are locked behind Xbox Live Gold membership including online multiplayer and almost every third party service like netflix and youtube.

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ezioauditore978/24/13 6:13am
They might have gone back on a lot of bad stuff but they have made it evident that they care more about their policies than consumers so I truly hope that the PS4 does better.

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korze919/4/13 11:44am
Whatever Microsoft does, I'm never planning on getting an Xbox One. Chances are, they probably have some tricks up their sleeves and maybe they will want you to pay more for features they will implement in the future that are probably needed to play games or something.

Bottom line, Xbox One feels like one huge money grubbing scam.

And as for PS4, I'll just wait and see if there's anything good coming up in the months to come.

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dyingdutchman9/4/13 12:16pm
I'm just a simple casual pc gamer so i'm not biased towards any of the two consoles currently having a popularity contest. For what i've seen and read the Xbox is really forcing their policies through and it's made painfully obvious that they do, but i think the ps4 is doing kind of the same things playing it safe and dropping some stuff they planned along the way because xbox got all the shit thrown in their direction and ps4 is being portrayed as the great hero, although i have a feeling they'd have went the same route as the Xbox had they not received that enormous shitstorm.

Both will be pretty much the same thing, people should just focus on what exclusives they'd want to play and go for said console and not for the special features because let's be honest you're only buying it for the games and not the features. it's a nice bonus but in the end the games are the only thing that matter unless you really want them for some reason.

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ezioauditore979/4/13 1:59pm
You do have a really good point and in all actuality it must be admitted that like you said that Sony has gradually revealed all the negative points of their new console such as having to pay for online services and so on......

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korze919/13/13 8:33pm
"Both will be pretty much the same thing, people should just focus on what exclusives they'd want to play and go for said console and not for the special features because let's be honest you're only buying it for the games and not the features." As long they're not special features, physical or digital, you need to buy that's over $60 to access games then yeah, you make a good point. And for xbox one to require xbox live gold for Youtubing and Netflix on the system, why would you want it anyways if you can do this on a computer, unless you don't have one. Now, one of the things to ponder is if it's worth paying the gold membership for online play.

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Anarchy8/2/14 7:27am
I came here to see if anyone had an xbox one. Also i have an xbox one and its pretty good and im sure they have changed a lot since E3, i don't think you need gold to go on netflix or youtube anymore and another cool thing is they are giving out two free games a month and with recent updates you can upload game clips straight to youtube using the youtube app and you can live stream using twitch. so yeah it was a big fuck up at the start but i have one and i love it but hey thats just my opinion.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/2/14 11:12am
I mean I have a ps4, really only because it was 100 bucks less

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Anarchy8/2/14 3:27pm
Yeah its annoying how expensive an xbox one is

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Asora8/3/14 7:26pm
Even after Microsft announced that they apoligize to there costumers about the policies,and they switched it back to the old policies, it still makes me wonder; Why the hell did Microsoft make the desicion to change the policies and give two big middle fingers to there fans?!

As the AVGN once said "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!?"

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ZycantAlpha8/4/14 5:19pm
Yeah, I don't think Microsoft really gives a damn. I think that once they have your money, they stop caring. That would be why the DRM existed and why they thought it would be a good idea. It messed with the consumers, but the company would be ensured that theft wouldn't occur (provided anyone could get on). Though, I've seen some clever ways companies stopped piracy that were more clever than that, so maybe they aren't that creative either.

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GodofVelcro8/4/14 11:51pm
All hail Gaben, patron saint of Valve Corporation, the only ones who seem to care and suck away everything in your wallet at the same time.

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