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Dreamkeepers Forums - Two Kinds Showv voices anybody?

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Subscribe to this thread Two Kinds Showv voices anybody? created by ezioauditore97 on May 16, 2013

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ezioauditore975/16/13 12:17pm
Contact her if any are interested.Sorry but seeing as a lot of you like that too I figured why now and this is the spamming section!

Edit:that was the wrong link there!Sorry!

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T3rminal5/17/13 9:26pm
Explain. Cause I saw nothing on their page. Also just staring at the page is like looking at a rainbow on crack and meth.

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ezioauditore975/19/13 3:44pm
Ever heard of helping someone because you feel sorry for them?

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Gloves5/19/13 3:54pm
The page has nothing on it about Two Kinds, or doing a show, or wanting voice actors. It has no information on it except that we should contact her if "interested." We need more information.

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T3rminal5/19/13 8:28pm
I concur with Gloves. I am quite fond of the web-comic Two Kinds, and would love to play a part in voice acting it. However, you didn't really inform us as to anything.

I help people because 1, they need it. 2, I want to. And 3, it's the good thing to do. I don't help someone because I felt sorry or pitied them.

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ezioauditore975/20/13 8:05am
I am so sorry.I really liked the idea and I was hoping that if it gained traction then somebody else would take charge of it.

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T3rminal5/20/13 11:34am
so...there was no plan for this at all is what you're saying?

Dejected sigh...

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Thegunner185/20/13 3:59pm
I've actually already tried to get involved in one of these sorts of things before for twokinds. I do enjoy reading it quite a lot actually; the artist puts a lot of hard work into making the comic. I'm still not sure what you were trying to ask, though. Were you technically asking if we wanted to start one of these voice over things from scratch then?

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ezioauditore975/21/13 4:52am
I just wish somebody more capable would take up that idea and make it a reality.

I just do not see why people hate Tom.He might be a little bit of a pervert but he is a nice guy.

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Thegunner185/21/13 6:41am
Unfortunately, I don't think I'm capable enough to organise and sort out a project like this. Neither am I skilled enough to do such a thing. The idea appeals to me, but I would never be able to be the one to start it up.

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T3rminal5/21/13 6:51am
Dude, there will always be people who hat other people. To everything that is loved, someone shall hate.

I enjoy the comic, and would love to help out...but i don't have the money, the aptitude, or the time to create something that big.

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Gloves5/22/13 3:18pm
I also think that the artist would probably want to have at least some say in the project--I know that, even if I was in full support of an animated feature of my work, it would kind of irk me if they did it without my knowledge or consent. Little things, like the DK scenes on Youtube, are one thing, but this sounds like a really long-term project.

So have you talked to the creator? And who knows, maybe he has some ideas on how to get that ball rolling of his own accord.

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ezioauditore975/22/13 3:53pm
Yeah it is just that things take a while to reach Tom's ears and he is a busy man.

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