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Subscribe to this thread PVP PRACTICE, ALWAYS OPEN created by Shadow99611 on May 14, 2013

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T3rminal7/16/13 11:11pm
I'm game for testing out my pvp skills. I can start, you can start, we can start at the same time, whatever floats your metaphorical boat.

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Esayo7/16/13 11:13pm
Fair enough, I'll put up a thread for it^^

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Shadow996117/16/13 11:22pm
I'm going to toss up a link to that thread you just made in the Orig Post of this thread, keep people pointed in the right direction.

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CalicoYorki7/16/13 11:31pm
I'll begin posting tomorrow

I am so, so very tired

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T3rminal7/17/13 12:00am
I'm going to throw in all of my guys eventually, but we'll start with cyprus for now. I'm a bit rusty with him.

Who's up for a fight against crazy?

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Esayo7/17/13 12:01pm
My mindset last night was the one fueled by lack of sleep, apologies Shadow it's been so long, I'd completely forgotten that there was actually a start up to the thing. Went ahead and removed the IC post, feel free to start it up how you would, and again, apologies <n>

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joeden7/17/13 12:34pm
I`ll throw one of my chars at you Term your pick Ollow(beyond starfall Ollow) or Jamie?

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Shadow996117/17/13 7:09pm
What? You're fine, I was agreeing with you! Make it again you fool!

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CalicoYorki7/17/13 7:13pm


This will be fun.

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Esayo7/17/13 7:18pm
Ack! I don't have the paragraphs saved xD Are you sure you don't want to make it? It was your idea, and it's a good idea!

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Shadow996117/17/13 7:21pm
Weeeeeellll short answer?

I'm lazy.

Looonnggg answer?

I don't know what to say in there, my original plan was just to have people start posting, like so,

((In a marketplace, like any other in the ancient times of anduruna stood two figures alone on a street....

The tower was slowly falling apart around the figures arranged, all of whom were at a standoff.))

I was just going to let the people take care of the setting.

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Esayo7/17/13 7:26pm
Fair enough! Those posting, do ya posts! Make ya settings!

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