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Dreamkeepers Forums - "What If...?" episode 2 : Attack of the answer clones

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TalkedSpy10/10/16 6:16pm
Well, if that results in Mace not being sacrificed and actually finding his power that happens to be one that can be compared to god-like, then pretty much the entire DK world is royally f**ked.


Wisp was sane?

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EngineerPearl012/1/16 12:03am
Better question happens to be "would anyone believe she's sane?". If Dreamkeepers are anything like humans, and I'm sorry to go morbid on you, then I'm afraid it doesn't matter how right you are, if you go against the quo, you're open to being attacked. Although one thing might change - she might not be able to handle reality. Remember; she's living in a basement under a church. That can't be good on the psyche. She's also involved with killers and people who probably aren't afraid to do horrible things to get what they want. A sane Wisp would have to keep her head down and try to win favor with those who have power to stay alive.

What if

there was a way for Dreamkeepers to talk to their human counterparts and understand that they were doing so?

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