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Subscribe to this thread ask DK character on tumblr created by Animefan18 on May 12, 2013

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Animefan185/12/13 10:30am
so i've seen ask a cartoon/comic/game character on tumblr, but there's not one for dreamkeepers, who's up for idea : D ! ! !

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Hakuzo5/13/13 2:20am
heh, I love it but... This is something David would have to do since well.... It's his characters >>;...

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Animefan186/3/13 7:25pm
a response from dave himself:

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T3rminal6/4/13 12:36pm
I'd be willing to make an account or more for this sort of thing.
Help out responding and such.

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Animefan186/4/13 5:51pm
@T3rminal: sweet ! which character(s) are you choosing ?

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ezioauditore976/4/13 6:28pm
Need help with that?

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Animefan186/4/13 8:57pm
@ezioauditore97: me or T3rminal

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T3rminal6/5/13 10:47am
I'll do my best at whomever. Can always try Mace and Namah and Whip. I have the crazy needed for them.

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Animefan186/5/13 3:18pm
@T3rminal: whip might need mace for translation

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T3rminal6/5/13 5:11pm
I figured he would, but I thought I'd go ahead and place my name in that hat as well.

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ezioauditore976/6/13 5:38am
I can do Nainso and Igrath based on the somewhat scarce info provided regarding them.

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Animefan186/7/13 11:11am
@ezioauditore97: Whoo !

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Gloves6/7/13 1:46pm
I'll toss in to do a Bast one.

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Animefan186/7/13 2:01pm
@Gloves: welcome to the team : D

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T3rminal6/9/13 7:54am
just missing out on lilith then. unless we want more, such as tinsel. BUt i think we should stick to the main cast.

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