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Subscribe to this thread You know you're addicted to DreamKeepers When.... created by DanWithTheHat on May 7, 2013

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Dawonguy10/24/15 12:42pm
148. When you at the airport and see a poster that mentions that you can't bring a can of mace through security and you think about Mace trying to go through an airport.

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Scottieboy202010/25/15 5:33pm
149. When you start LARPing that you're a Dreamkeeper... but only in your bedroom... because nobody else in your town will get the reference.

(Because you never know, somebody might be.)

150. When you see those chocolate gold coins in the little bags and are afraid to open it because you think a Slob is going to come crashing in.

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Lycanphoenix10/25/15 5:45pm
LARP? What does that mean?

151. When you feel more at home picturing yourself in the Dreamworld than you do living in the human world.

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Scottieboy202010/26/15 8:40pm
Live Action Role Playing, you know?
Physically acting it out rather than typing it in.

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Prometheus10/26/15 9:54pm
152. You are a Marine fighting terrorists in the Middle East, a grenade lands next to you and your squad, and you yell "SPARKER!" instead of "GRENADE!"

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Dawonguy10/27/15 6:42pm
153. When you try some DK characters on Akinator. (tried Mace and he didn't get it)

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Kirito10/28/15 4:41am
@Dawonguy I added in Evzen I'm pretty sure. Mace works as well.

154. When you have a really important exam tomorrow, but you wouldn't miss the live chat for the world!

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Lycanphoenix11/1/15 12:11am
155. When you start trying to Lucid Dream in the hopes that you will experience and fully recall a glimpse of the Dreamworld.

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 1:13pm
156. When you base your DKRP character on yourself......a bit too much. :3

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Lycanphoenix11/1/15 2:16pm
157. When you realize 156 doesn't count;

That is just how some people, myself included, do their roleplaying.

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 3:54pm



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Kirito11/1/15 4:28pm
158. when you realize 157 denouncing 156 also doesn't count because it has nothing to do with DK, and that 156 should in fact count while 157 shouldn't, making this 157.

wow that was a mouthfull

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 4:44pm
......Continuing on.

158. When you dedicate Halloween to making DK related crafts.

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Lycanphoenix11/1/15 7:36pm
159. When you start hallucinating that there are nightmares, sandmen and dreamkeepers in your neighborhood.

160. When you name a special order at the local pizza place "Anduruna"

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 7:42pm
161. When you realize that our favorite DK character has similar characteristics to one of your best friends.

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