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Subscribe to this thread You know you're addicted to DreamKeepers When.... created by DanWithTheHat on May 7, 2013

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 12:00pm
I'm assuming that's 172?

173. You find yourself being the only one online @DK forums 90% of the time

(le cri)

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TalkedSpy12/12/15 3:36pm
174.) You create weapons that fire hyper-compressed springs that are based on the ones from DK.

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Prometheus4/4/16 2:30pm
175. You browse the Dreamkeepers website so much that FA detects your browsing habit and puts the ad for the Wayward Astronomer Kickstarter on nearly every FA page you visit.

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TalkedSpy4/5/16 6:25pm
176.) You name your children Mace, Lilith, Namah, and/or Viriathus.

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Ferrous5/5/16 2:25pm
177: You try to awaken your power using mashed potatoes, aubergines, a rusty old menorah and a whiffle-ball bat.

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TalkedSpy5/7/16 1:28pm
178.) You tattoo the Troika symbol on the side of your neck.

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Ferrous5/9/16 8:03am
179) And your forehead

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AlcorTheMonkey5/9/16 2:40pm
180) You want to punch blonde goats

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TalkedSpy5/9/16 2:56pm
181.) You create weave similar to Tinsel's hair.

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EngineerPearl05/11/16 5:25pm
182) You decide the best way to re-read the prequel. (Go back ten pages, then read up to where you are, then go back 20 and read 10 forward and repeat the cycle of back 20 forward 10)

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TalkedSpy5/11/16 6:18pm
189.) You kidnap Dave 'n Liz and command them to do commissions for you.

190.) You steal Dave's fedora hat, suit, and scarf.

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EngineerPearl05/16/16 3:12pm
191) You log on knowing full well that no one has posted anything since last time but you have to see the little dots anyway in order to believe it

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TalkedSpy5/18/16 9:55am

That forum struggle tho. :3

192.) You try to create as many DK memes as possible.

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Ferrous5/18/16 1:23pm
193) You help create Team Grunn

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TalkedSpy5/20/16 9:39am
194.) You make a DK version of the Lucky Star dance.

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