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Subscribe to this thread You know you're addicted to DreamKeepers When.... created by DanWithTheHat on May 7, 2013

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DanWithTheHat5/7/13 8:41pm
As per Animefan's and Hazuko's request, lets get this started again!

Here's the link to the old thread:

The rules are simple, just list the reasons that show how someone (possibly yourself) is addicted to Dreamkeepers. It will be a numbered list and each reason gets its own number. Also, try not to repeat previous entries.

We got to 290 on the old forum, lets see how far we can go here!

1. Every digital device you own has a DK wallpaper of some type on it.

2. Your laptop is covered in DK stickers.

3. You rush home from class every Thursday night to catch the weekly DK chat with Dave.

4. You see a bottle of Karo brand corn syrup at Walmart and think of that awesome Microraptor inspired Troika member in Volume 3.

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Hakuzo5/7/13 8:50pm
5. You RP everyday in the forum.

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joeden5/7/13 8:53pm
6. You buy a cat and name it mace.

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Animefan185/7/13 10:47pm
7. you start shipping dreamkeepers characters

8. cross over any show series with dreamkeepers

9. guiles theme goes with dreamkeepers

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HazzardousEco5/8/13 2:16am
10. When you try to teleport with an actual squid.

11. You start seeing slender animals like Mongoose, Ferrets, and Ermines as Ryuu-Nekos.

12. When you stick a slender vertical object in the middle of a pizza.

-Sorry Dan, but I pulled the first two from the old thread...they were just too good to let go XD

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AriaOutlander5/8/13 9:21am
13. When you wake up from Anduruna almost every other night.

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joeden5/8/13 9:47am
14. When your in a dark room with your friends and you ask for a star squid, instead of a flashlight.

15. When you try to summon your power to smite your enemies.

16. When you start seeing yourself as your keeper.

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Shadow996115/8/13 11:52am
17. When you think you're going crazy, because your dream keeper might have been killed.

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DanWithTheHat5/8/13 7:05pm
@Hazz: As long as you don't copy and paste the entire old thread here, its fine. I have no problem with some of the really good ones from the previous forum getting re-posted here. Its a new count after all. Also, I joined the old forum a couple of years after that original thread started so I wouldn't recognize the older ones anyway. :P

18. When you hope someone remodels Lilith in Borderlands 1/2 as Lilith from DK.

19. When you see a picture of an angel with a halo on a billboard and wonder what type of DK power they are using.

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joeden5/8/13 7:08pm
20. when you stand at the street corner, trying to summon your power to fly to work.

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DanWithTheHat5/8/13 7:22pm
21. When you see Dave's new drawing desk as a data-scroll.

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joeden5/8/13 7:28pm
22. When you want Dave's new drawing desk as a data-scroll and search frantically to find one.

23. When you start dressing like the GNS chars.

24. when you have the highest amount of posts on the forums.

25. when you constantly check for updates on the forum it cuts into your sleep.

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HazzardousEco5/9/13 1:10am
26. When you rename your TF2 Cheater's Lament hat as a DK Halo.
-For those that might not be TF2 familar

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joeden5/9/13 10:53am
27. When you write a history report on dreamkeeper history.

28. When you start to stalk the lilies and hide in their bushes.

29. When you can think up of more then ten things, to post on this thread.

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Gloves5/9/13 5:20pm
30. When you buy a ferret just to name it Cuddles/Vincent/Dumbass.

31. When you stop seeing Halos as something angels have and start thinking that the Christmas decorations are using their powers.

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