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Subscribe to this thread Pacific Rim created by Shadow99611 on May 2, 2013

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Shadow996115/2/13 8:16pm
I know very little about the upcoming movie, the person directing it, who's in it.

Aparrently the loot goes vaguely like this,

A dimensional rift opens up under the ocean, and giant monsters come out. In order to fight the threat, the military (US and unknown other affiliates) develop GIANT ROBOTS to kill them. The robots have pilots and are super high tech.

Okay, so we have our standard sci-fi action movie ready to go. What's the point?

There is one reason and one reason alone I will see this movie regardless of any terrible reviews it has.

The voice of the computer's rudimentary AI is the voice of GlaDos from Portal and Portal 2 fame.

I saw the trailer, heard the voice, and instantly thought, "This is on my list now for movies I WILL be seeing this year."

I may be overreacting.. Once I've done more looking into the movie, I'll prolly post more. Thoughts? Anyone?

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DanWithTheHat5/5/13 6:00pm
It looks interesting. At the very least it will be cool to watch even if the story sucks because there are giant robots versus giant monsters. I'm sure those cgi fight scenes will be intense.

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HazzardousEco5/6/13 3:13am
I think they reeled us in with the GlaDOS voice, but I doupt the AI in this movie will play any real role other than announcing damage and dianostics...

But I'm going to see this movie largely because I want to see if Del Toro can do these kinds of movies since it seems so far out of his element...

However, what's going to annoy me is folks saying how unrealistic it is to built a giant robot. Hey idiots? This is a omage to the Kajuu movies of old. You ever watched the Godzilla or Ultraman movies? Hell, did you even watch Voltron? Kids these days...

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Shadow996115/6/13 9:03am
Well, I think it's going to be great fun. Because the reality is kinda like you said. Giant robots fight monsters. Is that just cool or what? Who give a crud about plot!? GIANT ROBOTS. Wait... I take that back... Transformers...

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joeden5/6/13 9:06am
This idea is old, really fun but anime has been using it for 30+ years or so, but I agree it's going to be fun, really fun.

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DanWithTheHat5/7/13 7:44pm
@Haz I was watching the trailer with a bunch of friends at school today and one of them said about the robot swinging the boat, "In real life that boat would have broken in half as soon as he picked it up but who the hell cares, its a giant robot fighting a monster with a boat!"

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HazzardousEco5/8/13 2:10am
@Dan: I'd say don't bring that one friend to the movies...that'll teach him -_^

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Gloves5/8/13 8:44pm
I think I speak for most of the world when I say this, but I saw the preview today, and a giant monster broke a bridge, and then a robot punched him, and I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I will gladly pay eight bucks to watch another two hours of robots and monsters punching each other.

Now I want to make a DK with the power to suddenly be a giant robot, and then go punch giant monsters. Because you know what makes absolutely everything better? Giant robots. Especially when they're punching giant monsters.

Have I mentioned the robots and monsters yet? I'm very excited about them.

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Esayo5/11/13 8:22pm
This movie appeals to every fiber of my being in a primal, destructive-child sort of way. Who didn't have this dream as a kid?

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Thegunner185/12/13 11:59am
I'm not sure if any of you have ever played this game or seen any gameplay from it, but the monsters seem quite similar to the huge Akrid in lost planet, minus the big, orange glowing bits.

Also, as a side-note: GIVE ME THIS FILM NAO.

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T3rminal5/16/13 7:13pm
I have been looking at this movie for a while, and i must say that i will pay the money to watch monsters and robots fight each other to the death. robots better win.

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DanWithTheHat5/17/13 9:21pm
It would be an interesting movie if the humans took all of the effort to build those giant robots just to get get demolished by the monsters anyway. At the very least, it would set up for a sequel where the humans come back from space to kick the crap out of the monsters.:)

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T3rminal5/17/13 10:33pm
Nah, then they'd just be fighting giant space monsters with their giant space robots.

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HazzardousEco5/20/13 2:31am
I hope they don't go that route; because once you go fighting into outer space and the stars beyond, anything other than that is likely to feel like a step backwards.

Case in point; Super Mario Galaxy lol

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