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Subscribe to this thread 200 members!? created by ezioauditore97 on May 2, 2013

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MobileCrusader7/6/14 6:21pm
I went camping two days ago! I love camping.

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PotatoFox7/7/14 11:41am
I went camping in Wales for a week once. It rained twice. Each time for 3 days.

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MobileCrusader7/7/14 5:23pm
I'm an eagle scout. I've been camping hundreds of times.

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Prometheus1/13/15 1:53pm
3:51 P.M., January 13th, 2015

As of this moment in time, we currently have 8 members logged in. You can contradict me if you want, but I'm pretty sure these are the most members we've had logged in at one time so far.

Also, 368 members. This place will really be bustling soon.

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ST34LTH1/13/15 1:58pm
I think we reached a peak of 10, during a weird happening some time back. (you know, the DanWithTheHulk scene ;3)

I might be wrong however.

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Kirito1/13/15 2:04pm
omigosh that was the best ever I still have that picture saved of DanWithTheHulk XD

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Prometheus1/13/15 2:04pm
DanWithTheHulk, huh? I must've missed something interesting.

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Kirito1/13/15 2:05pm
go into "Is this a bad thing" Thread and go back to when it exploded because Asora mistook Judas for a girl.

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Prometheus1/13/15 2:06pm
XD I laughed just reading your comment. BRB.

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ST34LTH1/13/15 2:06pm
Oh yes you did. If that wasn't the peak of activity (in terms of posts per second), then I can't imagine what the heck I've missed XD

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Kirito1/13/15 2:07pm
yeah the posts were coming in super speed. Like they were overlapping eachother it was crazy.

page 8 btw

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ST34LTH1/13/15 2:14pm
At the peak, I managed to get overtaken by 6 posts, despite mine being extremely short and the previous posts being super fresh, it was ridiculous.

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Kirito1/13/15 2:16pm
probably my fondest memory on this forum

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Prometheus1/13/15 2:18pm
Woooooow. How could I have missed out on a clusterfuck like that? That was pure comedy gold. XD

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ST34LTH1/13/15 2:22pm
It was indeed, HulkDan was brawling with Asora and BritDan was editing half his posts, as soon as they hit XD

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