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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers]

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers] created by TruthQuest on May 1, 2013

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TruthQuest7/9/15 12:43pm
How about a compromise? Both Bast AND Lilith take down Tendril/Slither(because she chose to refer to him/it as such)with a combo of Life-Suck/Fire-Blast hmm? He'd sure go down quicker.

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Prometheus7/9/15 1:14pm
Now that I think about it, a sacrificial move like self-destruction would be rather pointless against Tendril. Lilith did try to steal Tendril's essence in "Tendril's Demise" while he was busy fending off Bast. So, when it comes down to Tendril's last apperance, that's probably how he'll die.

Maybe it will get to the point where Nabonidus will start hunting the children down himself. Because the Nab is all-powerful, maybe then Bast will use every ounce of his power, right down to his very essence, to try and take Nabonidus out with a cataclysmic attack while his friends get away.

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DanWithTheHat7/13/15 2:33pm
Now that I'm back from the con, I can catch up:

On Dayraider: Nice find there Pro. I haven't read that history section in while. Reading through that again and your summary, it makes a ton more sense now. I wonder when Dave will go into more details about him in the GNS though. While we know what he did after imprisoning Nabonidus from those history pages, we don't know how he became the hero that trapped Nabonidus originally.

on Tendril take down: I like the Bast Lilith combo idea. Bast can blast him into pieces and then Lilith can run to pick up his eyes and take the life from them to finish him once and for all (If those eyes are what contain his life...).

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Wulfspyder7/13/15 9:13pm
I'm not so sure Naby is still "all powerful", earlier when he physically interacted with others and objects he used a spectral arm and never opened his cloak enough to see underneath it, as well as constant levitation. But when he contacts Tinsel this time, he's walking around on his feet and using his actual physical body. I'd say he used up most of his power bluffing Void into a temporary truce and Naby won't be up for personally going after the kids for a good long time.

On Tendril's eye weakness: I don't think his life force is contained solely in his eyes considering his body was fully functional even when they were dropped down the Archive chute. It's possible that he can't reform his eyes if they're destroyed, but his life force is definitely contained equally throughout his body. So yeah Lillith would have to drain every piece of him, or at least drain enough that Tendril would be so weak that he'd cease to pose a legitimate threat.

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FoxBrethren7/14/15 6:53pm
Interesting point with Nabby. In I think volume 2 when he spoke to Randy he said Randy had a power unlike any he'd seen. At the time I couldn't decide if he was serious or patronizing. Now I know he was serious, but the thing I take away from that the most is that it seems Nabby can see what a dreamkeeper's power is before they even awaken it.

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CalicoYorki7/14/15 6:56pm
Time to dust off probably my oldest theory not debunked since reading Vol. 2:

I've long held the theory that Nabonidus is some kind of merging of Nightmare and dreamkeeper. My feeling was that his existence was of a Nightmare who tailored his abilities to possess dreamkeepers; that his current body is in its mummified state because time is running out, and that perhaps his desire for Mace is fueled by a need for a body with which he can return to his prime.

Much of that is still on the table, but it seems I had the first part inverted: he is not a Nightmare possessing a dreamkeeper. He is something much more frighteningly obtuse, and altogether more ominous.

In the passage which is trailing towards the end of the Volume, it states that: "And so Nabonidus turned his face against the Dark Ones, and struck down Arazu, taking him within." If Arazu is indeed a Nightmare - which it is beginning to get unclear what qualifies a Nightmare, and now we seem to have encountered our first Spirit - then this means Nabonidus holds the powers of a dreamkeeper in one hand, the power of a Nightmare in the other.

This implies to me that there may be more at work in the Dreamworld besides Powers. He is stated in the passage's first verse to have "worked wonders and runes for [Serapis's] delight," thus implying that thaumaturgy, sorcery, or any other kinds of magic may be on the table in some fashion. It would make sense that no records of these exist, that these are lost to Andurunans today as even a subject of thought, because these were likely originally the main advantage Nabonidus had over average dreamkeepers; he was obviously not a run-of-the-mill cunning man, for his works were so splendid he "was spared" by Serapis.

If he was to control his populace, this meant he had to erase any kind of advantage which could be leveraged against him: perhaps the "wonders and runes" mentioned as being the skills which earned him Serapis's favor.

I could go on and on about this, but there is so much to discuss: the fact that "Ereshkigal" is a name for the goddess of the Sumerian land of the dead, and that the most eminent Sumerian/Babylonian goddess Ishtar/Inanna was said to have made an epic journey into said land of the dead, or even that Nabonidus's name is in itself a reference to a very late Babylonian king - perhaps even the last - who was a pariah in his own time for vesting his devotion not to the primary god of Babylon, but to Sin, the moon goddess worshipped at a temple where his mother served as a priestess.

I think we are missing only a few more pieces, now, because all the etymological references are beginning to form some kind of picture which might suggest on where we go from here. How exciting.

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MobileCrusader7/15/15 7:08am
My theory for nabby is that he is a Dreamkeeper that summoned a nightmare into himself much the same way that the twins had spirits summoned into them.

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Wulfspyder7/15/15 10:38pm
The text never states that he absorbed a Nightmare, only Arazu. And Arazu was around before the Nightmares were summoned into the Dreamworld along side Void, so Arazu was/is a Dreamkeeper. How Naby took Arazu "within" himself is up for debate, but it does state that Naby then "sheathed himself in power and glory", how he did this is unknown, but it could mean that he absorbed all of the magical energy he could find. Maybe the various books and scrolls inside his mansion were all magical artifacts. Or maybe his body, under the mummy wraps, is covered in magically tattooed symbols.

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Hobbes7/16/15 9:01am
3 Questions to throw into the fray:

1. Why do guns using compressed springs make "Bam" sounds? If there isn't any gunpowder, there shouldn't be any explosions and decompressing springs don't go "Bam".

2. At the end of Vol. 4 we see the little Summoner in Ravat's torture chamber/living room. I got the impression that Ravat lived in Anduruna. In which case, how did the little summoner get there? Did he walk all the way from Nightmare lands? Does he have the ability to teleport?

3. How does Nabonidus know where DKs are? He seems to always know where his minions are, at the very least. Do we think that he casts some sort of tracking spell on his own minions?

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Alej7/16/15 11:01am
I have a question: assuming the springs are in the springer cartridges and not the gun itself, wouldn't the springs warp from being compressed over long periods of time?

Also, when Ravat takes the sandman out of the coffin it seems to be in a dormant state. Can we assume the Sandmen are almost like robots that can be turned on and off?

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Digitigraderobo7/16/15 11:33am
Sandmen are basically lifeless husks animated by the magic dust, spitting in the dust binds the Sandman's life-force to you, or something like that :p.

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Kirito7/16/15 12:34pm
Sandmen are robotics. You can see scuttler assembling them in the beginning of v3.

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DanWithTheHat7/16/15 3:14pm
Digirobo is correct, they have basic skeletons that Scuttler assembles but that dust is what animates them.

On Springer rifles: Any highly compressed spring will make a ton of noise when rapidly expanding and hitting into the back of a projectile. Some of the spring piston airsoft guns are fairly loud for instance. That's where that BAM sound would come form i would think. As for possible warping of springs, constantly compressed springs could eventually get a memory of that state after a long period and won't spring back as much in real life. The springs in the DK world though are pretty spectacular in the force they make for their size so maybe they have materials that don't relax over time either?

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DanWithTheHat7/16/15 3:27pm
Also @Hobbes: Questions 2 and 3 are very good. I was surprised as well when I saw Ravat with Scuttler. Maybe the nightmare world is much closer to the DK realm than we think? As for Nabonidus. In don't think we know even half of his power. Maybe he has built in GPS with that tall hat? :P
Seriously, I got to think a bit more on that one. That is an Interesting ability. I'm sure there are some clues hidden around.

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wildcard7/16/15 3:47pm
I think the "bam" sound comes from the projectile breaking the sound barrier, generating a sonic boom.

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