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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers]

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers] created by TruthQuest on May 1, 2013

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 11:35am
That would be kinda lolzy

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/6/15 11:36am
I would actually be happy if that were the case.

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Prometheus7/6/15 11:38am
Lolzy, but kickass all at the same time. Shooting stubs of hard, razor-sharp hair out of your bear hair head like buckshot? Somehow, I would love Tinsel a whole lot more as a character if she were to do that.

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 11:48am
She would be like a porcupine kinda.

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Kirito7/6/15 11:57am
So I just finished today. I was definetly pleased that a few questions were answered, but a lot more opened up.

I personally really loved this volume and am pretty hyped to discuss some stuff 8 )

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Wulfspyder7/6/15 4:25pm
On the subject of Tinsel, I wouldn't doubt that her power also affects all of the hair on her body and she just focuses it through her hair. Beware of her tail.

The, kinda religious sounding, text at the end makes it pretty clear that Naby predates the Nightmares, and that he was instrumental in both their rise to power and intrusion into the Dreamkeeper world. The big question now about Naby is, how is he still alive considering he was clearly around through most of the Silent Centuries and, based on the text, used quite a bit of magic outside of his power. Did he turn himself into a sort of half-Nightmare creature? Did he manage to ascend to an almost godly level? What does it mean when the text states that Naby took Arazu "within" himself? Who the hell is Dayraider and Serapis?

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MobileCrusader7/7/15 9:24am
If he can trap the power of the spirits in a set of twins, who's to say he can't trap the power of an immortal nightmare in himself.

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DanWithTheHat7/7/15 4:22pm
Dayraider is a complete mystery to me. I saw that name and was like, "Where did this guy come from?!?!" Could he be someone who had a similar role back in the day as Mace has now?

Serapis was described pretty well I thought. One thing that was interesting about her is that the small sketches next to the text that mentioned her look very similar to the apparition that visited Mace. Could have the apparition that visited Mace been Serapis or one of her messengers trying to help Mace "see the light" so to speak so Nabonidus and/or Void get defeated?

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Womp7/7/15 7:24pm
So the mystery of Steve is solved! From orphan to political candidate.

I noticed that one of the orphans leaves the docks with Randy and Wisp. He doesn't ever seem to talk, but he's not completely mute it seems.

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Digitigraderobo7/7/15 7:32pm
So, I'm guessing Vanth is the Troika's "informant 9"?

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TFeathersB7/8/15 11:34am
I just realised, V4 kind of conformed that there are no nations outside of Anduruna so does that mean that there are about 7.125 billion Dreamkeepers in that once city and it's surroundings? And every one of them lives relatively parallel lives to their human's?

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DanWithTheHat7/8/15 3:40pm
@Digitigraderobo: I think it is very probable that she is the informant as well. Too many clues dropped to suggest otherwise.

@TFeathersB: I got the opposite impression from Vol 4. I believe Vol 4 confirmed that there are DKs beyond Anduruna just they are in many smaller communities instead of in nations as large as Anduruna. We know now of the mysterious Logos and the historic texts show that many fled the Anduruna area long ago from the nightmare horde and later the reign of Nabonidus. Unless all those people died, there's bound to be people living past the Starfall.

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Prometheus7/8/15 4:28pm

If I recall, there is a trading outpost on a large island in the southeast corner of the charted map. Kittim Island, I think it's called. So, there is definitely life outside of the city. How far dreamkeeper life goes remains to be seen.

As for your comment about Dayraider, he was the general of the Andurunan army that fought off the invading Serapean army during the "Extollo" era (0 A.D. - 10 A.D.). Sounds like it was sometime before 0 A.D. when Nabonidus was casted down to the Archives and Dayraider apparently had the power to do it. He was also being helped by Serapis, who started her own kingdom. When Nabonidus was imprisoned, everyone was set free and history resumed. Ironically, Serapis's own people would venture out of Serapeum, their kingdom, to force Anduruna to worship her. When Anduruna refused, the Serapeans attacked.

Bits and pieces of history are starting to come together. During Nabonidus's reign, Serapis created her own kingdom. Seeing that there would be no end to Nabonidus, she convinced his slaves to convert his manor into a prison (A.K.A. the Archives). With Dayraider's aid, Nabonidus was forced into the manor and Serapis buried the manor deep underground. The end of the Silent Centuries and Nabonidus's rule was during Dayraider's lifetime and the recording of history began anew. That was when Serapis' people came and attacked. Dayraider would become general, lead the counterattack and then become Anduruna's first king.

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Prometheus7/9/15 10:22am
Seeing as how Tendril is virtually indestructible, anyone else suspect that Bast might pull a "Vegeta" on us later on with some kind of supernova-like blast?

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Digitigraderobo7/9/15 12:18pm
I personally think the only way to kill Tendril is for Lilith to steal his life-force, it might be used as a reason for Lilith to stop being so hesitant to use her power. And would be fitting seeing as how Lilith and Tendril are practically archenemies at this point.

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