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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers]

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers] created by TruthQuest on May 1, 2013

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/3/15 8:05pm
Oh, without a doubt.

'My home exploded'

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Digitigraderobo7/3/15 8:13pm
"He gave me a nightmare to ride, I called him Big Red... Boy!.

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Prometheus7/5/15 7:14am
Once again, with the forum on V4 lockdown for the next week and a half, I am forced to post something out of place. But, instead of themes, it's a photoshop. I think you're all gonna like this one.


Like you weren't thinking this when you first saw it. XD

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FoxBrethren7/5/15 2:18pm
I had to look it up. So I guess I wasn't thinking it.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/5/15 2:25pm
Must've been a good find if that's the case!

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godownwithyourship7/5/15 4:37pm
did anyone else notice that Bast's father is ravat? in the flashback, in the large image. The picture has Bast, his mother, and Ravat, his father. I freaked out! it also seems tinsel is namahs mother.

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Digitigraderobo7/5/15 4:46pm
Yeah, what's next, Mace is Nabonidus's son? :P

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godownwithyourship7/5/15 5:09pm
lol it might be! i'd die laughing XD

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Wulfspyder7/5/15 5:23pm
Nah, Mace is clearly the Messiah, born as part of a prophecy no one read about the coming of the Dark One'n such. And his power must alter the fabric of reality if it can only be unlocked through external means.

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Digitigraderobo7/5/15 5:41pm
Inb4 Mace uses his power to bring in nuclear missiles from our dimension onto Nabonidus XD.

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 10:50am
So this volume actually gave us a lot of answers as far as our older questions go. I'm sure I was not the only guy to freak when I saw Nabby's power Halo.

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 10:53am
I wonder if Tinsel's powers are limited to her hair. She could very easily be hiding a secret like her powers work on all of her body and she just chose hair, or that she can regrow hair whenever she wants.

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TruthQuest7/6/15 10:54am
I'm still re-reading it over and over to see if we missed something, you know, like those hiding Easter eggs that he always drops. Found any of them anyone?

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 11:00am
I still need to read it a second time. Might do that tonight.

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dyingdutchman7/6/15 11:03am
maybe tinsel can fire of the stubs when it starts to grow back and go headbang-shotgun

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