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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers]

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers] created by TruthQuest on May 1, 2013

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TruthQuest5/1/13 8:52pm
Since David has started to do warm-up sketches, it is now time for us to start a thread for Volume 4. Time to dissect the Ester Egg Sketches, when then turn up of course.>:D

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Kobalt955/3/13 3:32pm
Can't wait for the sketches!

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ezioauditore975/3/13 4:58pm
We'll see them in good time!Those sketches and pencilwork cannot be rushed.

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MrAerospace5/3/13 5:33pm
I suspect for now there's not gonna be much to dissect in terms of story significance. I suspect the plot has gotta be plotted out first before we get a scenario we can really sink our teeth into. I bet we'll get some decent new character sketches though.

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DanWithTheHat5/4/13 9:18pm
From this week's chat, Dave said he started to do pencil drawings for Vol 4 pages so some more significant previews may be arriving sooner than you think.

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MrAerospace5/8/13 3:13am
Really? Man, I've been so busy at work lately that I've been missing the chats. So, if that is true, it assumably means that the scheming and plotting has already begun. Dastardly!

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DanWithTheHat5/8/13 7:26pm
So Dave mentioned Bobby having shorter hair in the books compared to prelude on twitter. Does that mean he's finaly going to appear in the GNS in Vol 4? The speculation begins! 8D

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joeden5/8/13 7:29pm
I`d say yes and hope he will they already showed VI.

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CalvinCopyright5/9/13 7:21pm

*settles down to dissect it*

Well, I can't really get anything from this except for the setting. That's obviously a Troika complex, and if you look really closely, that's the Tower Guard Triple - Damon on the left, Woods on the right, and Bill in the middle - laying on the ground there, Karo and some other Troika member looking at them from the balcony as per the close-up sketch, AND VI YELLING AT THEM!! It looks like... what, a shooting range? Definitely 'training' of some sort.

Damn, those two do good body language - I can't believe how much like Vi even that rough sketch looks!

Ooh, and there's going to be a shock trooper character... I wonder how he fits into the story?

(Edited when I realized Vi, Bill and co were in the pic.)

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Gloves5/9/13 7:23pm
I'm glad to see a Shock character--I think they get a bad rep that they don't really deserve, although that discussion is probably more suited to another thread.

And excited to see Karo again--the Troika base kinda makes me think of Star Wars, in the best way possible.

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DanWithTheHat5/10/13 6:56pm
The Troika Base does have a very Echo Base like look to it (minus snow of course).

Also, I couldn't really make out Bill and Woods in that preview shot but I noticed Damon's huge head right away. That made it easier for me to identitfy the trio. ^_^

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MrAerospace5/12/13 4:51am
You are right...there's something to be said about an artist when a character is recognisable as a few small scribbles. It kinda reminds me of the Lackatater potatoes sketch:

It's kinda making me worry though. While V3 kept pace with Bill Woods and Damon's induction into the Troika, I hope the reader's view accelerates past the inevitable boot camp training plot these guys will have to go through. (Eye of the Tiger, anyone?) Although there are promising signs with Dave mentioning the shorter hair on Bobby, and the focal point being on Karo while he overlooks the guards, so perhaps we will see new character sub-plots.

Also, commander Cal is a Thylacine...If you knew about the Tassie Tiger, then you'd be squeeing as much as I was when I first saw the character. Here's to hoping we see the whole massive 120degree jaw extention when he gets angry:
Talk about a nightmare!

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Gloves5/12/13 8:56am
I hope his power has something to do with that. Like, a giant portal to hell comes out of his horrifying 120 degree open jaw.

And I don't really want Dave to rush through the boot camp stuff--I think a good chunk of it is going to explanations of how the Troika work and are set up and such, which I'm really curious to hear. And the actual physical training stuff can just be kind of implied, but not shown--when the ex-Guards are doing their pull-ups and shiz, we can be looking at Lilith nerding out or Namah finding more toys to shoot people with, that kind of stuff. Just go to see different characters.

Of course, that might've been what you meant, so if that's the case ignore me. ^-^'

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MrAerospace5/18/13 4:57am
Ok, before divining Cal's power, we should probably debate whether he even possesses or knows about it!
He is after all, a member of a unit that specifically trains in combat without the use of powers, and I doubt that a straight-laced guardsman would even bother pushing the issue.

As for the Troika; We've had three volumes so far and yet we know next to nothing about them. There's been so little revealed and what has, has been done in such an enigmatic fashion that we are ALL still trying to figure out where the dots are, let alone joining them together. I know it is making us all jittery and curious, but wouldn't it be disappointing to have a lot of that intrigue resolved in one linear step?

That's what I mean about the boot camp plot. Sure Bill, Woods and Damon will have some sort of an induction into the Troika, and sure they'll learn about the upcoming war, but about the Troika...nah, I don't want to know everything, nor do I think Scinter would even let new recruits know everything :D

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MrAerospace5/18/13 5:26am
Oh, on the plus side...I spy a critter! I loved them in V1 and V2, but I kinda missed them in V3...they probably got supplanted somewhat by the supersaturation of pop culture references XD

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