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joeden12/8/13 11:28pm
The wedding ceremony was quick and simple and Jamie and Victoria where now walking down the market near the arena. As Victoria who was holding Jamie's hand said "That was amazing; but how did you get the Priest to do the wedding for us?" Jamie gave a small chuckle, well keeping a nervous secret. He replied, "we had a talk and I was pretty persuasive on the matter of getting him to do the wedding."

This was true, true because he was persuasive par to say, as they walked down the street Jamie then noticed a somewhat nice house and a blacksmith attached to it all for sale. Jamie saw a guard who was standing guard and asked him what was goin on as soldiers took out furniture.

The guard said the man was accused of treason and the house was up for sale, Jamie how much and the guard said "eight hundred," Victoria asked him "what are you doing?" In a confused/interested voice. "I'm a skilled blacksmith and i need a forge of my own i got enough life savings to get the place and get it started." Victoria looked the place over and could see it working really nicely.

She gave Jamie an approving nod and he Took out the coin and passed it over, as the last of the furniture was moved out onto a pile and hauled away. Jamie was handed a key and they where left alone with the house; walking inside they noticed it was in good shape aside from the dust. Victoria was already talking about cleaning and moving her stuff in, getting help from fellow waiters. As Jamie nodded with a few mhmm's as she went through her train of ideas and spoken thoughts, and said "I'm going to check the forge and grab my tools along with whatever else i need, i'll be back soon." Victoria gave a dismissing nod as Jamie went to the Forge. After a quick look he then moved off towards the Oasis.

As he went by the stores he thought of how business could work for him he was good, amazing, but he couldn't show his amazing skill, then he'd be to busy to work for the Tears. That would be problematic, really problematic and that wouldn't sit well with Athii. Jamie then came to the Oasis and to the tree he made sure all was clear, before entering and headed down the stairs closing the door behind and into the main room. He saw Both Grell and Athii in the room as he slowly sat down, still in pain at one end of the table after pouring a glass of water.

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Gloves12/9/13 8:08pm
Cohen paused at the talk of his power, steps stuttering and pace slowing to a near halt. His ears dropped back, head tilted down and brow furrowed with frustration and shame. He knew his faults, knew the inherent defects within his power--whether it was simple self-knowledge or his giving up on himself, he doubted there was any saving the broken thing that his halo represented. It seemed every time he summoned it, he expected it not to appear, thought it might have broken and fallen from his skull.

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RennacFaintheart12/13/13 2:22pm
Sparda smiled and emerged from one of the sand covered sewer covers in the ground, having been made during the construction for access to the sewers. It was secluded well enough, in a back alley in the Market. He knew the hectic flurry of people would cover his entry and exit so he was not too worried about being spotted and followed. He soon found himself at an old blacksmith, seeing the place had recently been purchased. Nearby were some stoneworkers and a few other locations. He could easily get the supplies he needed, though he would need to get them slowly over time to keep from arousing suspicion. He started with the stonemasons to see if they could be hired off the books, having his winnings as a champion to work with.

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Esayo1/3/14 3:54pm
Anoch saw the pause in Cohen's form, the shudder in his very being that tore at his pride. A frown pulled at his muzzle, and he returned to the boy's side, patting him on the shoulder. Cohen's case was abnormal, to be sure. He knew his power, had the will to use it, but it wouldn't obey, and neither he nor anyone could ever truly figure out a solution other than simply blaming his own shortcomings.

"It /will/ come to you, Cohen," Anoch said. "You take after your mother in a lot of ways, and she was well-learned in her power before her twentieth. You've a will to accomplish anything, give this time, and your effort, and you'll master this."

He offered a smile to him, as reassuring of one as he could muster, and then turned back to the trail. "But that's a matter for later, home sounds nice right about now."

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Shadow996111/4/14 3:11am
Tieden nodded solemnly. Unfortunately the boy was of no use to his search. Well, no practical use. Or perhaps he did? Ah yes, the boy in grieving.

Tieden inwardly grimaced, he had brought forth the pain, and he realized he had barely stopped to consider the boy's feelings in the matter. He thought he was better than that. Was this search really so important? What did he hope to achieve anyhow? The truth? What truth? What good could it do? It could bring about war, and death, and possibly wipe null off the map. He looked at Colar with sorrowful eyes. He didn't hurt for the boy's father, but for the real potential he could have If he pressed too deeply into the secrets of Iolyth.

He would have to do some thinking, and justify his cause. What was a misguided hobby could now become a life choice, he had already delved into the prisons and returned, and he had fought in the arena and lived. Whatever happened to living on the desert? Free from wont? Or helping the needy with repairs? Was he above that now? Was he truly trying to help them? Ah, but back to the boy once again.

"I know the words of an imprisoned hermit don't mean much, but I would take a gander to say that your father, wherever he may be, is proud of the work you're doing." he leaned back onto the cot. "Thank you for sharing with me... I know that was probably difficult... And dangerous. I don't think I'm going to die now, you did good work. You don't have to stay with me out of any obligation." the boy was nervous, and an emotional wreck. He wasn't going to get much closure from talking with the hermit, and Tieden knew that the longer they talked, the more likely the boy could join his father.

And he needed time to think. Now that his woulda were on the mend, and he was stuck here, he could take proper stock of his mind, and rearrange his priorities and decisions on what to do next. It didn't seem to even occur to him that he was in a dungeon, and awaiting judgment.

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