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T3rminal5/17/13 5:26pm
Voice. Sounded afraid. Soft. Danger Level: Safe.

Taranis turned around and stared at the lady. She was older than him, that was certain, yet she seemed afraid of them all. She couldn't be the mastermind behind this house they were in. No threat.

"Salutations." He said with a wave of his hand before placing it on his own chest.


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joeden5/17/13 5:34pm
Patrick watched as the spiders finished their work, when he heard the voice and Taranis introducing himself.

Patrick turned around, standing up and held out his hand with a smile on his face. "Hi; Patrick, how do you do?" As he said this, Number One who was still on his face started to move off his face and back into his shirt moving somewhat lazily, and his halo was still active as a few bugs started to crawl up his pant legs.

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Roan5/17/13 9:48pm
Kyra was pulling the weapons out of the box, and when she heard a voice. She stiffened, almost dropping the small sword. As she heard Tara is reply, she calmed and slowly began to stand up and maneuver hee way back to the hole above her head which showed Taranis's back and barely the upper half of Patrick.

She could easily see the giant millipede though. Straining her neck, she backed up to get a closer look at the new keeper. It was a girl. The oldest one there probably. Kyra waved her good arm. "Yo!" She let her hand drop down. "We aren't gunna bite!"

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Thegunner185/19/13 5:51am
Alyx edged further through the doorframe and into the room. She spared a glance back at where she'd just come from: dark, bleak and lonely; it was almost like looking into death's mouth itself. With this horrid though, she shuffled into the room and firmly shut the wooden door behind her. There was no telling how good it felt to have these 'Keepers around her, despite the fact that she didn't know exactly what their intentions really were. With them at least she had some company; some people to get through this with. The tiger's mind and body were conflicted. Her mind knew that it wasn't good to get complacent, especially around strangers. How could she trust them? Her body, though...her body just wanted somewhere to belong; to be with people and to be comforted. Was that too much to ask?

"I-I'm Alyx." She cleared her throat, getting rid of the cracks in her voice. She had to be seen as strong-willed at a time like this. First impressions make all the difference. "How long have you all been here for?" Alyx took another step forward, less timid than the last one. She couldn't help but notice how much taller everyone else was compared to her. It was quite intimidating, really. "And...why is there a hole in the floor..." She did her best to peer into it, looking around both of the 'Keepers up top. Taranis and...Patrick was it? Yeah, that was right. "...With people down there....?"

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joeden5/19/13 8:07am
Ollow walked over to the hole in the floor or was it roof? Roof, floor, roof, floor, roof, floor, roof, floor, roof, floor... Ah that didn't matter, Ollow then jumped up catching the roof/floor edge of the hole and quickly pulled himself up with great ease and looked at the new girl and asked.

"Hi i`m Ollow, Ollow Hellsing. I think we where hopping you knew a little more then us; we've been here just as long as you have i suspect." Ollow finished saying in his kind cheery voice as he grabbed the rope and brought it over to the hole and lowered it saying "grab what you can that's useful then grab on i`ll pull you and the stuff up, along with the kitchen sink if we need one."

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Roan5/19/13 9:16am
Kyra looked up at Follow quizzically. "I certainly don't think we need to drag around a sink, Ollow." She stated and chuckled quietly, leaning down to pick up some weapons.

"I'm Kyra Reed. Nice to meet you Alyx. I fell through the floor, and this dimwit," she motioned up at Follow. "Decided to follow me."

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joeden5/19/13 9:57am
Ollow looked at Kyra and said "one i`m not a dimwit and two i didn't decide to follow you. Patrick shoved me down there... Just grab on and i`ll have you up here in less then a second."

Patrick looked around to Ollow, as his halo disappeared and number One was now in his shirt he smiled and said "sorry... It wasn't my intent to send you down there."

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T3rminal5/19/13 12:09pm
She was less shy now, but she was still wary. Wise. She knew nothing about them, for all she knew, they brought her here. Taranis scratched his head and sighed at the slight bickering going on. He's a dimwit, no...She's a dimwit. Nobody is a dimwit.

Thought: If Ollow could have grabbed the edge and pulled himself up before...why did he take his sweet time? Investigation pending.

"Hurry." The longer they were on separate floors, the longer they could still be divided.

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Thegunner185/19/13 1:06pm
Alyx's demeanour visibly relaxed as the seemingly casual banter between some of the 'Keepers in the group started up. She was still on edge, but if she was going to be perfectly honest, they really didn't seem all too threatening. Hell, they looked like they were still in their teens. Granted, this Taranis bloke seemed a bit, well...intimidating but he looked innocent enough; a gentle giant. Something like that anyway.

"So...any ideas on how we're meant to get out of here?" Alyx threw up the question to no one in particular, leaving it open to anyone. "That is, if you're all telling the truth..." She wandered over to the nearest window, at first unwilling to get very close to it out of pure fear of the impenetrable darkness that lay outside it. The tiger rubbed her fingers against the glass pane, leaving very visible marks in the layer of dust it had been covered in over the years.

She had no idea what was going here, and as much as she didn't want to believe it, she wasn't going to rule out the paranormal just yet. If she was wrong, she could joke and laugh about it with her friend. If she was right...Well, she didn't want to think about that.

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joeden5/19/13 7:08pm
Patrick looked at Alyx and said "not sure... Maybe just get Ollow here a sludge hammer and he can bash our way out." He then looked over to Ollow and said "ain't that right? Just bash through everything till we get out just like the other times, hmmmm?" Patrick said as he looked over to Ollow, who was still holding the rope through the hole.

Ollow Just sighed and said "yea, yea, yea... It works though."

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Roan6/22/13 7:32pm
Kyra lifted her eyes towards Ollow. "Fine." She said, grabbing a hold of the rope. She heard Alyx, and replied. "Sledge hammers won't work. There is a blue shield outlining the house. It looks like some electric contraption, so if somebody hits it, I guess they'll be electrocuted. Also, outside the house is nothing but darkness. I haven't seen any light source yet, so I'm thinki-" The white wolf was cut off, as the entire house began to rumble again.

Kyra pressed herself against a wall. "Move out of the way of anything that isn't attached to walls. The house is flipping again!" She called up, as the house slowly began to rotate again. "Stay alongside the walls, and make sure you've got something to hold onto."

As the house rotated, a large screech came from one of the rooms on the floor that Kyra wasn't on. The sound came from a room that was pitch black. It seemed cluttered, and full of ancient priceless items.

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joeden6/22/13 7:45pm
Patrick grabbed Alyx and tossed her to the wall with him and held on with the house moving again, Patrick in a vibrating voice said "i-i-i-it-t-t-t-s-s-s-s h-a-p-p-p-p-e-n-n-ing a-a-a-g-g-g-a-a--a-n-n."

Ollow on the other hand stood still vibrating from the house but not being moved his strength kept him still and he was smiling this house was fun and dangerous, but mostly fun he couldn't wait to meet whoever was doing this. More so to fight them for freedom, he had a home and as fun as this one was it wasn't his.

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T3rminal6/23/13 7:08pm
"Hold!" Taranis shouted above the din, as he grabbed the rope that Ollow was holding as well as a light hanging on the wall. Hopefully the place wouldn't flip to far and only go with one turn. He wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, no...they would find a way to leave this place. That much was certain.

This was the second time it had happened. But what was controlling it? was the house mechanical and flips all the rooms at a set time? Some sort of odd house-like rubix cube?

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