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Subscribe to this thread The Iolyth OOC created by Esayo on April 27, 2013

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MrPhoenix11/14/13 9:53pm
Jumping the gun my anus. It was a logical train of thought.

As for sounding angry, you were right in that I was joking.

I'll text Esayo and figure out what to do, I'll post again when I know for sure.

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Shadow9961111/14/13 10:36pm
Cool, I'm sure we'll all be waiting ^^.

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RennacFaintheart11/15/13 2:59pm
Ah, ok then! That changes everything! More than likely they'll find time sometime in December when the holidays come around. THe schools are closed and everyone is just chilling before the next semester starts.

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Esayo11/16/13 9:03pm
Hey all! Phoe got in contact with me, and at a pretty convenient time, too. I've just recently found myself with a rather sizable amount of time. There are some days during the week which I'll more than likely be absent, but I should be good to go, if not a bit slower than I was prior to the new year.

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joeden11/16/13 9:16pm
Nice to have you back

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RennacFaintheart11/17/13 3:08pm
Glad o see you back. Good to know you'll be back for a bit.

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Roan11/18/13 3:02pm
I need to get a post up soon.

Anyways, I'm also in college to become a 911 Tech! :D
So....that's why I probably won't be on very much besides on the weekends.

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Esayo12/5/13 7:50pm
Aaaah back and rolling, had to deal with a few final projects. If anyone needs some helpful "nudging" posts, let me know! o/

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joeden12/6/13 9:10pm
Okay i added it in Easyo Just wanted to post here so you didn't have to jump back 82 pages.

Name Jamie vaniguerilla.
Age 26.
Appearance: Jamie is a 6'7 wolf with glowing red eyes and a slightly longer then normal tail, his hair is semi long and is the same color as his fur.
Colors: light brown fur and semi-long hair on his head
scars: on his chest and one underlining his right eye, many going down his arms along with one going down his right eye overlapping the first one.
Clothing: usually wears long black jacket, with a white shirt and long brown pants along with, brown shoes.
Described: Jamie, is somewhat on the shy side and well kept to himself unless he wants to be seen, then he always make a first impression you will not forget. However he cares about his friends and will always throw everything he has to protect them.

Weapons: carries two Wakizashi, always and will use a verity of different things, he mainly loves using his special designed black blade katana, he named burning sakura that was made just for him.

Power: shadowtelica: best way to explain this is simple; when his power is activated a robe of shadows covers him. Giving the appearance of the grim reaper, the power allows him to spread shadows in a circular radius of eight feet. Within these shadows Jamie can burst into shadow and move anywheres within the field of shadow and reappear but it takes a good 10 seconds for him to use this ability, and it is costing and will tire him out real fast and leaves his vision in a blurr for about 2-3 seconds. However when he is in the field of shadows he can glide on it like as if he was skating; he can also make the shadows flow off his blades to give it a more terrifying look but does nothing, itís just there for looks but it causes him to tire out faster, the longest he can use his power is for 3-4 minueits and can be used twice a day. If he uses it more than twice per day it will start to tear him apart first through exhaustion then it will start to cut his flesh and then break his bones. A blackish golden halo accompanies his power.

History: When Jamie was young, he was happy even though his family had been quite poor and could barely afford to feed themselves but that didn't stop Jamie from trying to help or do better. But he was quiet along with his life until, they were caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the Shadows finished his family off. Jamie managed to barely escape with his life.

And later found himself in the sanctum of lost tears where he has lived doing work for them and what ever they needed to be done, He quickly made friends, and is known to be friendly with a happy attitude in the HQ, he has also been a willing sparring partner for anyone who is wanting to practice their skills. He has one feat of fighting against Shade, all because they had an argument about who could come up with the better nickname.
They then had a fight just outside Null which drew as small crowd which watched as the two went head on at each other and put on quite the show and they both finished laughing and went to get drinks and became good friends. They have had private sparring matches plenty of times after the first one. But one thing Jamie is proud of is his skill as blacksmith, his greatest achivement was making his and Shade's swords which are made of damascus steel with a simple staining process to make them black and to help prevent rusting. The two swords he made where his finest work one is his and the other is Shade's.

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joeden12/13/13 2:50pm
Hey rennac you know Jamie is at the hideout right?

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RennacFaintheart12/14/13 7:45am
Ah, just saw you in the market and forgot about the rest of the post. Will redo

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