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Subscribe to this thread personal character theme songs created by joeden on April 24, 2013

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joeden4/24/13 6:42pm
I was thinking... (and yes my head did not blow up) I saw character theme songs for the cast of GNS. So why not have theme songs for our keepers or keeper groups?

rules are simple, post the name of keeper or keeper group and a theme song for them. If you post a keeper and theme song, please note were you can find the keeper's creation sheet. If you post a group note the members of the group along with the whereabouts of charter sheets. for a group example.

Name of group: the guild
Jamie Hellsing: found making dreamkeepers page 9, 9th post down.
Victoria Sharpnip: found making dreamkeepers page 9, 10th post down.
Jessica Hellsing: found making dreamkeepers page 9, 11th post down.
Patrick Stewart, Ollow Hellsing, Arro and Taw the fist: found the crossroads the gathering hall, ideas and rules page 2, 1st post.
Harry Potmark: found making dreamkeepers page 11, 7th post.
Narlack siccedpoint: found making dreamkeepers page 10, 5th post down.
luffy smite: found making Dreamkeepers page 13, 3rd post down.
Lila Firespring: found making dreamkeepers page 12, 5th post down (note is with older version of Ollow)
Alex shoonstop: found making dreamkeepers page 13, 1st post.

group theme song:

for singles you can post the name and tell where to find the char sheet.
have fun and i hope to see lots of fun chars.

Also note dose not have to Be RP chars just a dreamkeeper with referance on who they are.

(not sure if i posted right place but i hope i did :))

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T3rminal5/11/13 10:22pm
Cyprus Verillo: Children of the Night OOC, Page 3, 14th post.

Theme Song: Suburban Doxology - I Fight Dragons


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joeden5/13/13 3:15pm
Ollow Hellsing Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster page 17 last post second keeper.

theme song

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Gloves5/13/13 4:32pm
Aften Fairholme, on my profile;
"Ever After" by Mariana's Trench:

The Shadow Knaves Street Clan/Children of the Night RP;
Appropriately, "Children of the Night" by Richard Marx:

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Roan5/13/13 8:34pm
Shiloh Hayz- CotN- Page 76, 3rd Post.
Theme Song- Lights - Ellie Goulding
( )

Grell Sutcliff- The Iolyth- Page 17, 8th Post.
Theme Song- Aha! - Imogen Heap
( )

Kyra Reed- The Iolyth- Page 1, 8th Post
Theme Song- The A Team - Ed Sheeran
( )

Forgotten Luck-
Theme Song- Funhouse- P!nk
( )

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AriaOutlander5/14/13 3:06pm
Truxton Dogyuun: "Hidin' in my Headphones" by Reel Big Fish ( )

Lt. Aria Adelle: "Swimming while it rains" by Lifeformed ( )

Ahri Makala: "Be You (Aurastys Remix)" by Jackal Queenston ( )

Lady Ny'Naia Veirsus: "Booty Swing" by Parov Stelar ( )

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Ares5/19/13 4:12pm
Wayne account dreamkeeper
theme song

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joeden5/21/13 5:17pm
Ok time for some of mine.

Jamie Hellsing: my acount/making dreamkeepers, page 6 third last post. (Still working on him so will have a fix up on him soon.)

Fnar Kack: page 23 six post down.

Will post more later.

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Prometheus6/6/13 1:24pm
Copy-pasting from my own personal chara theme songs thread.

Jerome/Jerry: (Linkin Park - In The End)

The protagonist of my Hell Hybrids fanfiction.

Prometheus & Bane: (Tool - Parabol + Parabola)

Protagonist of my now scrapped Wrath of Prometheus fanfiction. Pro will be known as Bane in the remake, but that may not stick.

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joeden6/24/13 4:31pm
Rocky First page second post the lolyth

Just the song not the pics.

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HighReach7/7/13 4:11pm
My dreamkeeper have this theme:

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CalicoYorki7/19/13 7:43pm
Hassi i-Sraha, 94th(?) page of the Iolyth OOC, seventh one down.
Babylon of the Occident by the Shanghai Restoration Project.

Aaand for Ricardo Zokarro, lost somewhere in the frigid waters of the original dreamkeepers thread...
Strange Baby by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Song pending; I mainly chose this because I'm pretty sure they came close to shorting out their recording system.

more might be on the way i dunno

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Roan7/23/13 12:58am
Saeko Harte | Children of the Night | Page 319 | Third Post |
Themesong: White Walls - Macklemore

Exie McWhick | Tournament OOC | Page 1 | Post 10 |
Themesong: Perfect- Mariana's Trench

Sarabi Felane | The Iolyth | Page 42 | Post 12 |
Themesong: Sing Sing - Mariana's Trench

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T3rminal7/25/13 1:35pm
The Royales:
Axton, Iolyth OOC, Page 22, Post 2
Fnar, Iolyth OOC, Page 23, post 6
Lilaan, Iolyth OOC, Page 22, Post 3
Lazuros, Iolyth OOC, Page 26, Post 5
Song: United We Stand, Divided We Fall - Two Steps From Hell

This just seems the perfect song for them going into battle and whatnot.

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CalicoYorki9/14/13 5:06pm
Pepper Doolittle, Children of the Night, Pg. 334

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

...And her darling sister, Clover Doolittle, a coked-out merchant of death.

Oblivion by Grimes


I'm gonna go make these gurls official.

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