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Subscribe to this thread The Crossroads created by MrPhoenix on April 23, 2013

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TyrantTheBalance5/15/13 3:23am

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Roan5/15/13 1:49pm
Alex huffed again. "I have never played a video game, and I don't feel like recruiting anybody right now."

"First, you're really annoying. Did you know that? Second, you're not joining this expedition Ian. I like to only have an expedition with only one person. Which is Cyprus here."

"I might let you go, if you say nothing, and never come follow us again."

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TyrantTheBalance5/15/13 2:02pm

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T3rminal5/15/13 4:53pm
Yeah, it's cool brain. We've only played like...two. Ever.
(Not the point.)
Totally is.

Cyprus was glad he was the one to get wrapped up in adventure. He would have greatly disliked being tussled up like Ian.

Plus he kinda wanted his belt back. He liked his belt. Wore it always.

"Also, I'd like that belt back, so you should really agree to her terms."

He had noticed that the man had never said he wouldn't follow them or anything like that.

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TyrantTheBalance5/15/13 5:25pm

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T3rminal5/15/13 6:00pm
"Meh, you aren't high on my list of priorities. Go, shoo. Else Alex here might decide she needs an ear as a trophy."

That'd be odd. Yet, not the oddest he had seen.

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TyrantTheBalance5/15/13 6:11pm

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Roan5/15/13 6:16pm
Alex laughed. "I'd take more than his ear. Probably his whole head." She made sure Ian got to his seat before turning to Cyprus.

"Ya know, you ain't that bad of an exploration crew mate!" She smiled.

"I've never met somebody who was interested in actually help me hold someone hostage." She pointed her finger at Cyprus. "You, are awesome."

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joeden5/15/13 6:18pm
Jamie looked at Ian taking a drink and said "Yea; well there are always things to be done weather or not, it's crawling on the floor, it sure as hell beats the sewers."

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T3rminal5/15/13 6:26pm
"My interests do tend to run a bit off course from what most consider normal." He shook his tail, getting some collected dust and such off of it.

(Dude she said we are awesome.)
(nobody says were awesome.)
I do.
(You don't count.)

"You are quite awesome your self! Few people I've met have been this exciting. Plus I'm always up for holding people hostage. Just wish i could have messed with him a bit more...maybe later." He slid his belt back on, taking care to go through all the loops before clinching it back.

"Nah leave his head. Take off the arms or legs, else he doesn't get to enjoy the whole painful thing."

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Roan5/15/13 6:31pm
"Or I could torture him worse..." Alex thought for a minute. She was naming things off in her head, but kept them far away from counting them out.

Just in case Cyprus had a light stomach.

"Me? Awesome?" She looked away and waved a hand at him. "Oh please! I'm nowhere close to that mister. Nice try."

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T3rminal5/15/13 6:47pm
"Torture...Always a good fallback..." He started thinking of things he could have done.

Mental torture would have been interesting.

Best not tell Alex, she may be a bit squeamish if he went to far.

"Iffin ya say so, but your lyin. You are, i can tell. But anyways...We have adventurin to do."

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Roan5/15/13 8:04pm
Alex elbowed Cyprus. "Trap it canine." She laughed lightly and skittered off under another table.

She was crouching, and was relaxed. Casting a glance at Cyprus, she glanced back over to another table she planned to run to.

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T3rminal5/15/13 9:08pm
"If only I could!" Cyprus said with a smile before grabbing the edge of a table and pulling himself beneath it. He glanced around, well aware that he had been seen once. But not again. Hopefully.

With his ears laid back against his head once more, he crouched and crawled under a table right next to the one Alex had looked at.

"The rest of this place needs investigatin...Let's see how big it really is."

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