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Subscribe to this thread Nightmare Spawn Pool created by CalicoYorki on April 18, 2013

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CalicoYorki4/18/13 3:11pm
Credit to [Insert Forumgoer Here], who devised this thread on the old Forum!

Here's the idea: using the sheet skeleton (which shall be provided below), you can once again create your own merciless agents of genocide and oblivion!

I will remind everyone who does not know that Nightmares have a semi-finite amount of essence, with which to construct bodies. They can go for physical/biological attributes, or more supernatural abilities. So, a Nightmare who has a very limited essence might prefer two heads filled with teeth over controlling and becoming lightning, or vice versa.

Here's the sheet skeleton:

NAME: (Or, what they prefer to be called.)

ESSENCE: (Very Low-Low-Medium-High-Very High; remember, lesser amounts of essence demand more creative usage.)

PERSONALITY: (How do they behave? Do they play well with other Nightmares?)

APPEARANCE: (Are they hideous? Appealing? Hideously appealing?)

ABILITIES: (What are their preferred methods of mayhem?

~ ~ ~

All advice on how to refine this thread and its concept are muchly appreciated!

Here is an example that semi-formed while I was in the shower:

NAME: BarunÚs
PERSONALITY: Erratic and capricious, BarunÚs will be an efficient and obedient task follower one moment, and a rulebreaking hellion the next. Its essence was disturbed while crossing the planes of existence, to the point that it will very frequently forget such details as the fact that its present body is approximately female in biology. It is very bloodthirsty, and memorythirsty, and emotionthirsty...This is due to the nature of how it sustains its biological processes, as detailed under abilities.

It tends to speak very rapidly, with little concerns for pauses which would make comprehension easy for others, and is infamous for its intense need to prolong the hunt for dreamkeepers; slowly killing groups one, by one, by one. This is referred to by most other Nightmares as "playing with its food." It is also known for randomly, and without permission, forming a psychic link to mess around with Nightmares and screw with the heads of dreamkeepers - Dark or no.
APPEARANCE: Has smooth, pale blue skin, with a head of stringy black hair beneath a ratty, beaten fedora. Its eyes are glowey cyan circles in a dark abyss, with dark teal lines curving around their outer corners from below the hairline. Similar lines spiral down its muscular arms to either middle finger; its fingers are long and spearlike. From the elbows curve outward wicked hooked protrusions, generally found spattered in blood.

Its body is very thin, with angular features; it wears a tattered gray vest over a pale green bikini top, and blue jeans which extend down into pantlegs with fraying about the cuffs. Gaunt, yet strangely appealing, its body is very fit, with very little wasted tissue. Many dreamkeepers have mistaken it for a homeless girl with semi-revealing garments to cover her thin frame; benevolent and menacing intentions alike have lured many into its claws.
ABILITIES: BarunÚs has developed a small pool of abilities to maximize its talents as a killer. For the energy devoted to its abilities, it effectively has the physical capabilities of a dreamkeeper - although, it has special internal processes to facilitate healing, and it releases pheromones at all times which lull dreamkeepers into ignoring all Nightmarish qualities of its being.

Its primary ability is how it feeds - it is a psychevore. It will latch onto dreamkeepers, become someone's lover or friend or adoptive child or sibling, and then, begin to feed. It normally takes a slow, methodical process, which will leave the body intact for purposes which BarunÚs finds important; however, should it feel like it, it can inhale the entirety of a dreamkeeper's thoughts and memories and hopes and emotions in seconds, leaving them a withered husk. Generally, it will slowly devour their memories, starting at the short term, making them seem uncharacteristically absentminded. Before it removes their most precious memories, it shifts focus to emotions.

An especially emotional or experienced dreamkeeper is like a feast to BarunÚs. It will drain their emotions, their likes and dislikes, and eventually, their morals. By the time it is finished, their identity has faded, and they have effectively expired. Their human counterpart is made vulnerable to Nightmares, which also means that by transfiguring the dreamkeeper into a familiar, BarunÚs can feed on what is left of the human's mental state. Familiars have a lifespan of seventeen weeks, and when they decompose to dust, the human is free game to any and all Nightmares.

BarunÚs possesses other abilities, such as excluding itself from memories. Once it fixes a dreamkeeper with its gaze, eye-to-eye, it can implant suggestions; such as its favorite, which causes it to disappear from their memory the moment they look away. It can also release a huge fog of pheromones, and although this means that it will have to take extreme care to not reveal its nature as a Nightmare, this will make any dreamkeepers caught in its radius unable to perceive BarunÚs.

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