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Subscribe to this thread Heyyo! Potato inbound! created by HeroPotato on April 15, 2013

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HeroPotato4/15/13 1:28am
Hi! The name's Jon, also known as HeroPotato. In case you were wondering, my username was created by a random username generator. I found it to be wonderfully ironic, and I couldn't help but laugh because it portrays me so well. It's like people expect something great of me because I get good grades, but in reality I'm just a lazy potato who likes to ponder and wonder. And this is why I love Dreamkeepers so much! Not only does it offer a fantastic story with loveable and relatable characters, it manifests an entire world that anyone can fit into, because it is a parallel of our own. I recently stumbled upon Dreamkeepers; I was surfing through waves upon waves of web comics and deviant art, when Dreamkeepers caught my eye. It's truly a fantastic series, that has got me addicted.

So far I've created three Dreamkeepers: Rees Wether, Lyza Ket and Phase. I still haven't decided upon a last name for Phase. Rees is my personal Dreamkeeper, or so I would like to think. They are very much in the alpha phase of development, but here's a little snippet:

Rees Wether
Power: Matter Mold
Rees has the ability to shape solid matter into whatever he desires. Although he can alter the form of liquids, gases and plasma, these states of matter can't retain their shape. He can channel his ability through a weapon, which allows him to transform his current weapon into something better for the situation. This is a very flexible power that relies on the environment and quick thinking rather than force.

Lyza Ket
Power: (I don't have a name for her ability yet)
Circuit like strands of energy flow from Lyza's fingertips and across the surface of the object she is touching. With these circuits, she can analyze the properties of the object such as material, sturdiness, and volume, weight, etc. She can also charge the circuits with energy, creating an electromagnetic field. Her passive ability makes her extremely observational. Her ability matches her personality for she has a drive to understand as much of the world as possible. She believes that if everyone understood one another, then the world would be void of war and strife.

Power: State Change
Phase can change an object's state of matter. This includes solids, liquids, gases and even plasma. Phase must be in physical contact with the object to change its state, and the amount of energy required to change an object's state varies depending on its natural state. For example, turning earth to magma requires a great deal of energy while turning water into steam is relatively low. Phase can also do things such as pulling an ice sword out of water, or creating a steam bomb. Phase is very resourceful and has a natural talent for swaying others to his ideals or opinions. He strongly disagrees with Lyza and believes that people can never truly understand each other. He thinks that people are weak and innately selfish.

These three are close companions, and can combine their abilities in various ways. For example, they have developed a trinity power known as the "Trinity Plasma Cannon". Rees creates the cannon barrel, Phase transforms surrounding gases into plasma, and Lyza creates a electromagnetic field that helps control the energy and confine it in the barrel. While the cannon is charging, Rees distracts or traps the target. After a while, Phase and Lyza can release the plasma in a powerful blast of energy.

Well thank you for welcoming me to the forum, and any ideas are greatly appreciated.
- Jon "HeroPotato"

P.S. Sorry this is so long, and if you made it to the end, thank you for reading!

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Shadow996114/15/13 2:03am
Welcome to the forums! (don't drink the water, it's gone bad) nice keepers! The catch phrase made me laugh.

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ezioauditore974/15/13 4:32am
Hello and have a good time on the forum!

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AriaOutlander4/15/13 6:06pm
If I may suggest fanciful names, I'd appreciate it if you used, like, even just one.

For Lyza, Inner Circuits, or Circuitization. That's all I can think up.
For Phase, Inert Thermodynamics would be a cool name, because, fuck, That's basically how I imagined it.
For Rees, Well, The name you have is cool enough already, but.. How about Matter Reconstruction or Clay Matter?

Also, It's not nessicary, but if you want them to have a fair place in the forums, all the characters need to have weaknesses, physical, or otherwise, and all the powers need some sort of repercussion. Unless it's just minor-ly using the power.

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AriaOutlander4/15/13 6:08pm
On another note, WELCOME to the LAND of DREAMKEEEPING!

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DanWithTheHat4/21/13 4:28pm
Welcome! Nice bunch of DKs there.

Also, what username generator did you use to get that name? That's an awesome username. This should be your avatar: XD

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