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Dreamkeepers Forums - Calling the Mainland From the Beach [Introducing the Visionary]

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Subscribe to this thread Calling the Mainland From the Beach [Introducing the Visionary] created by CalicoYorki on April 13, 2013

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CalicoYorki4/13/13 7:20pm
I am very sorry to distract you.

Do you know where I can find something which tastes strongly?

I am very hungry, and I would appreciate any help.

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Gloves4/14/13 11:08am
I think this is more suited for the "Salutations" area. I don't see what this has to do with characters.

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CalicoYorki4/14/13 12:37pm

Those other threads were quite confusing.

Tell me, why was this not addressed in them?

Or was it?

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CalvinCopyright4/16/13 3:09pm
um wat

wat is this

does this have anything to do with roleplaying

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CalicoYorki4/17/13 1:41pm

Please explain why my attempts at this are not valid.

It was not challenged in either other thread that I could see.

Please explain to me why you all are doing this.

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Esayo4/17/13 1:50pm
I don't-
I can't-

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Gloves4/17/13 1:51pm
I'm pretty sure that's because Arira was introducing her character from a first person perspective. It was still about characters.

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CalicoYorki4/17/13 2:00pm
As is mine.

My intention was to introduce a character from a first-person viewpoint.

Seeing as how it seems that I am not allowed to,

I would prefer if someone would delete this thread,

As I am apparently an idiot failure.

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Esayo4/17/13 2:02pm
Woah woah, no one said you were an idiot xD It was a just a bit confusing. Haven't seen that in a while.

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CalicoYorki4/17/13 2:03pm
Well, no matter.

The entire attempt is ruined now,

So there is no appreciable point in trying to salvage it.

I should have known better than to try.


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Esayo4/17/13 2:04pm
Awh, well, you can always try again and introduce your character in a new way ^^ Regretting ever trying never got anyone anywhere o/

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CalicoYorki4/17/13 2:26pm
If you say so.

I guess I may try.


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Esayo4/17/13 2:27pm
Whatever works for ya \o/

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