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Subscribe to this thread POWER PLAY created by T3rminal on April 13, 2013

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T3rminal4/13/13 12:20pm
Yes, the thread of endless opportunity and wonderment is back! A list of powers made by the wonderful residents of this forum to help out the newer residents and all in all have interesting things to look at.

We've all heard it before, Have a character, but don't know what to make their power. I've had this issue before, and pretty sure I'm not the only one.

While the range of powers are infinite, sometimes you need to find that one that really really works. SO, why not put up a power you have thought of, but haven't put it to the test?

A list of powers from your noggins to the page. Free for anyone who wants, but let's be honest...this is really just to see what all you come up with.

AS for one power, here's one i have made and will be using in a current RP.

**Power: Roleplay.
It grants him the ability to change his body to that of another Dreamkeeper. Fingerprints, Voice, almost everything is exactly the same. However, In order to truly tell is to look at his back. On his back, there will be a symbol of a compass. The symbol is not on him when he is not using his power, and is only there when the power is active. If he changes to that of a reptilian keeper, the scales on his back will make the same shape.

Because of the nature of his power, his Halo will only appear when he changes from one person to another. He can not change from one guise to the next, but must first change back to himself before he can change again. He may only change into someone he has actually (physically) met before, and so can not change into people he has heard about, seen on the television, or read about.

He rarely uses this power because he would have to know the persons personality and mannerisms. This would mean figuring out everything about a person in order to pull it off without a snag.

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CalicoYorki4/13/13 6:57pm
POWER: Causality attunement

DESCRIPTION: In effect, this Power makes the dreamkeeper aware of all possibilities ahead of them. At all times, they can stop and review the different futures, branching off from their moment in their timeline.

However, this Power does not come without consequences. For instance, the dreamkeeper may not know that by saving one child's life, the boy will go out and catch a colorful insect. Thus, a girl several arpents away will -not- catch one. The user this Power can't know that since she didn't find one, the girl will go farther and farther to find one. They surely couldn't know that she will therefore get lost in the Starfall, and not know how to get home. And, finally, it is outside their mortal scope of comprehension that she will die, cold and scared, in the wilderness.

This means that a dreamkeeper must be aware of the consequences of their actions, and accept the responsibility for changing fate. However, they are also in a position to set off their -own- chain reactions, and perhaps prevent a more horrible future from coming to pass.

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Gloves4/14/13 11:12am
Power Repression:

A 'Keeper who has the ability to prevent other 'Keepers from using their abilities. Her/His own Halo sort of appears surrounding theirs, and even if their Halo is showing, their actual power won't work. She/He can only do it to one 'Keeper at a time, but can hold it for as long as they need to. She/He needs to be close enough to her/his target to see their Halo in order for it to work.


Just the ability to tell whether something will go bad. No specific details or anything like that, just enough to be able to tell "We shouldn't go in there". Said "bad things" aren't necessarily instantaneously--like getting stabbed by the bad guys--but might be more drawn out--like they'll get radiated, and then get cancer.

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HeroPotato4/14/13 11:43pm
Gravity Manipulation:

The ability to increase or decrease gravitational force. The area of effect is a sphere the emits from the 'Keeper's halo. Can be used to increase the force of vertical strikes and jump greater distances. All objects in the sphere are affected, including other keepers as well as the user.

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HeroPotato4/14/13 11:55pm
Light Blade:

Think of light bikes from Tron, except in the form of a weapon instead of a vehicle. Upon activating the ability, the 'Keeper's weapon has a streak of light that flows behind it. The light can cut anything that a normal sword could. The light is also solid, like light bridges from Portal 2. The length of the light streak is dependent on the energy of the 'Keeper. At anytime, the 'Keeper can deactivate the ability and the light flows back into the blade.

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Roan4/18/13 9:18pm
Power Thieving:

Having the power to take and use the power of another keeper around them. For example, if there's a keeper with shifting abilities, the keeper who has the thieving ability can use and control their power to their extent. While this happens, the keeper with their power being stolen is vulnerable and blinded until the thieving has stopped. This puts the thief at the less vulnerable and the hardest to hit out his/her teammates. Thus, most likely to survive while the others die.

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ZycantAlpha5/25/13 1:36pm
So, I'm trying to ensure that this is canon. If there's something that needs to be fixed, please help me to figure it out and if it's not salvageable please let me know so I can start again.

General power: Manifestation of energy shields (like barriers, not conventional shields like bucklers)

So, the shield itself requires concentration and willpower. If he concentrates harder the shield is stronger, but remains up for less time and also means that if his mind is more scattered (like excessively nervous) he won't be able to use it at all. If his will is higher, the length of time that it can remain up increases (so if he's more determined to accomplish something, the longer it will last). Distance and size also manipulates both duration and strength. Using the power also causes mental fatigue, so there is the possibility of him passing out after using it for an extended period of time or for using it a high number of times. The shield obviously works best in short bursts. As a general rule, he'll also try to put it around 2-5 feet away from him.

This is what I've come up with so far, so if there's anything that you think needs to be changed to restrict it please mention it.

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T3rminal5/25/13 9:06pm
Seems good to me.

Blade Storm:

When highly stressed, the power manifests itself as a storm. Clouds billowing over head and soon a full blown centralized thunderstorm will form. The storm is centered around him, and has a radius of only 10 feet. The storm can be called upon repeatedly if he becomes stressed to an extreme, but will tire him out after too many uses till he just keels over in a day long coma. But! wherever lightning strikes, an blade made of energy will erupt from that surface. While the Lightning is completely harmless, the blades are not. The lightning has no set pattern and will strike at anything except the user. The blades can not be wielded and dissappear within 30 seconds.

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