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Subscribe to this thread Tournament created by Grathiam on April 9, 2013

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AriaOutlander4/17/13 5:48am
Truxton had barely managed to ask "What Tournament..?" Before he heard the ground shattering, shaking, and undulating. He flared up his Halo, merely needing to touch Adian. It allowed him to have enough time to react, and jump off the crumbling earth. Only then did he notice the change in scenery.

Wether or not Adian decided to follow him, He made a beeline for the stadium walls, leaping and bounding, paniced. He attempted to scramble up the sides, fruitless. "Damn hooves.." He muttered.

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joeden4/17/13 5:52am
As the sky above them warped, van looked up and smiled yelling out a hello to the nightmares. But was quickly cut off as the ground opened up beneath them, van had landed on his back and ignored the other keeper that was around him knowing that with the nightmares here things would get interesting.

Patrick and Ollow, were separated as they landed in their tunnels, both were surprised at what transpired. Leaving them in the hole or tunnel as it seemed.
Jamie gawked at as the sky warped and it surprised him, as he fell into a hole. If this was a partnering system; he knew that the keeper he would fight would have a hell of a lot of trouble fighting him, he wasn't known for being a weak fighter after all, also that if the nightmares where involved this would get interesting.

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Roan4/17/13 6:52am
Exie had fled to the larger dragon and she stared at him with wide eyes. "My name's Exie. How is this your fault?" She asked and flinched at the word nightmares. Those things that her brother used to give her nightmares about when he was telling her bedtime stories. The fox shrank back shuddering lightly. "I'm not going to believe that this is your fault at all."

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Esayo4/17/13 6:58am
Falling yet again. Wonderful. Adian didn't even have time to draw his blade at the sight of the Nightmares. Spirits, had they breached the city? Wait, why was he praying to the Spirits? He didn't believe in them. Nothing holy could exist with things like the Nightmares taking their place.

Still, philosophy wasn't his forte, and he landed on his back with a groan. At least his train of thought could change. He focused on the other Keeper there with him. Odd looking fellow; wearing colors he'd never seen woven into fabrics he was also unfamiliar with. He reminded Adian vaguely of the traveling harlequins and jesters, being so bright as he was. He'd seen the halo flare, though, so the guy knew his power at least. That was good, he'd need it if Nightmares were involved in all of this.

Though Nightmares or not, he wasn't going anywhere while the possibility of changing things was around.

"Relax," He said to Truxton, rising to his feet, pushing his katana horizontally behind him so that he could stand correctly. "These guys aren't messing around. Nightmares are brutal, but they don't normally play with their food like this, something's up."

Adian walked over to him, extending a hand. "We'll need to work together if we're going to make it out of here alive. I'm Adian. You don't look like anyone I've ever seen, where are you from."

In reality, his words were more to calm than anything else. The boy looked panicked, and that wouldn't do at all. He unclipped a ceramic bottle from his waist, uncorked it, and held it out. Fermentae.

"This'll help with the nerves. Trust me." He said.


Priest had landed beside Jamie, wincing as he did so. He grabbed the book up from the dirt beside him, and got his feet shakily.

Spirits, there were Nightmares already there? They weren't in the Dreamworld anymore, or at least any place he'd ever seen. He clutched the book tight to his chest, shutting his eyes tight and saying a series of prayers under his breath. There had to be another way out, some way to save everyone without harming each other.

He looked to Jamie, desperate.

"Surely you have not bought into this madness? That blinded man has thrown his lot into a game he does not know how to play, we must escape here, and find a way to convince him of his wrong doings!"

Priest looked around, though, nevertheless and saw but one way out. The tunnel. Into the arena.

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joeden4/17/13 8:13am
Jamie looked at the keeper thinking, 'great i get the religious nut wonderful.' Jamie rubbed his head and adjusted his shotspringer, on his back and said "playing with history is to dangerous, I've watched the whole time travel movies and i know what can go wrong. Anyways as for the blinded man as you call him; i`m just going to kill him... killing always solves the problems" Jamie finished his sentence, in a bit of a joyed voice as he looked towards the arena.

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Esayo4/17/13 9:02am
Priest gawked at Jamie's words, baffled. How could he even utter them, let alone believe in them? He scrambled over in front of the other Keeper, placing a hand on his shoulder to stay his weapon.

"Certainly not! How could you say such a thing?! To take the life of another is a heinous sin, even to those weak in faith!" He said. "All deserve redemption; to assume lethality in place of reason is foolish! How are we to be any better than the monsters what imprisoned us, if we act like Nightmares ourselves!"

He glanced back to the arena, gulping. He didn't like the thought of fighting, let alone fighting this Keeper. It was madness, heresy! Pitting Keeper against Keeper was a sin unlike any other. And he was on the wrong end of it, in concerns to his long-term health.

"Surely you have a mind more emboldened by faith than that. Surely you will not lower to their level!"

Plead as he might, deep down he knew he was going into that arena one way or another.

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joeden4/17/13 9:42am
Jamie looked at priest and listened to him after he was done speaking he put a hand on his shoulder and said in a more let down tone "i`m a monster i`ve killed before, hundreds of times to be honest; I've been through hell my entire life, when i was 9 my brother killed my parents and the rest of my family, i would have wanted him to be thrown away for just that, but he didn't just kill them he ate them. i lived my life afterwards, in a place called the compound, where i learned to become a bounty hunter and assassin which i`ve been good at; that's just the tip of the iceberg, i`ve also been tortured and beaten half to death." Jamie finished in a bit of a louder tone then what he started off with, but then gave a pat on priest's shoulder and started past him towards the arena in a bit of an upset mood; saying "and yes i am beyond redemption" the last part he said as a bit of joy returned him.

Ollow got up from the fall, looking around and he saw another keeper that was with him. But before he did anything, he just looked around trying to figure out what he was going to do.

Patrick got up and was looking around, to see where he was as his millipede brother, climb out from the back of his shirt. Which quickly wrapped itself around his neck and just relaxed peacefully, as Patrick was looking towards the other keeper he was with.

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Esayo4/17/13 12:40pm
"None are above redemption." Priest insisted as he kept up pace, the two making their way into the arena. "The Spirits can forgive you for your sins, and crimes, all can be forgiven. But those monsters, the /real/ monsters; they are simple instruments of destruction. They see, hear, and speak only evil, you do not! Were you like them, you would have slain me already."

His heart began to beat faster and faster, his breaths catching in his throat as his mind went to the possible outcomes of the situation. As soon as they stepped into that arena, things would only go downhill, and violence would be unavoidable.

Spirits save them all...

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joeden4/17/13 6:19pm
"Really so i guess they'll forgive me? even after putting about two hundred in their graves; note i`ve gone and started private wars with many groups of bandits... i always hurt like hell afterwards, but still it was fun. Taking down some of the crime-lords" Jamie said in a bit of a mockingly tone as they headed to the arena. "Also i haven't slain you because i don't do needless butchery, i only kill when there is a need to and i might have a plan that might get the both of us out alive... or the both of us killed, or eaten alive." Jamie finished as he took his shotspringer off his back which was truly a nasty, brutal looking springer and continued forwards.

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AriaOutlander4/17/13 7:12pm
Truxton was just glad he didn't want to fight. It was a tournament, right? He didn't know better.

"Uh, Talocan. I'm from talocan.. And, I was just kinda worried I guess.. And, No, sorry.. I--.. What Flavour?" He asks, eyeballing the bottle. He cracked the vertebre in his back, stretching. He stroked the tip of one of his horns.

"Nevermind. You don't look like anyone I've seen.. Are you from Kojiki? And, uh.. What did you have in mind?" He asks, rather perplexed. The whole outfit, the bottle.. And that.. Thing he carried with him. He just looked so.. Odd, to truxton. He'd never even been outside his district.. But that could have changed, and probably should've, after he became a registered power user.. The only way he's survived so long is because of his power.. Which was.. useful, to say the least.

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Esayo4/17/13 7:23pm
"They forgive regardless of past, present, and future." Priest insisted, patting the book in his hand. "We are all children of faith, in some way or another. We all deserve a chance."

He paused as they entered the arena, sweat dropping from his brow. Oh Spirits, here they were... Wait, what did he say? Plan?

"Do explain.." He inquired softly, keeping his voice low.


"Talo...what?" Adian asked, making a bit of a face. "Must be outside of the province. That would explain your appearance, at least; from the stories I hear, it's quite wild out there."

He glanced down to the bottle, lips pursing. "It' tastes like piss, and ink, but it does its job. No, I'm not from this...Kojiki, place. I'm from the Anunii province. We're in the middle of a war with these...damned Nightmares, and their henchmen."

And women...

His gaze cast back briefly to his tail, where a red ribbon had been tied 'round it. A faint heart had been stitched into its fabric. He swished it back behind him, shaking his head.

"It would seem something else is afoot. Either there's more of these things than we thought there were, or...these aren't the Nightmares from the Anunii. We're going to have to play along. Once we get into the arena, just follow my lead."

Adian turned back and started for the exit of the tunnel, motioning for Truxton to follow. "You got a name, Flash?" He asked, remarking on the other's bright clothing.

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AriaOutlander4/17/13 7:31pm
This guy wasn't from Anduruna? There were other settlements? So many thoughts raced through his head. "I-i'm Truxton. Flash works too.. and, You mean there's other cities? And.. Nightmares? The Nightmares from old history? I.. Right, It doesn't matter. But, Didn't that madman say there was no exit?"

He was so full of questions. It burned at his insides. He activated his halo, and leaped infront of him. It looked like he teleported, his halo still up. He deactivated it quickly. "Either you tell me your name, or you tell me what you're planning. I don't want to be impaled by someone I just met."

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joeden4/17/13 7:39pm
As they walked into the arena, Jamie gave priest a quick tap on the shoulder, saying "here's the plan. If there are any nightmares around, this is what we do you stand back and i`ll piss one of them off really, really badly. It attacks and we kill it, hopefully we cause enough damage they have to hold the party." that's the plan, etc make nightmare angry, kill it then we make it up as we go along." Jamie then walked ahead of priest, smiling and it was easy to tell that he had great joy and excitement in his voice and face.

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Esayo4/17/13 7:42pm
Adian reared back a bit, hand flying to the handle of his blade. It didn't click out, though, through some years of discipline, or simple lack of response. His eyes narrowed as he looked Truxton up and down.

"Adian St. Sine, ex-Guardian of Anunii." He took a long swig from the bottle of fermentae, clearing his throat and dropping the ceramic to the ground. "For all intents and purposes, no, you shouldn't be trusting me. If this were any other situation, I'd probably be trying to off'ye. But you aren't with them, so here, that means you're with me."

He pointed to the arena, not too far from them now. "Now, we can sit here and bicker, and ask questions, or we can get ourselves some safety and /then/ bicker and ask questions. I've got a few of my own."


The mere concept made Priest freeze up, and he had to shuffle quickly after Jamie. Kill one of them? Well...he supposed it made sense.

"I-if you're sure. You'll have my support." He said, nodding, and clutching the book.

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joeden4/17/13 7:51pm
Jamie just let out a childish smile and said "sure? I'm not sure about anything! this is actually the first plan i ever came up with, i just always ran in headfirst springers blazing... (scratches his chin) I guess that's why they called me Madcap the bounty hunter from hell" he finished with his smile on his face and his free hand rubbing the back of his head. Messing up his hair while his springer rested on his shoulder, as he let out a soft "te, he, he" and just stood there with priest not paying attention to anything else.

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