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Grathiam4/9/13 6:21pm
"...don't do this..."

Ghoreaeth laughed, "And why NOT? Think of it THIS way. The selection should be random enough that I'll find a way to make SURE only one of us will die." He kicked the black dragon he had captive. Ghoreaeth glanced to his partner...some idiot who had learned to use his power in secret...and that power was suppression. Gareth couldn't use his shifting. PERIOD. And the guy was DESPERATE for the money Ghoreaeth was going to give him once it was done.

Next...his other captives. First, the person who could create those holes in the air. Second, the one that could reach through TIME. The portal through time wouldn't remain open for very to help his chances, he used the next person he'd captured...and that power multiplied the portals to create HUNDREDS of pathways. All of the portals were aimed to exit in the arena. How many would be used, he didn't know...but he planned on finding out. One last power sent his voice into every single portal. Now to send his message, "People of Dreamworld! I am Ghoreaeth Kirb...bring your weapons, bring your powers, and bring your skills. This is a tournament that will decide a champion throughout all of TIME. I offer you the WORLD as your prize in this tournament...and if you doubt my ability to GIVE such a prize, think on this. I am from the year 1048...and most of you are listening to this in a completely different timeline. Think of what you could do. If you won the WORLD, then what kind of future would you create? What could you do? Or CONQUER? The ability to buy everything. An absolute power that NO ONE can dispute. Come. The way to me and your DREAM is only open for a short time. I wait for you."


Gareth shook his head, "No! Ghoreaeth, if you do this...if you GIVE someone what you just promised, you'll destroy so MUCH! History itself could be changed! Why would you WANT that?"

Ghoreaeth grinned, "Because no matter what happens...I'll WIN." He came up to Gareth and whispered, "...I've SEEN the Nightmares, Gareth. SPOKEN with them. They want me to do this...want me to see if I CAN alter the world...and they've promised that they can keep ME in existence if I succeed. This test run...if this test run works, they will have me recreate the world for THEM...and I will have a place in existence WITHOUT YOU." He grinned darkly and went up to the person that was supressing Gareth's power...and his blade in the man's back finished THAT. His smile grew a bit more, "...Gareth. If you want to stop me, you'll have to enter the tournament as well. It's your only hope of making things RIGHT." He stole Gareth's shifting and shot to his place in the arena, watching the portals EAGERLY.

... ... ...

... ... ...


Ghoreaeth snarled when his contestants came through. There were so FEW!!!!! He needed A LOT more than that!!!!!! Ghoreaeth roared out, "FINE! You won't come to me? I'll just BRING you here!!!!!!!!" Tendrils shot out of his back. HUNDREDS of them, each going into a different portal. He grabbed whatever he first felt and yanked it back. NOW he had people. A LOT of people. THIS would work better. The portals were too high for anyone without wings to reach, "...if any of you want to get back HOME, you'll participate in this tournament. I'd HATE for this thing to be over with QUICKLY."

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joeden4/14/13 1:47pm
Ollow and Patrick walked through the portal willingly, knowing they had to stop this. They knew what could be done with rewriting history; but the only thing that Ollow wanted to fix was what happened to his cousin, so he could live instead of dying like he did. As they stepped through they saw few people until, they saw what Ghoreaeth did and watched as hundreds came through the black portals.

Jamie had also walked through the portal willingly and saw the same thing as Ollow and Patrick did which only made him angrier knowing that he would have to fight harder to stop the loony bin from wrecking history but he noticed as a somewhat familiar keeper landed in front of him.

Van was minding his own business as he hopped over the traps he set to keep the nightmares away which he really disliked. he began singing a weird little song before being grabbed and pulled through a black hole screaming "not a tentacle i know were this is going and i don't like it ahhhhhhhhhh" as he finish he landed on his face in front of Jamie getting up he started looking around to see what was happening he was expecting something else to happen.

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Roan4/14/13 2:47pm
Exie was writing down papers in her office from time to time, but glancing up at the TV every once and a while. She clicked her pen against her desk multiply times before standing up and shutting off the TV. She grabbed her coat and headed out of her apartment locking the door behind her.

The fox exhaled and headed down the street. She gathered information on her data scroll as she furiously began to take down notes. Being caught up in her work was something she took seriously. Little did she know that a tentacle slithered down behind her and grabbed her by the waist.

Exie shrieked and dropped her data scroll. "Holy-" She flailed in the air and was dragged through the black hole. When the tentacle released her, she growled and stood up. Rubbing the dirt off her shirt and pants, her eyes drifted to the other victims of the tentacles. That included the dude with the tentacles coming from his back.

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Esayo4/14/13 3:03pm
Priest was early to step through the portal, not too far from the others. He seemed determined, his eyes alive with the flare of the light around them. He seemed like a holy, noble figure.

Then the tentacles shot out, and he threw himself to the dirt in a surprised yelp. Yep. Real heroic.

He grabbed a little blue book from his robe top, holding it out at Ghoreaeth as he shouted: "Cease this unholy endeavor! The fate of the world is not for us to decide! That is the duty of the Spirits, you must stop this at once!"

His fervent glare had devolved into something of a pout, his hands outstretching the tattered old book book like some holy relic. He practically radiated "fear the Spirits".

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Grathiam4/14/13 5:21pm
Gareth finally managed to make it to the edge of the arena. He grimaced and got to his feet. Ugh...every time Ghoreaeth stole his power, it felt so DRAINING. So many portals...and...PEOPLE. How many were here from his FIRST ultimatum, and how many had he FORCED here?

...and what was this going to do to the TIMELINE? More than that, where WERE they? This arena just...he didn't understand it. There was no place like this in all of Dreamworld...and he KNEW that. He'd been EVERYWHERE. They both had. This didn't EXIST. He stumbled forward with a grimace and pulled out his blade. He had to stop Ghoreaeth. He HAD to. This was WRONG. He...ugh...too drained...just...TOO DRAINED. He fell to his knees again beside a woman...a fox with an interesting fur pattern, "...have to stop him..." He got back to his feet again, the blade acting more like a CANE at this point.

Ghoreaeth pulled the tentacles back into his body and grinned, crossing his arms, "Let's START this thing." His gaze locked onto the coward on the ground, "...I think I'll make YOU my first opponent." There was disarray EVERYWHERE. Who'd STOP him?

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Roan4/14/13 7:50pm
Exie supported the dragon and yanked him up to his feet. He looked exhausted and terrible. "I don't know how to..." She bit her lip and looked back over at the other dragon. She bit her tongue instead and just thunk. Trying to figure out how she could do something to affect this dragons ability to cause people pain.

Exie had never been in an arena, and she had no clue what exactly was going on. Her data scroll popped into her thoughts. She forced it to the back of her head forgetting about her work for now.

Her gaze turned to the keeper on the ground. She clenched her fists and unclenched them. The fox wasn't into seeing anybody getting hurt.

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Esayo4/14/13 8:04pm
Priest scrambled to his feet, his demeanor unchanged. He kept a firm grip on the holy book, pointing up at Ghoreaeth as he puffed out his chest. He opened his mouth to speak, though he stopped, his gaze turning, and his arm lowering as he spotted the woman, and the man who seemed to be wounded.

Spirits, how many innocent Keepers had he dragged into this? Priest's eyes shot back to Ghoreaeth, and his lips pursed.

"There shall be no opponent, and no fighting! This is heresy, and it puts the lives of innocents at risk! I beg of you to come to your senses, there is still hope for salvation!" He called, motioning up to the sky. "You can still have forgiveness!"

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joeden4/14/13 8:40pm
Jamie walked up behind priest and slapped a hand on his back saying "keep telling that brother... you forget to take your meds?" He Finnished the last part in a wisper and trying not to laugh, he then looked at the dragon and said "if you want a fight why not pick someone who actually knows how to fight; also what are you after by doing this?" Jamie was not one to be intimidated and dragging people into an arena! So they can watch someone beat the crap out of a pacifist was definitely not on his ok ex specially when they're nuttie to begin with.

Ollow and Patrick stood there watching, catching what Jamie did and Patrick Wispered to Ollow saying "so that's what he was like when he was alive a prick" Ollow let out a laugh saying "he's not a prick he's a great guy" the two had finished whispering to eachother and watching the show.

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Grathiam4/15/13 12:31pm
"...I COULD get all melodramatic and give you the whole spiel about my plans, but I'd MUCH rather fight. If you want to know what I'm up to, just lose your matches." Ghoreaeth chuckled, "You'd get ALL your answers after that." He used the shifting he still had to grab Jamie and FLING him away...and that was all he could do. He lost his hold on the shifting...but that was fine. It was just him and the coward, "Okay, you snivelling WRETCH. What's your name? I like to know the names of everyone I send to the NIGHTMARES." He CHARGED toward Priest, expecting an easy fight...quick victory.


Gareth shuddered and managed to straighten himself, pulling free of the female's grip, "...he's done using my ability. I can take him from here." Gareth SHOT toward Ghoreaeth...before someone SLAMMED into him. He shouted out HARD. What the HECK? Some soldier from ancient times? He threw the guy off and continued trying to reach Ghoreaeth, but by then he KNEW he'd be too late.

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Esayo4/15/13 1:01pm
Priest let out a gasp as the gentleman beside him was literally tossed aside, like trash. Oh Spirits, and the crazed one was charging him. Was this really it? Was it going to come to violence? After all of these years, and he had to fight... He was going to be rusty, to say the least.

He slapped the initial strike away with an unexpectedly quick open palm, not painful, and yet it carried enough force to push the other's attack away. He danced a few steps back, then dropped into a defensive stance.

"I do not wish to fight you, truly. You collaborate with dark forces the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine. They hold no care for you, nor I, nor any!"

His gaze hardened at the mere thought of the beasts, and he sighed.

"My name is Priest, for that is what I am, and that is all that matters." He said.

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joeden4/15/13 1:25pm
After Jamie had landed from his flight, he took a second to get up and as he did he noticed that the nut wasn't a pacifist. Well at least he won't get killed, but NIGHTMARES? Holy crap does that nut know what he's dealing with, Jamie thought to himself as he watched the fight. he was about to go get some payback for his frequent flyer miles, when a hand stopped him saying "best not get involved again" Jamie turned to see who it was and saw Ollow. He looked at him with confusion wondering who he was, and said "fine" in a defeated voice.

Van just stood there mumbling some weird song, about killing nightmares and with his own weird lyrics. He enjoyed watching as the fight started to get interesting even thou his lyrics where scaring away nearby keepers.

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Roan4/15/13 4:07pm
Exie clenched her fists in and out multiple times. As she watched him charge at Priest, she ground her teeth together. "Leave him alone..." She muttered under her breath. She hadn't summoned up the courage to yell at him yet, but it was filling up slowly. Her tail lashed behind her and she pinned her ears back lightly.

The one thing she hoped:

That this was only a nightmare.

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AriaOutlander4/16/13 3:24pm
Truxton was laying back. Watching the sunset on another eventful day, in talocan. He was relaxing the best way he knew how. Not-entirely-loud-music and headphones. It was loud enough that he didn't hear the challenge proposed to him, and all of time, however. Didn't seem to matter, y'know, what with a portal being opened and all that. He wouldn't have wanted to participate in it anyways. He liked his life how it was.

That was, until he noticed something gripping his torso. He looked down, and noticed it was some sort of tentacle. He didn't even struggle, all he did was groan. "Ugh.. Not again.." He said, complaining, before he was rudely yanked off into the arena.

He landed with a less than loud thump, probably landing on some poor keeper. He was perfectly fine, though. "Oh, Shit. What's going on? Did I land on someone?" He said, then paused. "Sorry!"

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Esayo4/16/13 3:40pm
The one Truxton had landed on was the same one who'd just been shoved aside by that dragon. Ugh, his luck today; and he'd thought this would have been easy.

Adian was a fox-like Keeper, with scarlet fur and lighter-hued markings. He had one long whisker on either cheek that was hung down by a ceremonial bead, of some sort. His dress was appropriate for someone from his time, and in his occupation; a white Gi, with straps and a belt at the waist to hold the sword at his back.

It was a rather large blade, at that. A katana with a wooden sheath, handle, and no guard, making it appear as if it were just one solid block. It ran about the length of his feet, to his neck, and he was a bit above average height.

Still, he pushed himself up, not quite liking the fact that he'd been knocked down twice in the span of thirty seconds.

"Yeh, sorry..." He grumbled. "I take it you're here for the tournament?"

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Grathiam4/17/13 12:39am
Ghoreaeth closed the distance with a laugh. The idiot didn't know a THING about himself! The Nightmares would ENJOY tearing HIM apart. Less than ten feet away, Ghoreaeth leapt toward Priest, sword raised and ready to strike.

...but the strike never landed. A dome of...ENERGY, surrounded Priest. Ghoreaeth was held in the air by that energy for a long moment...before it reacted and shot him off. He landed FAR away, skidding to a stop. Ghoreaeth picked himself up and wiped his mouth, "...I HATE faith like that." The weakest opponent here was the one HE couldn't touch. He'd have to let the tournament deal with him. Ghoreaeth scowled and closed his eyes, "... ... seems the rules will HAVe to be put into place, Master."

The sky above them warped...and showed ALL of them where they were.

...and it WASN'T in Dreamworld. The sky was lightning shot across the sky at random times.

...and Nightmares were EVERYWHERE.

Ghoreaeth grinned, looking RIGHT at Priest, "STILL think I don't know what I'm dealing with?!" The earth opened up beneath EVERYONE, swallowing them up FAST.

Gareth screamed out with everyone else as the ground vanished. He made a scramble to find SOMETHING to stay above ground...but couldn't and the ground closed up above them as fast as it had opened. A soft blue light was the only thing making him able to SEE...and what he saw wasn't much. He was in a tunnel of earth...with no exit ANYWHERE. It was a large straight tunnel...and only one other person in there with him. The female that had helped him up at first. A loud voice boomed from out of nowhere, speaking to everyone.

"You will all notice that there is no escape for you. TRY to escape, and you will face the entire Horde of Nightmares. Each of you has been paired up with one Keeper. THAT person is your opponent in the Arena. You WILL fight each other. Failure to do so will visit the Nightmares upon you."

"WHAT?" Gareth grimaced and looked to the female, "...we have until they call us up to the surface to think of a plan. My name is Gareth... ... ...and this is...this is my fault." He took his blade and JAMMED it into the earth in front of him, sitting down and shuddering, "...MY fault... .. ..."

Ghoreaeth scowled, watching who he was 'stuck' with..."My name is Ghoreaeth...and I'm going to kill you." His blade was drawn and ready to kill right there in the TUNNEL.

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