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Dreamkeepers Forums - Who here plays Warhammer 40K and if so what race do you paint and field?

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Subscribe to this thread Who here plays Warhammer 40K and if so what race do you paint and field? created by ezioauditore97 on April 8, 2013

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ezioauditore974/8/13 2:48pm
I do Imperial Guard and Dark Angels although I am a little partial towards the Tau models that were recently released.
The only problems I have with it are the fact that not everything is balanced out evenly and the fact that although the models are incredibly satisfying to glue and paint up they are expensive although I suppose I can overlook that because they are made in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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joeden4/8/13 2:52pm
for me i love playing the tyranids i just got a trygon for my birthday last year he's almost done just need to paint but tyranids all the way woooooooooooo eat them all my buggies thats what i say XD

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ezioauditore974/8/13 2:53pm
Gotta love the whole rush the enemy mentality!

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ezioauditore974/8/13 2:55pm
Me personally I like the devastating first blow of the Dark Angels followed up by the massed firepower of the Imperial Guard.I really do like the metal Steel Legion Imperial Guard if only for their wickedly cool gas masks.

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joeden4/8/13 3:04pm
yea for me i light the trygon when he tunnels underneath the field and pops up behind the guard's artillery then they're as good as bug food. :D

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ezioauditore974/9/13 4:07am
Tyranids are one of the only races that do not have to fear Terminators.Just remember that 10 year old Cadians fight off Chaos before joining a regiment so Chaos should probably learn to fear the Emperor's armies a little more.
I am not big into the "Nids" but those new Tau are really awesome!

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joeden4/9/13 6:07am
they can be awesome all they want but they`re still bug food.

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ezioauditore974/9/13 4:50pm
You have never played against Orks have you?

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joeden4/9/13 4:52pm
nope never against the orks only space and chaos and guard only ever played against my dad and friends but i just play for fun :)

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ezioauditore974/10/13 4:29am
Just saying that you might have your hands full when you play against Orks.You want to really win then go play a Tau player who only has Pathfinders.

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joeden4/10/13 6:12am
so my hierophant won't help me at all?

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ezioauditore974/10/13 9:25am
Well Orks have equal numbers and are fairly tough but just remember that they have crappy ballistic skills so engage them at a distance when possible and keep your basic "Nids" away from those Ork Nobs unless you are using them for cannon fodder.
Now for a little Tyranid joke:Your Mama so dumb that when the genestealers came she hid her Levi's!Or how about,Your Mama so dumb she thought heavey support meant she would get more benefits!

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joeden5/18/15 5:40pm
here's a joke yo mamma's so fat the imperium of man uses her as exterminatus but she got stuck in the cannon.

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ezioauditore977/28/15 6:06am
Haha! Funny! XD

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