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Subscribe to this thread WTF?! Always online DRM created by RennacFaintheart on April 8, 2013

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Thegunner184/13/13 11:28am
I don't deny that he deserved to lose his job after what he said, not at all. It was really quite unprofessional, especially considering he had such an important job within the company. The PR team are certainly going to have their work cut out now!

And about the xbox...We've seen and heard that microsoft want the new xbox to be a multimedia platform for your living room, and that they want to be able to make the xbox a sort of all-in-one set-top box. However, we've seen precious little of what it can do in terms of actually *playing the damn games*. I'm buying it to play games and enjoy myself doing that, not to be a multimedia product...

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T3rminal4/13/13 12:26pm
Indeed. I will to be buying an Xbox whatever number they decide to name it. But i'll be doing it for the Games. I don't care if my xbox can surf the web and play from pandora and what not, I want it to play games and maybe the occasional movie. No more, no less.

If i want to surf the web and listen to pandora and IheartRadio, i'll use my laptop, Desktop, or phone.

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RennacFaintheart4/13/13 12:36pm
I'm actually going to hang back and look at it before I buy it. I wasn't really crazy about the xbox in the first place but that was what my parents got me so I stuck with it. From what I have seen and heard, the playstation is a better product and has more history in the industry. Not to mention the xbox is often faulty such as the red ring of death. Playstation has never had that kind of issue plus they dont require a membership to play online. TO me it just seems theres more benefits going with the Playstation rather than a xbox, not even counting the potential for the always online DRM bit for xbox.

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ezioauditore974/13/13 2:46pm
I am a really big Playstation junkie but for the sake of fairness you have to actually install all of your games on PS3 and the only thing that is not promising about the PS4 is the lack of backwards compatibility quite frankly and I would pay extra for a model that could actually handle PS3 games.Now the Playstation exclusives are nice it is just that Sony does a terrible job advertising them(No wonder they are in debt)so therefore there are not actually a whole lot of people that are even remotely aware of their existence compared to Xbox's small,mainstream,but better publicized exclusives and in the end publicity makes games sell better.Unless the Xbox somehow functions as a Wifi point and Xbox live provides you internet too I really think they will have a really tough time selling it unless it is ridiculously cheap in comparison to it's competitors.Whoo that was one long post!Just as an effort to stay self conscious that was not spam and it offered something remotely meaningful to the conversation right?

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ezioauditore974/15/13 6:40pm
I have some bad news regarding the fact that some major people think it is a good idea including the Ubisoft Montreal CEO.
Read through it to see what I mean!

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RennacFaintheart4/15/13 7:15pm
Seriously? WTF? Did they not learn from SimCity, Diablo, and Adam Orth?! I'm sending this to

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ezioauditore974/16/13 4:20am
Just thought it deserved to be shared you know.I will keep you aware of any other developments I know of.

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RennacFaintheart5/22/13 8:48am
Ok, got a new update on the new xbox. turns out no Always online requirement BUT you will need to pay a one time fee for activation whenever you get a new game AND download it to the console's hard drive. Basically once you get the game you also need to buy an activation code. In combination with making it not backwards compatible it just becomes a watered down PC since the whole point of a console was to let friends borrow games and buy used ones. Well, guess I'm buying the PS4

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ezioauditore975/22/13 12:46pm
Wait a sec!They still have not revealed anything of that nature on the PS4 and it could be equally bad although it pains me to admit it.

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RennacFaintheart5/22/13 2:05pm
Sony hasn't made an issue of hassling their supporters so I doubt they would start now. Still, worst case scenario is that they do and I just go to PC which I have been getting to do now.

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ezioauditore975/22/13 3:54pm
You do have a point but nowadays seeing as they are in debt they MIGHT be a little more open to such things.

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RennacFaintheart5/22/13 4:42pm
After Xbox just announced a console that will be pissing off a majority of their supporters? Personally I think Sony would press the advantage so to speak. If they can make the new PS4 attractive enough, they could steal enough of Microsoft's business to get ahead of them in the industry. This would put them on top of the market and give them leverage with more game developers to get PS4 releases. If they have half a brain they will seize the opportunity to knock Microsoft out of the running. In anycase, the Xbox one would just be a watered down PC and would be a waste of money for me. If PS4 falls out as well I'll just use that money to upgrade my game PC. I know it will stay relatively the same and will always be backwards compatible (especially if you include emulators and ROMs.)

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ezioauditore975/23/13 4:47am
If they do press the advantage it might even be like the PS2 days where they sold a ton more than Microsoft and Nintendo....That would be a pleasant event.:)

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RennacFaintheart5/23/13 6:21am
Especially now with so few games coming out for the WiiU and the Xbox One. Would be easy for them to pick up the pace and push past them.

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ezioauditore975/23/13 5:07pm
With the emphasis they are putting on games it is hopeful however I am waiting on more details.

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