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Subscribe to this thread WTF?! Always online DRM created by RennacFaintheart on April 8, 2013

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RennacFaintheart4/8/13 11:42am
In case you are unfamiliar with this latest development, click here:

Ok, read it? THis guy is a fucking idiot! Not only has he suggested an obviously unpopular idea, he doesn't care that his customers despise the idea and blows off their criticisms no matter how well founded. Aside from his inability to realize the massive mistake he has made, he goes out and openly insults those with problems with their new always online DRM feature for the new xbox. Honestly, I have just been turned away from Microsoft permanently. I am now using as few Microsoft products as possible. All thats left is my Windows 7 operating system which will be replaced with Linux when I get my next laptop. Anyone else have a story on this?

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ezioauditore974/8/13 2:44pm
I really cannot blame you for that line of thinking and quite frankly why would they do that if they are only going to lose business in the long run.Oh sure they might prevent second hand game sales but is it really worth it?

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AriaOutlander4/9/13 8:48am
"I'm going to buy the new Xbox, to use it as a replacement vaccuum cleaner.
Because, quite frankly, it sucks better."

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RennacFaintheart4/9/13 1:09pm
Heres another short article on the issue as well as a poll on the subject. Go on ahead and cast your vote!

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Thegunner184/9/13 2:25pm
I think Always-Online DRM on the next-gen xbox will be a massive kick in the teeth to gamers. I can only think that *if* microsoft go ahead and do this (bear in mind that nothing official has yet been announced by microsoft regarding the online requirements) and then become successful with it, other companies will look to it as confirmation and an excuse to go and do it to their own consoles/games/products/whatever-else. Not good.

Honestly, I'm very surprised Adam Orth has said all this, considering that he is (I have a feeling it will soon be *was*) a creative director at microsoft. It's shocking to see the kind of people we have in charge of creating the consoles which a ton of us play our games on...

Again, nothing has been confirmed about it yet (hell, we don't even have an official name for the next-gen xbox), so we can't get too worked up about all of it just yet.

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Hakuzo4/9/13 8:56pm
I heard the PS4 is going to do the same BS, so... now you HAVE to buy xbox live just to play your games. and for someone that doesn't have hispeed net, is unable to play.

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ezioauditore974/10/13 4:30am
PS4 is also not backwards compatible I heard.What a great time to be a PC gamer!

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Thegunner184/10/13 4:35am
I'm pretty sure sony said that the PS4 wouldn't have any always-on DRM.

I really hope that they stick to their guns, otherwise we're all screwed. If sony gives us a console which doesn't have always-on DRM, I have a feeling they're going to take a chunk out of microsoft's market share for the xbox. That's be great news for the consumer, since it'd hopefully spurn microsoft into improving their console and other future products to win back that market share.

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RennacFaintheart4/10/13 7:02am
Well, guess xbox is royally fucked if they go along with their always on DRM program. any gamer paying attention will avoid it like the plague

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HazzardousEco4/11/13 4:02am
@Rennac: I think my main man Jim would also help =)

But yes, I'm in your camp on this Rennac; DRM just doesn't bloody work. So for Microsoft to EVEN toss this idea in the air is retarded...did these idiots learn nothing from Diablo 3 and Simcity?

However, I think the rage shouldn't be on the computer part of Microsoft. For me, the hate train is largely aimed at the consoles...

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RennacFaintheart4/12/13 7:40am
Got some good news: Adam Orth has officially left Microsoft. Got the full article here:

Gotta say, feels good to have that moron out of the job.

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ezioauditore974/12/13 4:06pm
Well that is some unexpected yet good news!

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Thegunner184/13/13 10:51am
Well, I don't think we should exactly celebrate the fact that someone's lost their job. It must be a pretty damn horrible feeling to not have one anymore. Let's be honest...all he did was piss off people on the internet. Not really a huge thing, to be honest. Not compared to a lot of other thing.

Granted, he was complete and utter idiot, but yeah...I wouldn't ever really say that I enjoyed seeing him lose his job.

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RennacFaintheart4/13/13 11:03am
And also the fact he was trying to get the company to adopt an always online DRM policy for their entire console. He was the creative director of the company and he was trying to get them to go always online. If he wasnt fired that would be used for the new xbox. God forbid they actually got away with it and Sony decided to do the same thing

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Shadow996114/13/13 11:11am
When you have a job you are responsible for your conduct relating to your job. He was obviously in a high ranking position, and when someone high up acts like an imbecile, it looks bad for he entire company. He should have thought more carefully before posting, because if you gripe to a few people in person, it's not a big deal, but billions of people can see your post online, which makes things infinitely worse for the company.

I don't celebrate that he's out of a job, but I think it's apt that he was held accountable for his actions.

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