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Subscribe to this thread The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Trilogy created by AriaOutlander on April 2, 2013

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AriaOutlander4/2/13 9:28am
I hate to be that person that starts a discussion about a game no-one likes, or even's heard of, but I really hope to change that! Our european contributors might know of the Acronym S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Anyways!

The STALKER series is made up of three games, Shadow of Chernobyl (2007), Clear Sky (late 2009), and Call of Pripyat (2012).
No more STALKER games made by GSC Game World (c) can be expected anymore, as GSC is officially disbanded due to internal struggles.

I hope that I can interest a few more people into the game that /I/ personally love to death.

STALKER is a game based around the Nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine. It's based around the thought, What would happen if?
In this case, if the reactor exploded twice.

The second explosion shook the Exclusion zone to the core. The surge of radiation killed any humans and most of the animals, in the zone. The ones that survived underwent rapid, hideous mutations. The Zone was riddled with anomalous energy, radiation, and Mutants. But, from the anomalies, spewed anomalous 'artifacts'. These artifacts boasted properties that bent the very laws of nature. They also boasted a large price on the black market, so the military put up a cordon around the zone. Despite this, STALKERs began to sneak through the cracks of the cordon. Some seeked adventure, or refuge, or treasure and wealth, some seeked reclusion.. Whatever the reason, Stalkers who entered the zone were doomed to live in it forever-- the outside world became an alien prospect to them. Eventually, rumors sprouted up, that there was more rare artifacts the closer you got to the center of the zone, to chernobyl. Many stalkers attempted, to no avail, to find routes to the center, but most all either were killed, or had their minds wiped clean by anomalies. There became a rumor, about a group, who lived in the center of the zone, the Monolith, who's soul duty was to protect the Wish Granter, or Monolith. At that, several more waves of foolish Stalkers, as well as the military, became interested, and started the race to the center of the zone.

"It does not matter who you were when you came here. You are someone else, now. You have changed. We all have. Welcome home, S.T.A.L.K.E.R."

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Iggy4/28/13 8:57pm
I have all three of the games, and believe me, I'm a loyal fan, but however, I never got Clear Sky to work properly, so I just beat the other two instead.

I'm currently working through CoP again, this time with the Swartz mod, and it really adds a lot of content to the game, now that I have a pc that can actually run it.

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AriaOutlander5/3/13 8:56am
I love all the games, and Clear Sky was the first one I played.
Swartz is a nice mod, but all mods depend on what you're looking for.
I like Redux and Doom's mod merge for CoP.
Vanilla / TFW for CS,
and Oblivion Lost Ultimate, OGSE, and AMK: Sidorovich Edition, for SoC.

Frankly, I have too much time on my hands to play these so much.

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AriaOutlander5/3/13 8:57am
I also gave myself the nickname 'Tracker' in STALKER.

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Thegunner185/22/13 11:41pm
I feel that, after over 120 hours in DOTA 2 (don't judge me, it's addicting D:), STALKER deserves far more love from me than it's getting already. I think listening to this has pretty much single-handedly forced my hand into buying Call of Pripyat. Anything with music like that can take my money right now.

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MobileCrusader12/3/15 9:10pm
I just bought the stalker trilogy during the last steam sale.

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