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Subscribe to this thread Lord Void created by Prometheus on March 31, 2013

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MobileCrusader4/14/14 12:38pm
I was curious in the same regard. We have no visual confirmation he isn't dead now.

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Prometheus4/15/14 10:30am
If I recall, Nabonidus said they had reached a stalemate and a truce was declared. So, clearly, neither one could destroy the other, which means Void still lives. Why he didn't make an appearance when the fight was over, well, maybe he was shamed to show his face to his subordinates. Who knows?

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 10:42am
But with that info we are taking Nabonidus at his word. Not someone I'd trust just because is all I'm saying.

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ZycantAlpha4/15/14 3:37pm
Ordinarily I'd agree, but at this early stage I doubt Void would be killed off considering how he was introduced. That being said, it's certainly possible that Void was put in a very compromising position (i.e. at Nabonidus' mercy) and the 'stalemate' could simply be letting the former Lord alive to keep people working for him (because they think Nabonidus is temporary and they'll put up with him) or to threaten them into compliance (by blackmailing to kill Void).

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MobileCrusader4/16/14 5:38am
Entirely possible... We just dont know how Void is holding up now for sure.

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GodofVelcro4/16/14 8:00pm
Maybe he is just sitting on some beach in Honduras, enjoying life. Being the master of all evil can get tiresome you know.

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MobileCrusader4/17/14 5:55am
Knock back a few brews and enjoy the scremes of the damned?

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