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Subscribe to this thread Motivationals for DK created by Animefan18 on March 29, 2013

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Animefan183/29/13 7:27pm
so I have been making these motivational posters of dreamkeepers( which you've have seen here: )
and since vol 3 out I was wondering when is it a good time to use v3 images ?

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Kobalt953/29/13 10:59pm
I don't think it would hurt, as long as there aren't any MAJOR spoilers.

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DarkAnge13/30/13 11:53am
That's you? The one on deviantART? Heh, I love those XD

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Animefan183/30/13 4:47pm
@DarkAnge1: yes and thank you for liking them : D

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Prometheus3/31/13 5:48pm
Those are pretty funny. Keep them coming. :)

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Animefan183/31/13 6:14pm
@Prometheus: thanks !

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Animefan184/18/13 5:29pm
so ezio has made motivationals of dreamkeepers

and that's cool, if you guy want make some do it go right ahead

like joker says, " why hould I have all the fun ?"...expect the part where I blow something up if someone doesn't die, I don't do that.

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AriaOutlander4/22/13 6:48pm
Well, If you want my honest opinion, I think they could be a bit more witty, and if nothing else, of higher quality. .jpg is not the most lossless format.

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Animefan185/12/13 11:07pm
@AriaOutlander: many apologies for late reply, for the higher quality images I was able to solve that. as for witty...don't know

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